Event Archive 2008

Below is a listing of events from 2008, with links to the original event notice. Where LKL has reviewed the event, an additional link is provided.

Candle Night exhibition in Kilburn Art Space21 Dec - 10 Jan 2009
Christmas in August screens at the KCC11 Dec 2008
Entry forms: more Korean artists in London09 Dec - 15 Jan 2009Here
K-film double bill at the British Museum06 Dec 2008Here
Kim Shin Dong on contemporary Korean popular culture05 Dec 2008Here
Lecture – Korean Crafts: Ancient & Modern02 Dec 2008Here
Capitalism in old Kaesong28 Nov 2008Here
Barking Dogs screens at the KCC27 Nov 2008
Learn to cook Japche with Kie-jo Sarsfield22 Nov 2008
Landslide at I-MYU19 Nov - 20 Dec 2008
Yi Chul Jin at Durham and SOAS19 Nov - 12 Dec 2008
KAFFNY in call for film-makers15 Nov 2008
Two Friday seminars: Human cloning and Korean security14 Nov 2008
Korean Painting and Craft Art: Creations from Tradition11 Nov - 04 Dec 2008
Live Music Versus Audio Tourism11 Nov 2008
A Night with Baramgot06 Nov 2008Here
The London Korean Film Festival 200806 Nov - 12 Nov 2008Here
Linda Wrigglesworth collection under the hammer06 Nov 2008
Anglo-Korean Society annual House of Commons dinner06 Nov 2008
Dance Theatre ON: The True Story of Ah Q04 Nov 2008Here
The tears are not dried out yet: two “Comfort Women” events03 Nov - 04 Nov 2008
Saturday documentaries at the KCC: Koryo Buddhist Paintings01 Nov - 27 Dec 2008
Inaugural Ra Jong-yil lecture in Cambridge31 Oct 2008
Of Origin and Future: an I-MYU exhibition in Cork Street30 Oct - 08 Nov 2008
Asian Art in London 200830 Oct - 12 Nov 2008
“Disposable People”: Comfort Women photos at the Festival Hall30 Oct - 09 Nov 2008Here
“Poverty Seen through the Lens” at KCC21 Oct - 04 Nov 2008Here
K-film at the 52nd BFI London Film Festival18 Oct - 30 Oct 2008Here
Francesca Cho: Old Paintings in Surgery17 Oct - 14 Nov 2008
Autumn seminar series at SOAS17 Oct - 05 Dec 2008
4482 2008: 40 Emerging Korean artists in one place16 Oct 2008Here
Ha-joon Chang on the Korean economy, at the LSE14 Oct 2008Here
Bong Joon-ho month at the KCC09 Oct - 23 Oct 2008
“Made in Korea” festival in Brussels08 Oct - 18 Jan 2009Here
Jaeran Won in the alphabet bar07 Oct - 10 Nov 2008
Korea at 60: Forwards and Upwards06 Oct - 13 Oct 2008
Seeing and Hiding at New Days Gallery04 Oct - 23 Oct 2008
A Family in Disguise at Union Teesdale04 Oct - 01 Nov 2008
Beginners’ Korean at the KCC – Season 227 Sep - 10 Dec 2008
Chihwaseon screens at the KCC25 Sep 2008
The Aesthetic modernity of the traditional Korean music drama “Pansori”25 Sep 2008Here
KCC talk: Images of Korean Women24 Sep 2008Here
Beautiful Fake at I-MYU20 Sep - 04 Oct 2008
Celebrate Chuseok with the Euro Journal20 Sep 2008Here
The Chaser gets theatrical release19 Sep 2008Here
Celebrate Chuseok with the Anglo Korean Society16 Sep 2008
Korea at the Thames Festival13 Sep - 14 Sep 2008Here
Le Grand Chef screens at the KCC11 Sep 2008
Vessels Gallery talk at the KCC09 Sep 2008
BAKS 2008 conference agenda finalised08 Sep - 10 Sep 2008Here
Saturday documentaries at the KCC30 Aug - 27 Sep 2008
Suwon Civic Chorale in Kingston24 Aug 2008Here
Seven Days screens at Asia House Film Fest23 Aug 2008
Epitaph @ KCC | The Chaser @ Frightfest | Seven Days @ Renoir22 Aug - 23 Aug 2008
KTO promotional event at KCC21 Aug 2008Here
Honorifics at the KCC19 Aug 2008
The Reflection at New Days Gallery16 Aug - 06 Sep 2008
Exhibition news: Vessels at the KCC12 Aug - 25 Sep 2008
Tale of Two Sisters at the KCC07 Aug 2008
Korean Performers at the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe30 Jul - 25 Aug 2008
Saturday documentaries at the KCC26 Jul 2008
Dae Hun Kwon in The Situation17 Jul - 18 Jul 2008
Francesca Cho in “Free Words”15 Jul - 31 Jul 2008Here
Food Festival in New Malden12 Jul 2008Here
Architecture lectures at KCC11 Jul - 22 Jul 2008
Lee Chang Dong featured at KCC10 Jul - 24 Jul 2008Here
“Cantilever Left” at I-MYU09 Jul - 09 Aug 2008
Dulsori percussion classes at SOAS07 Jul - 11 Jul 2008
An evening with the Korean Artists Association27 Jun 2008Here
The Image of the Elderly in British and Korean Contemporary Advertising24 Jun 2008Here
Korean Film in Edinburgh19 Jun - 27 Jun 2008
Korean Studies Publishing in Europe – SOAS Workshop16 Jun 2008Here
Prospects for Korea’s Energy Diplomacy – Chatham House12 Jun 2008
Exhibition news: Secondary Sensation, at I-MYU12 Jun - 07 Jul 2008
War Stories: Taegukgi and Welcome to Dongmakgol screen at the KCC12 Jun - 26 Jun 2008
Dano Festival 2008: final programme details08 Jun 2008Here
Protest about US beef imports, in Whitehall07 Jun 2008Here
Return of Millennium Dream05 Jun - 10 Jun 2008
An evening with immigration lawyers Laura Devine05 Jun 2008
Dr Jun Kwang Woo at Chatham House30 May 2008Here
Im Sang Soo faces London grilling30 May - 31 May 2008Here
Korean film at the Tiger Film Festival30 May - 05 Jun 2008
Suh Do-ho in Psycho Buildings28 May - 25 Aug 2008Here
Sunset for the Sunshine Policy?28 May 2008
Antique Korean maps to be exhibited at KCC21 May - 13 Jun 2008Here
I Don’t Speak Very Much, at I-MYU15 May - 07 Jun 2008
The Way Home screens at the KCC08 May 2008
Sea-hyun Lee: Between Red, at Union Gallery07 May - 05 Jul 2008Here
An evening with Warwick Morris07 May 2008
DPRK propaganda at London’s most famous bookshop29 Apr - 07 May 2008
Ko Un's first poetry reading event in London29 Apr 2008
Contemporary Korean Art gallery talk25 Apr 2008
200 Pound Beauty screens at the KCC24 Apr 2008
Jump Returns to the Peacock15 Apr - 10 May 2008Here
Spring, Summer at the KCC11 Apr 2008
Of The Outer World at I-MYU10 Apr - 29 Apr 2008
AKS Korean Evening at the KCC10 Apr 2008Here
Korean artists at Asia Triennale Manchester05 Apr - 21 Sep 2008Here
I'm a Cyborg theatrical release + other Park screenings04 Apr - 30 Apr 2008
Lee Ufan at Lisson Gallery02 Apr - 10 May 2008
Contemporary Art showcase at KCC27 Mar - 16 May 2008Here
Beyond the Years at the KCC27 Mar 2008Here
Korean artists in South Bank group shows13 Mar - 13 Apr 2008
Around the Clock at I-MYU07 Mar - 24 Mar 2008Here
Nam June Baik gallery talk at KCC06 Mar 2008
DPRK Ambassador Ja addresses the Houses of Parliament04 Mar 2008Here
Virgin Snow screens at the KCC26 Feb 2008Here
Hyun-ae Lee recital at the Guidhall School26 Feb 2008
Park Cheol-hee at Chatham House19 Feb 2008
Stories from the Land of Morning Calm17 Feb 2008
Ji-yeoun You recital at LSE14 Feb 2008
The Kam Tree – UK tour03 Feb - 16 May 2008
Korean toys from the 1970s and 80s at the NYC KCC01 Feb - 28 Feb 2008Here
Forget-me-not at I-MYU01 Feb - 02 Mar 2008Here
Good morning Mr. Nam June Paik: the KCC’s inaugural exhibition01 Feb - 07 Mar 2008Here
Kim So Sun: Korean Folk Painting on White Porcelain30 Jan - 28 Mar 2008Here
Paul French: Chollima Speed to Slow Motion Famine29 Jan - 01 Feb 2008
Kim Soo-hee comes to London26 Jan 2008Here
Woyzeck comes to London from Edinburgh24 Jan - 26 Jan 2008Here
North Korea – New Approaches22 Jan 2008Here
Discussion: The South Korean class struggle19 Jan 2008Here
Francesca Cho’s January shows18 Jan - 16 Feb 2008
DPRK art show, part 209 Jan - 21 Jan 2008Here
Arcadia at I-MYU23 Nov - 12 Jan 2008Here
Sung Hwan Kim: From the Commanding Heights, at Wilkinson Gallery22 Nov - 13 Jan 2008