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K-Dance 2024: Cheok, by Ae-soon Ahn

Cheok is the traditional Asian standard of measurement, meaning ‘span of the hand.’ Resisting the uniform standardisation of society, this personal and individual measurement is the guiding principle of renowned Korean Choreographer Ae-soon Ahn’s visually enticing reflection of the nature of precision. Mysterious and virtuosic solos and groups connect and communicate in a rich and sensuous landscape of … [Read More]

K-Dance 2024: Burnt Offering, by 99 Art Company

A sublime evocation of life; a danced ritual for our times. Most dances from all over the world originated from ‘religious rites’. Burnt Offering, winner of the Best Production award at the 2nd Seoul Arts Awards at the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, invites us to consider what new rituals we need, what we might … [Read More]

K-Dance 2024: Kontemporary Korea – a double bill of K-Dance

Kontemporary Korea is a double bill of contrasting works, introducing one of Korea’s leading choreographers Cheol-in Jeong who creates virtuosic and emotive works as Melancholy Dance Company, and audience favourite Sung Im Her, offering her high energy and engaging personality to another edition of A Festival of Korean Dance. TomorrowIsNowTodayIsYesterday (TinTiY) Sung Im Her’sTiNTiY looks at the impact of (social) media on … [Read More]