The Korean Film Archive Youtube Channel

Continuing some suggestions of what to do when you’re stuck at home… Many of you will already be aware that the Korean Film Archive has a wonderful YouTube Channel with loads of classic Korean movies, with English subtitles, available for free. Thing is, I’ve never found an index of the channel. So, over the years […]

London Korean Film Festival 2019: the official press release

Here is today’s official press release that announces the line-up for the 2019 London Korean Film Festival: The London Korean Film Festival (LKFF) has launched its full programme of films and events for the upcoming 14th edition, taking place from 1st-14th November in London before embarking on the annual tour 18th-24th November. The Special Focus, […]

Home Truths season: Woman of Fire

The fifth screening in the Home Truths season brings one of Kim Ki-young’s remakes of his classic Housemaid. Woman of Fire (화녀) Director: Kim Ki-young (1971, 98mins) Cast: Youn Yuh-jung, Jeon Gye-hyeon, Nam Koong Won 13 June 2019 7:00 pm @KCCUK | Reserve your seat Woman of Fire sees Kim Ki-young remake his stunning classic […]

KCC Screening: The Sea Knows

The second in the KCC’s Rebels with a Cause season: The Sea Knows (현해탄은 알고 있다) Director: Kim Ki-young (1961, 119 mins) Cast: Woon-ha Kim, Sang-sa Lee, Ye-chun Lee 26 July 2018 7:00 pm @KCCUK | Book tickets Includes conversation between Danielle Capretti and Dr Mark Morris. In 1944, Japan is conscripting Koreans into the […]

Brief review: Kim Ki-young – The Soil

I’m not sure quite how to assess Kim Ki-young’s adaptation of Yi Kwang-su’s 500-page serial novel The Soil (흙, 1932-3). At 125 minutes, it doesn’t sound particularly long. But as we got up from our seats at the KCC last Thursday at around 9:15pm, it felt much later – maybe around 10:30pm. And that wasn’t […]

Screening: Kim Ki-young’s The Soil

This year the KCC’s first film screenings are adaptations of Korean novels. We start the season with Kim Ki-young’s adaptation of Yi Kwang-su’s 1932 novel 흙, variously known as The Soil, Earth or Peasants. Kim Ki-young: The Soil (흙 – 1978) Cast: Lee Hwa-si, Kim Jeong-cheol, Yeom Bok-soon, Nam Sung-hoon Thu 29 March 2018, 19:00 […]

A class apart: why Im Sang-soo loses to Kim Ki-young in the battle of The Housemaids

What really intrigued me about Kim Ki-young’s original Housemaid (1960) was when I read that the female audience were so incensed by the seducing housemaid’s character, that they stood up in cinema auditoriums and shouted: “Kill the wench!” I can’t help but think that a female watching Im Sang-soo’s 2010 remake would remark: “nice house.” […]

It’s finally happened: Housemaid on DVD

It had to happen eventually. It’s been at the top of every Korean film buff’s most-wanted DVD release for longer than we can all remember. They’ve been working on polishing up the print and subtitles for rather too long. Versions of the film have been available at film festivals for a while – we saw […]

The wait is over: Kim Ki-young on DVD

At least in part. No student of Korean film can call his or her education complete until they’ve seen some films by Kim Ki-Young. Until now, none of the films have been available on DVD. Alas, no Housemaid yet, but this new four-film boxed set includes Goryeojang (a.k.a. Burying Old Alive) (1963), Chungnyeo (a.k.a. The […]

Book review: Kim Hong-joon: Kim Ki-young

Kim Ki-young, Ed Kim Hong-joon KOFIC Korean Film Directors Series Seoul Selection, 2007 KOFIC’s enterprise in bringing out this series is greatly to be welcomed. This current instalment is particularly welcome as English-language materials on Kim Ki-young are few and far between. (Chris Berry’s web project, House of Kim Ki-young, seems to be out of […]

Kim Ki-young retrospective in Paris

I’m afraid I’ve let you all down. There’s been a feast of film in Paris for the last few weeks at the Cinematheque: a retrospective of the great Kim Ki-young. It ends on Christmas Eve. One of the highlights would have been a round table on Kim, which included Bong Joon-ho, on 2 December. I […]

The 2005 London Korean Film Festival programme

Here is the programme of films that screened in the 2005 London Korean Film Festival. Although this post’s datestamp is May 2005 so that it appears in the appropriate month of this site’s calendar archive, it is actually being uploaded in November 2015 (with subsequent edits), and is being posted for archival purposes. It’s nice […]