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Selected publications

  • Chung Hye Seung: Kim Ki-duk, University of Illinois Press 2012
  • Anthology: Kim Ki-duk ed Editor not credited, Dis Voir 2006

Adrien Gombeaud and others: Kim Ki-duk

(Dis Voir, 2006) Adrien Gombeaud / Anaïd Demir / Cédric Lagandré / Catherine Capdeville-Zeng / Daniele Rivière The best French organists are known for their improvisation skills. Suggest a theme, and they will start a journey from it, sometimes referring back to it but often exploring strange new vistas completely unrelated to it. The essays […]

Korean film at the Firecracker Showcase

This year’s Firecracker Showcase has four Korean films: Another chance to see Bong Joon-ho’s record-breaker The Host (Friday 22 September, 9:00pm, Renoir) Jang Jin’s fun assassin flick Guns & Talks (Monday 18 September, 4:00pm, Curzon Soho | Friday 22 September, 6:45pm, Renoir) Kim Ki-duk’s The Bow (Wednesday 20 September, 9:15pm, Curzon Mayfair) and Lee Chang-dong’s […]

Kim Ki-duk’s apology

The Chosun Ilbo has a good item on Kim’s apology to Korean cinema-goers. Visit the Chosun for the background and related links. The story is picked up in the forum, and a lively thread is ensuing. The consensus seems to be that if Kim wants Koreans to go to his movies, he should make […]

Countdown to the Host (2)

The London debut of the Host is one week away. And it’s still breaking box office records. It’s sold out at the Edinburgh Festival, where Bong Joon-ho will be making a personal appearance, while in Korea, after one week according to the Chosun, the film brought in some 2.7 million viewers in just four days, […]

Kim Ki-duk: the Coast Guard

While browsing over the weekend I noted an upcoming Tartan release: Kim Ki-duk’s neglected The Coast Guard. The title of the film, to a westerner, is somewhat misleading. In the peaceful west, a coast guard is something to do with lifeboats, or air-sea rescue. He sits in a lookout post all day scanning the […]

New book on Kim Ki-duk

For all you fans of this inventive director, there’s a new book out. I’ll post some comments once I’ve read it, but that won’t be for a while as I’ve got quite a backlog to get through. That plus the fact that the English version won’t be available until November 2006, according to Amazon. Update: […]

Kim Ki-duk mistaken for a tramp

A nice gossipy item from the Chosun Ilbo: Kim [Ki-duk] went to Jungbu Police Station in Seoul to obtain a permit to manufacture a model gun for his new film. But his seedy appearance inspired little confidence, and when he kept repeating the phrase, “The leading man’s gun, the leading man’s gun,” police decided he […]