Event Archive 2009

Below is a listing of events from 2009, with links to the original event notice. Where LKL has reviewed the event, an additional link is provided.

Cold Cell in the Old Police Station19 Dec - 10 Jan 2010
Films from the 30s at the KCC10 Dec 2009
Cho Jung-yoon at St Dunstan-in-the-West09 Dec 2009
Application deadline for Spring language classes at KCC09 Dec 2009
Supervisions at the KCC04 Dec - 09 Feb 2010
Melodrama of the Modern Girl: Jaesaeng by Yi Gwangsu04 Dec 2009
Wunderkammer at Sesame Art03 Dec - 06 Feb 2010
Yi Chuljin returns02 Dec 2009Here
Human Rights and Military-First Politics in the DPRK. Song Jiyoung at Chatham House01 Dec 2009
Kim So-Ock at the Wigmore01 Dec 2009
Sulki Yu at the Wigmore30 Nov 2009
US-North Korean Relations and the Peace System in the Korean Peninsula: A Historical Inquiry27 Nov 2009
Untold Scandal screens at the KCC26 Nov 2009
Predicting Change in North Korea: the Post Kim Jong-il Era25 Nov 2009
Korean and the Transeurasian languages: similarities that make a difference25 Nov 2009Here
Ch’udo yebae: Christian Accommodation to Korean Ancestral Rites24 Nov 2009
Innovative Korea – from past to present18 Nov 2009
South Korea plays Serbia at Craven Cottage18 Nov 2009Here
November Cooking with Kiejo14 Nov - 28 Nov 2009
The Art of SamulNori: Kim Duk Soo in Cambridge07 Nov - 08 Nov 2009
South Korean Popular Culture and “Asia” in the New Millennium06 Nov 2009Here
London Korean Film Festival 200905 Nov - 12 Nov 2009Here
From Gulag to Getaway: North Korean refugees tell their story in Parliament03 Nov 2009Here
The Axis of Vaudeville: Images of North Korea in South Korean Pop Culture02 Nov 2009Here
Korean photographers in Uncertain States01 Nov - 28 Nov 2009Here
Music, film and ancient maps in Nottingham01 Nov - 22 Nov 2009
Korea’s 21st Century Music: There and Now30 Oct 2009
Of Origin and Future II29 Oct - 07 Nov 2009
Kim Ka-hyun at St Vedast, Foster Lane29 Oct 2009
Korean Literature Workshop with Ch’oe Yun27 Oct 2009
Bruce Cumings in Cambridge23 Oct 2009
Younee’s autumn UK tour and CD release23 Oct - 08 Nov 2009Here
Margaret Drabble: the search for the Crown Princess20 Oct 2009Here
Korean Connections at the 53rd BFI London Film Festival18 Oct - 25 Oct 2009Here
An evening with the Korean Artists Association16 Oct 2009Here
Autumn 2009 / Spring 2010 seminar series at SOAS16 Oct - 19 Mar 2010
Park Chan-wook’s Thirst gets UK theatrical release16 Oct 2009Here
Dorothy Yoon at SaLon gallery14 Oct - 22 Nov 2009Here
Earth Alert: Photographic Responses to Climate Change13 Oct - 28 Nov 2009Here
Korean B-boys battle in Brixton11 Oct 2009
Gong Myoung tours the South-east10 Oct - 16 Oct 2009Here
Kwon Kisoo at Flowers East08 Oct - 31 Oct 2009
Park Chan-wook screenings and Q+As in October 200908 Oct - 22 Oct 2009Here
Anglo Korean Society annual dinner08 Oct 2009Here
Jung Ji-eun Kayageum recital, 7 Oct07 Oct 2009
Kitty Jun-im McLaughlin in Line Space Colour06 Oct - 18 Oct 2009
North Korean travel talk at Asia House06 Oct 2009
Contemporary Korean Art in London: seminar and gallery talk01 Oct 2009Here
Zen Meditation workshops with monk Master Jisu Sunim30 Sep - 28 Oct 2009
Transreal: My Home Town at Asia House29 Sep - 17 Oct 2009Here
Michael Shin on Yi Kwang-su’s The Heartless29 Sep 2009
Curator Talk at the V & A Contemporary Korean Ceramics exhibition28 Sep 2009
Goldsmiths Fair 200928 Sep - 11 Oct 2009Here
Korean designers at Earls Court24 Sep - 27 Sep 2009Here
Sarah Chang plays Bruch24 Sep 2009
Scarlet Letter at the KCC24 Sep 2009
Sharing by Design: My Perfect Neighbours at the KCC22 Sep - 08 Oct 2009
Dulsori at the Tower Festival19 Sep 2009
A Chuseok dinner with the Anglo Korean Society17 Sep 2009
Artists at Work: Process Recorded at the KCC14 Sep - 24 Sep 2009
Korean National Taekwondo demonstration team tours England14 Sep - 20 Sep 2009
A Scoop of Korea at Thames Festival 200912 Sep - 13 Sep 2009Here
Rags in the Wind III12 Sep - 12 Oct 2009
Thames Festival – food, film and fun12 Sep - 13 Sep 2009Here
More cookery classes with Kiejo12 Sep - 10 Oct 2009
Bungee Jump at the KCC10 Sep 2009
De-familiarisation at Nolias Gallery10 Sep - 15 Sep 2009
Moment of the Passing – 491 Gallery05 Sep - 12 Sep 2009
Learn Samulnori with Dulsori04 Sep - 23 Oct 2009
Double Encounter at I-MYU03 Sep - 03 Oct 2009
Crossfields events03 Sep - 08 Sep 2009
Second KCC Call for Artists29 Aug 2009
Son, My Enemy screens at the KCC27 Aug 2009
Taekwondo, Technology, Kimchi & more25 Aug 2009Here
An oriental experience in Lancaster Gate22 Aug 2009
Fun summer language classes22 Aug - 08 Sep 2009
Kingston Korean Festival 2009: 15 August15 Aug 2009
Unsuk Chin Cello Concerto world premiere at BBC Proms13 Aug 2009Here
Shadows in the Palace at the KCC13 Aug 2009
Storm and Stress at Goldsmiths12 Aug 2009Here
Edinburgh Fringe 200907 Aug - 31 Aug 2009Here
Crossfields – Korean Artists and Designers at the KCC30 Jul - 12 Sep 2009Here
Kim Ayoung: Ephemera at I-MYU24 Jul - 15 Aug 2009
Kick the Moon screens at the KCC23 Jul 2009
Qi Masters in Broadgate Circle and the Scoop19 Jul - 01 Jan 1970
Seahyun Lee at Harewood House18 Jul - 13 Sep 2009
Exploring Korea’s Cultural Legacy16 Jul - 19 Jul 2009
An exhibition of Gangjin Celadon at the KCC14 Jul - 23 Jul 2009
Meehyun Ahn at the Wigmore12 Jul 2009
Park Jae-eun’s Arirang: UK Premiere10 Jul 2009
A celebration of Korea’s finest cuisine at the KCC10 Jul 2009
Dasepo Naughty Girls screens at the KCC09 Jul 2009Here
A celebration of Korea’s finest cuisine at the Banqueting House08 Jul 2009Here
Distinctively Korean sales at Christie’s01 Jul 2009Here
Living Heritage at the KCC29 Jun - 21 Jul 2009Here
Korean Old Pop at I-MYU26 Jun - 18 Jul 2009Here
The Marines who never returned screens at the KCC25 Jun 2009Here
The Manhwa 100 Workshop23 Jun 2009
Contemporary Dance at Dulwich Picture Gallery20 Jun - 28 Jun 2009
Korean Eye: Moon Generation at the Saatchi Gallery20 Jun - 05 Jul 2009
Nanta comes to the Rose Theatre18 Jun - 27 Jun 2009Here
Yoon Bok-hee comes to Kingston16 Jun 2009Here
AKS event: Exploring Korea’s Cultural Legacy16 Jun 2009Here
3rd New Malden Arts Festival16 Jun - 11 Jul 2009
SOAS workshop: mutual perceptions in travel literature15 Jun 2009
Korea’s best-loved folk tale at the KCC13 Jun 2009
Nambugun – the first of two Korean War films this month at the KCC11 Jun 2009Here
A Veteran’s impression of the Miracle on the Han10 Jun 2009Here
Atta Kim: ON-AIR (Palazzo Zenobio, Venice)07 Jun - 22 Nov 2009Here
Library: Chun Woojung at the Venice Biennale07 Jun - 22 Nov 2009Here
2009 Biennale Collateral Events07 Jun - 22 Nov 2009Here
Condensation: Haegue Yang at the Venice Biennale07 Jun - 22 Nov 2009Here
Chunhyang at the KCC05 Jun 2009Here
Ideal Worlds at Sesame Art04 Jun - 03 Jul 2009Here
Korean Aesthetics at Albemarle Gallery04 Jun - 27 Jun 2009Here
Sung Hwan Kim: Pieces from “In the Room”, at Wilkinson Gallery29 May - 12 Jul 2009
Min-jin Kym at the Wigmore23 May 2009
100 years of Manhwa at the KCC21 May - 24 Jun 2009
Korean film at the Terracotta film festival21 May - 23 May 2009
A hangul writing competition16 May 2009
The Great Game and Li-Ladygensky15 May 2009
Nah Youn Sun London debut at the Vortex10 May 2009Here
Two rare Korean Buddhist films at the Barbican10 May 2009Here
Myosung Breaks Convention02 May - 04 May 2009
SOAS Centre of Korean Studies – Summer Term seminars01 May - 23 Jun 2009
The Uninvited (Two Sisters remake) in UK cinemas24 Apr 2009
Jin Kim solo show at I-MYU23 Apr - 16 May 2009
Confucius from the Heart – Asia House23 Apr 2009
Jackie Choi London at Salone Satellite, Milan22 Apr - 02 Apr 2009Here
Tale of Two Sisters / Forever the Moment21 Apr - 23 Apr 2009
Francesca Cho in Berlin and Lecce18 Apr - 30 May 2009
King and the Clown screens at the KCC09 Apr 2009
Concert news: Han-na Chang at the Festival Hall07 Apr 2009Here
Cooking with Kie-jo, part 304 Apr - 18 Apr 2009
Kowoon Yang at the Wigmore03 Apr 2009
Three artists from Korea at the Cochrane Theatre Gallery01 Apr - 08 May 2009
Event news: Jasmine Choi at the Wigmore30 Mar 2009Here
Hangul=Spirit: Inspired by Korean Characters30 Mar - 16 May 2009
Diving Women of Jeju-do screens at LLGFF28 Mar 2009Here
Being and nothing-ness at Nolias Gallery27 Mar - 07 Apr 2009
Four Ambassadors at the Houses of Parliament26 Mar 2009Here
Two seminars at SOAS19 Mar - 20 Mar 2009Here
Seven Days screens at the KCC12 Mar 2009
Korean history lecture at Senate House12 Mar 2009
Escaping North Korea: book launches for Mike Kim’s new book10 Mar - 11 Mar 2009Here
Free SOAS lecture – the Confucian Spirit of ethical practicality06 Mar 2009
Dae Hun Kwon: Waiting, at Rachmaninoffs04 Mar - 03 Apr 2009Here
Free Study Day: Decorative Arts & Folk Customs of Korea24 Feb 2009Here
President’s Last Bang gets uncensored DVD release23 Feb 2009
Cooking Galbigui with Kie-jo21 Feb - 28 Feb 2009
Bae Jungmi at Lapkoff Fine Art20 Feb - 01 Mar 2009
In-sook Chappell: This isn’t Romance12 Feb - 07 Mar 2009Here
The Annual ULKS Korean Night06 Feb 2009
Good Bad Weird on general release06 Feb 2009Here
February is classic film month at the KCC05 Feb - 26 Feb 2009
Shine a Light on KCC’s first birthday29 Jan - 21 Mar 2009Here
Dulsori perform at Chichester Festival24 Jan 2009Here
Bae Chan-hyo at Purdy Hicks17 Jan - 07 Feb 2009Here
Nick Bonner – Filming North Korea16 Jan 2009Here
Hansel and Gretel opens in London16 Jan 2009
SOAS Spring Term free seminars16 Jan - 20 Mar 2009
Korean Artists in London Art Fair14 Jan - 18 Jan 2009Here
Exhibition news: Lost and Found at Rokeby Gallery09 Jan - 07 Feb 2009
Lee Jae-hyo at Albemarle Gallery08 Jan - 03 Feb 2009Here
Woven Horizon in Colchester05 Jan - 31 Jan 2009
Candle Night exhibition in Kilburn Art Space21 Dec - 10 Jan 2009
Entry forms: more Korean artists in London09 Dec - 15 Jan 2009Here
“Made in Korea” festival in Brussels08 Oct - 18 Jan 2009Here