Event Archive 2010

Below is a listing of events from 2010, with links to the original event notice. Where LKL has reviewed the event, an additional link is provided.

Choi Min-sik season: Crying Fist screens at the KCC23 Dec 2010
Nam June Paik retrospective at Tate Liverpool17 Dec - 13 Mar 2011Here
Oxford seminar on North Korean Human Rights and Migration15 Dec 2010
Event news: a year-end thank you concert with pianist Sunwook Kim10 Dec 2010
Choi Min-sik season: Happy End screens at the KCC09 Dec 2010
Future’s Future’s Future: Young Korean Artists at the KCC03 Dec - 19 Feb 2011
The Hollow Nadir of Vanity: Jihye Park at Tenderpixel03 Dec - 23 Dec 2010
Kimsooja in Aware: Art Fashion Identity at the Royal Academy of Arts02 Dec - 30 Jan 2011
Imaginary landscapes at Arch 40202 Dec - 23 Dec 2010
Anglo Korean Society annual parliamentary dinner02 Dec 2010
Korean War: Memory and Legacy – at Asia House01 Dec 2010
Thames Philharmonia: Byung-yun Yu and Hanna Yu at the Landmark Arts Centre27 Nov 2010
Choi Min-sik season: A Quiet Family screens at the KCC25 Nov 2010
Korea’s LABORATORY DANCE PROJECT at The Place23 Nov 2010Here
Discovering Korean Cinema book launch at the KCC23 Nov 2010Here
BAKS Symposium: ‘Reflections on War and Peace: Sixty Years after the Korean War’20 Nov 2010Here
AKS private view of the Korea Foundation gallery at the British Museum18 Nov 2010
10 (itta and Marqido) perform in London17 Nov - 20 Nov 2010
Korea at the Crossroads: Art, Archaeology and History13 Nov 2010Here
Gugak FM in live Liverpool concert: There and Now11 Nov 2010
London Korean Film Festival 201005 Nov - 17 Nov 2010Here
Wolmi-do: North Korean war film at Robinson College29 Oct 2010
Walking in Another’s Shoes: Rough Cut to screen at the KCC28 Oct 2010
Exhibition news: Media Landscape, Zone East — at the KCC27 Oct - 20 Nov 2010
Everything you want to know about Korean language and Korean alphabet27 Oct 2010Here
Korean Film at the 54th BFI London Film Festival21 Oct - 22 Oct 2010Here
Joo Yeon Sir tackles Delius21 Oct 2010
Simply Korean at the Language Show15 Oct - 17 Oct 2010
Lee Jae-hyo returns to the Albemarle Gallery15 Oct - 06 Nov 2010
SOAS evening seminars: Autumn season15 Oct - 03 Dec 2010
Walking in Another’s Shoes: Handphone to screen at the KCC14 Oct 2010
Enrollment for King's College Korean language classes 2010-1111 Oct 2010
Ho-ryon Lee at I-MYU Projects10 Oct - 16 Oct 2010
Kang Eemyun in Union Gallery group show09 Oct - 14 Nov 2010
Apollonian / Dionysian: Sungfeel Yun at the Hempel08 Oct - 07 Nov 2010
What could the looming power shift mean for North Korea?06 Oct 2010
Sarah Chang to play the Barbican: check out her shoes05 Oct 2010
Little Angels come to London02 Oct 2010Here
Nah Youn Sun’s second European release: Same Girl27 Sep 2010Here
Chasing Money: A Million to screen at the KCC23 Sep 2010
Korea returns to 100% Design London23 Sep - 26 Sep 2010Here
Celebrate Chuseok with the Anglo Korean Society22 Sep 2010
Baramgot at the South Bank13 Sep 2010Here
This weekend: Korea at the Thames Festival11 Sep - 12 Sep 2010Here
An early celebration of Chuseok for Children11 Sep - 12 Sep 2010Here
Empowering the Taekwondo Generation: TKD demos in London and southern England11 Sep - 22 Sep 2010
All Eyes on Korea at the Thames Festival 201011 Sep - 12 Sep 2010Here
Laid-back jazz from Winterplay at the KCC10 Sep 2010Here
Chasing Money: The Scam screens at the KCC09 Sep 2010
On the Line: photo exhibition commemorating the Korean War08 Sep - 25 Sep 2010
Women is the Future of Man, with Hong Sang-soo Q&A in Cambridge07 Sep 2010
Autumn Show: Mimi Youn – Mememimi04 Sep - 23 Oct 2010
Hong Sang Soo retrospective at BFI South Bank01 Sep - 24 Sep 2010Here
Bedevilled to screen at Frightfest30 Aug 2010
Another Sun: big budget Korean musical comes to Sadlers Wells27 Aug - 28 Aug 2010Here
Jang Sun-woo season: Lovers in Woomuk-baemi at the KCC26 Aug 2010Here
UANGEL visits the KCC this Friday20 Aug 2010Here
Dhayoung Yoon at St Dunstan-in-the-West20 Aug 2010
Jang Sun-woo Variations with Tony Rayns at the KCC19 Aug 2010Here
Kingston Korean Festival 201014 Aug 2010Here
Invisible Bonds …이음새: KAA exhibition at the KCC13 Aug - 21 Aug 2010Here
Invisible Bonds – 이음새. . . Exhibition, performance and workshops at the KCC13 Aug - 20 Aug 2010Here
Jang Sun-woo season: Road to the Racetrack screens at the KCC12 Aug 2010Here
Jung-Yoon Cho at St Dunstan-in-the-West10 Aug 2010
Korean performers at the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe08 Aug - 29 Aug 2010
Dual Mirage: Tourists Dream at Project Space 2, Rivington Place06 Aug 2010
Korea’s Lost Children – BBC World Service documentary06 Aug 2010
Jang Sun-woo season at the KCC: full details05 Aug - 26 Aug 2010Here
Jang Sun-woo season: “A Petal” to screen at KCC05 Aug 2010Here
On the Other Side of the Globe03 Aug - 31 Aug 2010
Seeing: 5 female artists from Korea02 Aug - 07 Aug 2010
Korean Collective 2010 at Albemarle Gallery30 Jul - 31 Aug 2010
Fashion & Passion: Knitting Design at the KCC26 Jul - 31 Jul 2010
Failan to screen at the KCC22 Jul 2010
My Love DMZ comes to Kingston20 Jul 2010
Down the road of Globalisation: group show at St Martin-in-the-Fields19 Jul - 01 Aug 2010
Oh Tae-seok’s Romeo and Juliet returns16 Jul - 25 Jul 2010
To the Last Round: Andrew Salmon to talk about the Imjin Battle15 Jul 2010Here
Present from the Past: meet the artists09 Jul 2010
Taste the East at Potters Fields, Tower Bridge09 Jul - 10 Jul 2010Here
Castaway on the Moon to screen at the KCC08 Jul 2010
Three ambassadors – or maybe four? Korea Update with the Anglo-Korean Society08 Jul 2010Here
Dr Hongnam Kim – Do Museums matter? Looking beyond cultural nationalism in Asia07 Jul 2010
Saatchi Gallery unveils Korean Eye round 2: Fantastic Ordinary06 Jul - 18 Jul 2010Here
Bae Chan-hyo: Fairy Tales02 Jul - 31 Jul 2010
Seeing Beyond Seoul: Travels in South Korea23 Jun 2010
Time for Stillness…Time for Silence: Solo Exhibition by Soon Yul Kang21 Jun - 03 Jul 2010Here
Present from the Past: KCC art exhibition commemorates the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War16 Jun - 17 Jul 2010Here
Korean manuscripts week at the Wellcome Library’s Asian Collections14 Jun - 17 Jun 2010
Samulnori workshop: Wild Beats and Mesmerising Rhythms11 Jun 2010
Where to watch the World Cup11 Jun - 11 Jul 2010
June’s screenings at the KCC – the aftermath of the Korean War10 Jun - 24 Jun 2010
Modal Questions in Korean and Japanese: free SOAS linguistics talk09 Jun 2010
Christopher Barrett – SEOUL 2 B03 Jun - 26 Jun 2010
A Good Lawyer's Wife screens at the KCC27 May 2010
Changrae Lee at Asia House24 May 2010Here
Historians, clerks and accountants: Methodological issues in the use of sources on Chosŏn History21 May 2010Here
KCC Lecture: Tradition and Innovation of Korean Buddhist Sculpture19 May 2010
From Brawn to Brain: Korean Economy at a Crossroads14 May 2010
Historiography and the Remaking of North Korea’s Ideology in the Age of Globalization14 May 2010
Barefoot Ki-bong at the KCC13 May 2010
Jo Seong-hee at Canary Wharf12 May - 02 Jul 2010
Screening: Centre Forward at Shortwave Cinema07 May - 13 May 2010Here
“Antique” to screen at Terracotta Film Fest06 May - 09 May 2010
True Stories: Koh Sang Woo Solo Exhibition at Sesame06 May - 03 Jun 2010
The 2010 Essay Contest – Who ate up all the Shinga?01 May - 31 May 2010
A surprise screening of ‘White Badge’ with Director Chung Ji-young28 Apr 2010Here
On hearing the first court nightingale: Reflections on music in Korea in the 1970s28 Apr 2010
Susanna Kim piano recital in Stow-on-the-Wold24 Apr 2010
Korea at War: A Retrospective of Chung Ji-Young’s Films23 Apr - 24 Apr 2010
The Avatamsaka Sutra: more Buddhist-themed film at the KCC22 Apr 2010
Book launch event: What a Difference a Region Makes21 Apr 2010
Francesca Cho in Copenhagen “TransitStation”17 Apr - 18 Apr 2010
The Korean War – a special interest weekend in Oxford15 Apr - 18 Apr 2010
Jennifer Barclay talks about Meeting Mr Kim at The Travel Bookshop13 Apr 2010
East Asian Friendship Charity Event13 Apr 2010
Buddha Speaks with a New Voice: Who am I? – upcoming KCC exhibition10 Apr - 29 May 2010Here
European Association for Korean Language Education Workshop09 Apr - 10 Apr 2010
Come, Come, Come Upwards at the KCC08 Apr 2010
Competition: Win free tickets to Younee at 100 Club07 Apr 2010
April cooking with Kiejo03 Apr - 24 Apr 2010
Upcoming KCC talk on development on Korean protestantism31 Mar 2010Here
Korean Court Paintings: one-day workshop at SOAS and British Museum29 Mar 2010Here
Korean choreographers at Cloud Dance Festival26 Mar 2010
Breathless screens at the KCC25 Mar 2010
Far East Fine Art: Korean artists at the Mall Galleries23 Mar - 03 Apr 2010Here
Korean Adoptee Artists: Discourses of Migration, Exile and Transversality19 Mar 2010Here
Younee returns for her second UK tour19 Mar - 06 May 2010Here
Grace Yeo plays at St Martin-in-the-Fields19 Mar 2010
Kim Jong-il’s Comedy Club is back: bigger, better and under a new name19 Mar 2010
Event news: Nah Youn Sun returns to London15 Mar 2010Here
Cuisine, Colonialism and Cold War: Food in 20th Century Korea12 Mar 2010Here
Biuret to play in Southampton12 Mar - 19 Mar 2010
Daytime Drinking screens at the KCC11 Mar 2010
South Korea play Ivory Coast at Loftus Road03 Mar 2010Here
Yeon Lee ‘Re-use Me’ at the Jerwood Space01 Mar - 06 Apr 2010
Belated New Year celebrations at Pacific Plaza27 Feb 2010
Korean Soldiers in the Japanese Army – talk at the Senate House25 Feb 2010
Lifting King Kong at the KCC25 Feb 2010
4482 [SASAPARI] Utopia / Dystopia: A Palace with Contemporary Views25 Feb - 28 Feb 2010Here
Ji-Yeoun You lunchtime recital at LSE25 Feb 2010
Kimsooja: Talking Art at Tate Modern20 Feb 2010
60 years of overseas Korean adoption and the Korean adoption issue20 Feb 2010Here
Sulki Yu with the Thames Philharmonic20 Feb 2010
Kim Yeon returns to the Albemarle Gallery18 Feb - 13 Mar 2010
Barbara Demick talks about her book Nothing to Envy: Real Lives in North Korea16 Feb 2010Here
Pansori in York12 Feb 2010
Take Off screens at the KCC11 Feb 2010
Korea’s Ancient Culture and Art, and Modern Economy10 Feb 2010
Kim Jong-il’s Comedy Club on BBC408 Feb 2010Here
A glimpse of a Confucian scholar’s intimacy05 Feb 2010Here
“Ways of Seeing” gallery talk at I-MYU04 Feb 2010
January cooking with Kiejo30 Jan 2010
Han Yongun: Questioning a monk’s nation-building project29 Jan 2010Here
Yang Ik-June’s Breathless gets theatrical release29 Jan 2010
Two Korea-related talks at the Senate House28 Jan 2010
Two recitals by Grace Yeo27 Jan - 28 Jan 2010
Pause and Eject 2 – A show by Goldsmiths MFA students26 Jan - 28 Jan 2010
More cooking with Kiejo – and her Belly Pork Bulgogi recipe23 Jan 2010
Rain in Ninja Assassin - UK theatrical release22 Jan 2010
A Witness to Change: Three Decades of Korea-watching22 Jan 2010
Sulki Yu in the QEH foyer15 Jan 2010
The Silence of Time: Francesca Cho in Seoul13 Jan - 26 Jan 2010
Re-papering the Sarangbang at the British Museum11 Jan - 19 Jan 2010
Treeless Mountain gets theatrical release08 Jan 2010
Ways of Seeing at I-MYU07 Jan - 27 Jan 2010
Cold Cell in the Old Police Station19 Dec - 10 Jan 2010
Supervisions at the KCC04 Dec - 09 Feb 2010
Wunderkammer at Sesame Art03 Dec - 06 Feb 2010
Autumn 2009 / Spring 2010 seminar series at SOAS16 Oct - 19 Mar 2010