Event Archive 2007

Below is a listing of events from 2007, with links to the original event notice. Where LKL has reviewed the event, an additional link is provided.

Spectrum: 2007 Korean Contemporary Arts show14 Dec - 17 Dec 2007
Magenta Tan Doll exhibition | Ha Young Jung double bass masterclass+ recital08 Dec - 09 Dec 2007
Conference news: Social and Cultural Change in late pre-modern Korea07 Dec 2007Here
Leonid Petrov at Chatham House06 Dec 2007
The Japanese anti-Korean wave, at SOAS28 Nov 2007Here
Arcadia at I-MYU23 Nov - 12 Jan 2008Here
Sung Hwan Kim: From the Commanding Heights, at Wilkinson Gallery22 Nov - 13 Jan 2008
Event news: Kayagum and dance at SOAS19 Nov 2007Here
Amnesty International spotlights Comfort Women issue13 Nov 2007
New Malden Arts Festival12 Nov - 17 Nov 2007Here
The Korean Film Festival roadshow09 Nov - 14 Nov 2007
Leeds prizewinner to play in London04 Nov - 09 Nov 2007
Experience Korean Culture at the Victoria & Albert Museum04 Nov 2007Here
Royal College of Art hanbok show03 Nov - 08 Nov 2007Here
London Korean Film Festival 200702 Nov - 08 Nov 2007Here
SOAS Centre for Korean Studies autumn seminar series02 Nov - 05 Dec 2007
Asian Art in London – 10th year01 Nov - 10 Nov 2007
Anglo-Korean Society Annual Dinner25 Oct 2007
October talks at Chatham House15 Oct - 19 Oct 2007
4482: Korean Contemporary Artists in New Malden group show10 Oct - 15 Oct 2007
K-film at the 51st BFI London Film Festival10 Oct - 28 Oct 2007Here
Theatre: Yi Kang-baek’s Getting Married09 Oct - 13 Oct 2007
I-MYU opening exhibition: To the furthest verge09 Oct - 10 Nov 2007Here
10 Comes to Europe28 Sep - 06 Oct 2007
Artworks from the Paekho studio on show at DPRK Embassy21 Sep - 22 Sep 2007Here
Spotlight on Slavery: North Korea – Behind the Headlines20 Sep 2007
Chuseok celebrations at the British Museum20 Sep - 22 Sep 2007Here
Classic K-film in Berlin19 Sep - 23 Sep 2007
Jackie Choi London at 100% Design and Somerset House18 Sep - 25 Sep 2007
SOAS seminar: Unequal treaties18 Sep 2007
Korea at the Thames Festival: Sarangbang!15 Sep - 16 Sep 2007Here
Moon Jar is British Museum's "Object in Focus"15 Sep - 27 Oct 2007Here
Exhibition: Eo-Ulim / In Harmony13 Sep - 19 Sep 2007Here
Korean dancers at The Place, Euston13 Sep - 15 Sep 2007
Abandoned Protocol at Ritter / Zamet07 Sep - 29 Sep 2007
The North viewed from the North05 Sep 2007
Oldboy returns to Film 417 Aug 2007
Korean Film at Edinburgh Int’l Film Fest 200715 Aug - 26 Aug 2007
LKL meet-up to celebrate Independence Day15 Aug 2007
Kore@Fringe performers at Edinburgh Fringe 200702 Aug - 27 Aug 2007
Independent Korean performances at Edinburgh Fringe02 Aug - 27 Aug 2007
Traditional Korean dance at Asia House18 Jul 2007Here
Exhibition: Artists, art and culture of North Korea18 Jul - 03 Sep 2007Here
Samulnori Summer School at SOAS16 Jul - 20 Jul 2007
Fountain Pub Korean Food Festival 200714 Jul 2007
Oh Tae-seok’s The Bicycle at Camden People’s Theatre10 Jul - 29 Jul 2007Here
DPRK and Japan discussions at Chatham House04 Jul - 05 Jul 2007
Kingston Korean Festival 200730 Jun 2007Here
Discover the secrets of Korean beauty at Selfridges28 Jun - 04 Jul 2007
SOAS workshop: Culture and Society in Modern Korea26 Jun 2007Here
Choi Jeong-hwa Welcome in Wolverhampton23 Jun - 01 Sep 2007
British-North Korea Parliamentary Group meeting19 Jun 2007
Dano Festival in Trafalgar Square17 Jun 2007Here
Artisans of Gyeongsangbuk-do exhibit in Mayfair14 Jun - 16 Jun 2007Here
Korean Seasons to launch the summer10 Jun 2007Here
Oxford lecture on Koguryo and Balhae07 Jun 2007
Lim Hyung-joo, Korean popera star comes to London07 Jun 2007Here
Korean Language and Club Seoul meetups26 May 2007
Myung-whun Chung in sell-out Barbican concert24 May 2007
Particules Libres: Korean artists in Paris exhibition17 May - 02 Jun 2007
Free documentary screening: Koryo Saram02 May 2007Here
Modern Encounters and Mutual Perceptions25 Apr 2007Here
Roe Kyung-jo: From Canvas to Ceramic25 Apr - 24 May 2007Here
Break-out: “Jump” with B-boys, at the Peacock19 Apr 2007Here
Inside North Korea: Changes and Continuity. Oh Kongdan at Chatham House03 Apr 2007
Andreas Gursky: photographs of the Mass Games23 Mar - 05 May 2007Here
Dan Gordon’s Crossing the Line on BBC422 Mar 2007
Have dinner with not one but two ambassadors22 Mar 2007
Oh Soojung Blogathon21 Mar 2007Here
Traditional Music masterclass at the Roundhouse18 Mar 2007
B-boy masterclass at the Roundhouse18 Mar 2007
Talks at Chatham House and SOAS16 Mar 2007Here
Kayagum Concerto at St Johns11 Mar 2007Here
Kim Soyong at the Birds Eye View film festival09 Mar - 12 Mar 2007Here
Korean Music – Old and New: lecture-performance at Asia House06 Mar 2007
Francesca Cho at East @ West Wing festival03 Mar - 06 Apr 2007
Korean literature talk at SOAS: Loanwords in Korean novels23 Feb 2007Here
Charity concert at Asia House in aid of North Korean children23 Feb 2007
Korea Night at the Conway Hall22 Feb 2007Here
Korean short films in Futureshorts February programme19 Feb - 26 Feb 2007
The Odd Couple at Gallery Yujiro16 Feb - 21 Apr 2007Here
Dulsori celebrates New Year in New Malden16 Feb 2007Here
ARCO Madrid: final programme details10 Feb - 20 May 2007
Jump returns to the Peacock06 Feb - 14 Feb 2007
South Korea meets Greece in Fulham06 Feb 2007Here
Welcome to Dongmakgol playing in London02 Feb - 09 Feb 2007
Kim Sora in Gateshead | Kim Kira in Kings Lynn27 Jan - 29 Apr 2007Here
Exhibition: Bada Song in “So-Called Life”11 Jan - 09 Feb 2007Here
Through the Looking Glass: exhibition and seminars22 Nov - 03 Mar 2007Here