Event Archive 2012

Below is a listing of events from 2012, with links to the original event notice. Where LKL has reviewed the event, an additional link is provided.

Big Bang perform at Wembley Arena14 Dec - 15 Dec 2012Here
Now X Here: the KCC’s 5th call-for-artists exhibition12 Dec - 23 Jan 2013Here
To Remain: It’s Just a Matter of Time – group exhibition at Hanmi Gallery11 Dec - 19 Dec 2012
Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy – the KCCUK’s seasonal K-pop party08 Dec 2012
Screening: One Fine Day | 화창한 날 – a short film on the life of a Korean artist living in London08 Dec 2012
Jerome De Wit at SOAS: Motivations for Writing during the Korean War07 Dec 2012
Im Soon-rye month – the Director Q&A is on 20 December06 Dec - 27 Dec 2012
Lee Jinhan: I eat I vomit — at HADA Contemporary06 Dec - 31 Jan 2013
The Shade of Prosperity – Korean art film / video art at Rivington Place, Hoxton05 Dec 2012
Christmas in August, Hur Jin-ho’s classic 1998 debut feature, screens at the Roxy03 Dec 2012
Grace Yeo performs at the Purcell Room03 Dec 2012
오방색 O BANG SAEK: the 5th Korean Artists Association event at the KCC28 Nov - 04 Dec 2012Here
LSE Korea Economic and Political Forum 201224 Nov 2012
Exhibition news: Phobia – at Hanmi Gallery23 Nov - 05 Dec 2012
Adam Cathcart at SOAS: Sino-North Korean relations in 1940s and 1950s23 Nov 2012
British Korean Womens Society – inaugural event20 Nov 2012
The Defector: Escape from North Korea — a new documentary to screen at IDFA Amsterdam18 Nov - 24 Nov 2012
Korea’s Place in the World: Now and Twenty Years Hence. BAKS 2012 conference at SOAS17 Nov 2012Here
Andre Schmid at SOAS: moral didactic literature and North Korean history16 Nov 2012Here
Three Gates – a brief group exhibition at Hanmi Gallery14 Nov - 17 Nov 2012
Korea Moves - with Tim Garland @ London Jazz Festival14 Nov 2012Here
Haegue Yang inaugural artist for Der Öffentlichkeit in Munich09 Nov - 22 Sep 2013
PSY’s Oxford talk confirmed for 7 November – members only07 Nov 2012
SOAS public workshop: State Capitalism and Development in East Asia06 Nov 2012
Grace Yeo’s Wigmore debut04 Nov 2012
Ko Un: Poet in the City — Korea’s greatest living poet in East Anglia, London and Oxford03 Nov - 08 Nov 2012
Manhwa – the colours of Korean comics: three weeks of Manhwa at the KCC and Foyles01 Nov - 21 Nov 2012
Ahn Chulhyun: Infinite Voyage at HADA Contemporary01 Nov - 28 Nov 2012
London Korean Film Festival 201201 Nov - 16 Nov 2012Here
Call for Artists 2012: The 5th UK Korean Artists’ Exhibition at the KCC31 Oct 2012
Sarah Chang plays Barber at the Cadogan Hall26 Oct 2012
Event news: King of Pigs screens at the Genesis Cinema23 Oct 2012
The big London Im Kwon-taek retrospective – confirmed screening dates and times22 Oct - 03 Nov 2012Here
Hugh Keice at O2 Academy Islington21 Oct 2012
KAYA – in concert at the Barn Theatre, Westminster20 Oct 2012
Vladimir Tikhonov at SOAS: “Heroes” in Qing China and Korea late C19 / early C2019 Oct 2012
Penumbra – an 8-day project with 8 Korean artists18 Oct - 27 Oct 2012
Exhibition news: Maximum City at James Freeman Gallery12 Oct - 10 Nov 2012
Exhibition news: Lost & Found at Hanmi Gallery12 Oct - 18 Oct 2012
Project K – The Korean Film Festival in Frankfurt12 Oct - 14 Oct 2012
The Korean War, To the Starry Island and Spring in my Hometown – Dr Andrew Jackson opens the season of SOAS seminars for the Autumn12 Oct 2012
Lee Jaehyo: Transformations, at Albemarle Gallery11 Oct - 03 Nov 2012
Yujung Chang: Eclipses, at Art First Project11 Oct - 10 Nov 2012
Yunhee Choi and Hun Ouk Park at the Steinway Studios11 Oct 2012
BFI London Film Festival 201210 Oct - 21 Oct 2012Here
One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy: Art in Residence at NEO Bankside10 Oct - 10 Nov 2012Here
Dokdo, Historical Awareness, and Korea-Japan Relations09 Oct 2012
Jinkyun Ahn: On the surface of images06 Oct - 18 Nov 2012
Hyunjhin Baik – Solo Exhibition at 43 Inverness Street05 Oct - 17 Nov 2012Here
Mosaic Films launch their new project: Nothing to Envy – the animation05 Oct 2012
Lee Kangwook: Invisible Space, at HADA Vyner Street04 Oct - 26 Oct 2012Here
Aidan Foster-Carter on the Demise of Kim Jong-il04 Oct 2012Here
Sanghyun Kim solo exhibition at Mokspace02 Oct - 12 Oct 2012Here
Korean Art: Narratives and Displays in Museum Contexts29 Sep 2012
Celebrate Chuseok with the Anglo-Korean Society28 Sep 2012
Speed Date with Korean Artists27 Sep 2012
Note the different venue for the 4th Jeon Kyu-hwan screening this month27 Sep 2012
CNBlue comes to the indigO222 Sep 2012Here
Bada Song at The Agency Gallery21 Sep - 20 Oct 2012
Jeon Kyu-hwan’s Town Trilogy is complete with Dance Town, Thursday at the KCC20 Sep 2012
Korea Design returns to 100% Design London19 Sep - 22 Sep 2012Here
Twin Town: a collaborative exhibition at the KCC18 Sep - 27 Oct 2012
Terra Galaxia: Aerotropolis, Home and Away @ Liverpool Biennial City States 201215 Sep - 25 Nov 2012
North Korean/Japanese co-production: Somi, The Taekwondo Woman screens at the Zipangu Festival14 Sep 2012
Animal Town screens at the KCC13 Sep 2012
Haegue Yang: Dress Vehicles, in Tate Modern Tanks11 Sep - 16 Sep 2012
All Eyes on Korea at the Thames Festival08 Sep - 09 Sep 2012Here
Contemporary K-art in front of Tate Modern at the Thames Festival08 Sep - 09 Sep 2012Here
Gangjeong awareness campaign to come to Trafalgar Square08 Sep 2012
The second KCC-sponsored K-pop contest08 Sep 2012
Mozart Town screens at the KCC06 Sep 2012
Recommended event this week: Beautiful Mind charity honours Paralympians05 Sep - 06 Sep 2012
Soon Yul Kang at Portland The Gallery05 Sep - 31 Oct 2012
Anglo Korean Society guided tour of Korean Eye at the Saatchi Gallery05 Sep 2012Here
Funeral Figurines: A Unique Art Form of Traditional Korea03 Sep 2012Here
Ha Young Kim: Eat All You Can at Hoxton Art Gallery31 Aug - 04 Oct 2012Here
Blue Crystal Ball: group exhibition at the Holden Gallery, Manchester30 Aug - 20 Sep 2012
Come Rain Come Shine + director Q&A at the Apollo Piccadilly30 Aug 2012Here
Petty Romance screens at the Genesis Cinema30 Aug 2012Here
Symposium – a group exhibition at Mokspace23 Aug - 03 Sep 2012
Lee Yoon-ki’s My Dear Enemy screens at the KCC23 Aug 2012
Love Talk screens at the KCC16 Aug 2012Here
Francesca Cho at the Riverside Studios12 Aug - 31 Aug 2012Here
This year’s Kingston Korean Festival is on 11 August 201211 Aug 2012Here
Kayageum and lion dance at Kingston Summer Breeze04 Aug 2012Here
Je Baak: Petitio Principii at HADA Vyner Street02 Aug - 28 Sep 2012
Korean performers at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe02 Aug - 27 Aug 2012
Crossroads of Youth: Korea’s oldest surviving silent film, at the Barbican02 Aug 2012Here
Shining K-Classics at the Royal Festival Hall31 Jul 2012Here
Pansori Project ZA at the Queen Elizabeth Hall30 Jul 2012
Korea Shining Bright at the V+A30 Jul 2012Here
Korean Music Ensemble Baramgot at the Purcell Room29 Jul 2012Here
Gong Myoung: Walkabout at the South bank28 Jul 2012
Team Korea House opens for the London Olympics27 Jul - 12 Aug 2012Here
Private: London 2012 Olympics27 Jul - 12 Aug 2012Here
Lee Kangwook: Invisible Space, at Asia House26 Jul - 11 Aug 2012
Korean Eye 2012 at the Saatchi Gallery26 Jul - 23 Sep 2012Here
KTO events to celebrate the Olympics25 Jul - 23 Sep 2012Here
Meekyung Shin: Written In Soap — A Plinth Project23 Jul - 30 Jun 2013Here
Be-Being presents Yimyeongongjak at the Queen Elizabeth Hall23 Jul 2012Here
All Eyes on Korea: Concert series23 Jul - 31 Jul 2012Here
Desire to Kill screens at the Roxy in Borough High Street21 Jul 2012
Join the Cheer for Korea Olympic Flashmob21 Jul 2012Here
Korea Sports Art at MokSpace20 Jul - 15 Aug 2012
Korean Music: Tradition, Innovation, and Identity20 Jul 2012
HJ Lim’s Wigmore debut20 Jul 2012Here
Soon Yul Kang at Art in Action 201219 Jul - 22 Jul 2012
La Chun Hyang - a traditional tale brought up to date19 Jul 2012
Exhibition news: Sung Hwan Kim in the Tate Modern Tanks18 Jul - 28 Oct 2012Here
Introducing Korean Cuisine at the KCC18 Jul 2012Here
Kim Beom: The School of Inversion at the Hayward Gallery17 Jul - 02 Sep 2012Here
Chinese Health and Well-being Day at Asia House14 Jul 2012
Eyes on Korea – a lecture by Ralph Rugoff13 Jul 2012
Korean Funerary Figures: Companions for the Journey to the Other World – the KCC’s summer exhibition11 Jul - 05 Sep 2012Here
Culture and Identity, Kokdu and me11 Jul 2012
Haegue Yang: Vita Activa, at the Hayward Gallery07 Jul 2012Here
Black Eagles appear at Royal International Air Tattoo07 Jul - 08 Jul 2012Here
Grace Yeo at St Vedast Foster Lane05 Jul 2012
Irrepressible Seoul: Contemporary Korean Video Art, at Hackney Picturehouse05 Jul 2012Here
Hong Sungchul: Solid but Fluid, at HADA Contemporary05 Jul - 25 Jul 2012
Korean Defence Industry Showcase at the Savoy05 Jul 2012Here
Minjung Baek celebrates Debussy’s 150th anniversary03 Jul - 11 Jul 2012
Korean Pansori and Western Performer Training – Global Korea lecture at the KCC03 Jul 2012Here
Gumok, a new musical at the Chelsea Theatre30 Jun 2012Here
Three day Contemporary Korean Art conference at the Courtauld and V&A29 Jun - 01 Jul 2012
Hyun Jeung: Underneath the Gam Tree, at MokSpace29 Jun - 16 Jul 2012Here
Korean TV Contents Showcase at the Connaught Rooms29 Jun 2012Here
Jeong Jijyun: Naked Landscape — HADA Contemporary in Peckham Road27 Jun - 02 Jul 2012
Korean poets perform in London26 Jun - 01 Jul 2012
Korean Literature Workshop: Understanding Korean Literature in Global Contexts26 Jun 2012Here
Gangjeong Night at the Old Justice Pub26 Jun 2012Here
MBC K-pop + culture festival at the O223 Jun 2012Here
Planet of Snail: “one of the most life-affirming viewing experiences I’ve ever had” says Twitch22 Jun - 28 Jun 2012Here
Planet of Snail at the ICA22 Jun - 28 Jun 2012Here
Joo Yeon Sir at Charlton House22 Jun 2012
Jukhee Kwon: Being, at La Scatola Gallery22 Jun - 10 Aug 2012
Lee Joon-ik’s Sunny screens at the KCC21 Jun 2012
Juhee Hong: The inevitability of change, at MokSpace20 Jun - 26 Jun 2012
Lee Bul: From Me, Belongs to You Only15 Jun 2012
June meeting of the British Korean Women’s Society12 Jun 2012
Arirang in Kim Ki-duk mini-season at the ICA08 Jun - 14 Jun 2012
Dae Hun Kwon: Chalna at Rachmaninoff’s07 Jun - 14 Jul 2012Here
Park Seungmo : A Present Moment at HADA Vyner Street07 Jun - 28 Jun 2012Here
A Roundtable on ROUNDTABLE: Gwangju Biennale06 Jun 2012
White Rain at Union Gallery02 Jun - 14 Jul 2012
Colour Identity – a fashion exhibition at Mokspace01 Jun - 17 Jun 2012
HADA Contemporary’s Korean Collective 2012 at Albemarle Gallery31 May - 23 Jun 2012
Choi Jeong-hwa: Time after Time installation on South Bank29 May - 09 Sep 2012Here
Mikhail Karikis: SeaWomen of Jejudo at The Wapping Project26 May - 07 Jul 2012Here
“I’m a Petty Minded Creep” (Naneun Ggomsuda) comes to the UK25 May - 27 May 2012Here
In Between: Picturing Migration – Gallery talk at Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery17 May 2012
Shinwook Kim: Korean Folk Painting in Photography at Mokspace11 May - 28 May 2012Here
Place Not Found: Korean Art Now at Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery10 May - 03 Jun 2012Here
Korean film: Years of radical change – free day-long seminar at SOAS10 May 2012
Places still available on AKS guided walk of Inns of Court08 May 2012
Lee Jaehyo solo show celebrates HADA Contemporary’s new gallery space03 May - 30 May 2012
HJ Lim: EMI Classics promotional event at Abbey Road02 May 2012Here
A private Korean art exhibition at 16 Stafford Terrace01 May - 15 May 2012
A Korean Midsummer Night's Dream at the Globe30 Apr - 01 May 2012Here
Kimjongilia screens as part of North Korea Freedom Week27 Apr 2012
Weekend Artshow & Auction helps Heart Radio’s charity27 Apr - 29 Apr 2012
KCC’s 100th screening: Song Il-gon at the Apollo Piccadilly26 Apr 2012Here
Exposing Crimes against Humanity in North Korea25 Apr 2012
The Colour of Korea: Korean Traditional Music Today – concerts in London and Cambridge24 Apr - 28 Apr 2012
East meets West: Art and Design Now, at Mokspace24 Apr - 03 May 2012
Event news: Sunwook Kim at Mill Hill Music Club22 Apr 2012
Nokha: Interactive performances in hanoks composed by Jee Soo Shin21 Apr - 12 May 2012
Song Il-gon’s Dance of Time at the KCC19 Apr 2012
Taegugki-themed K-pop night at the KCC17 Apr 2012
SOAS Workshop: The Diversity and Distinctiveness of Korean Music and Dance13 Apr - 14 Apr 2012Here
The function of the oblique – at No Format and Son Gallery13 Apr - 03 Jun 2012
Hi Dharma! at the International Buddhist Film Festival13 Apr 2012
Terracotta Far East Film Festival 201212 Apr - 15 Apr 2012Here
Korean Film at the Terracotta Festival12 Apr - 15 Apr 2012
Feathers in the Wind – the second Song Il-gon film at the KCC12 Apr 2012Here
Situated Senses 02: 30cm of Obscurity at the Old Police Station11 Apr - 20 Apr 2012
ID Please: a Korean group show in Peckham09 Apr - 14 Apr 2012
Kang Soon-yul at Mill House Gallery06 Apr - 15 Apr 2012
Fell on Good Soil: Hyesoo You at Gallery du Monde06 Apr - 26 Apr 2012
Running Boy and Kyungho Park at Mokspace05 Apr - 19 Apr 2012Here
Song Il-gon month kicks off with Flower Island05 Apr 2012Here
When I spoke its name, it came to me and became a flower: Korean group show in Paris31 Mar - 17 Jun 2012
Meet Mr Daddy, and Park Kwang-su, at the Apollo, 29 March.29 Mar 2012
Tradition and Socialism: Art and Archaeology in North Korea27 Mar 2012
In the Details – at Hanmi Gallery23 Mar - 06 Apr 2012
Korean Contemporary Art at Moorhouse22 Mar - 27 Apr 2012Here
Mee Hyun Oh at St Dunstan-in-the-West21 Mar 2012
Lee Yoon-ki’s “Come Rain, Come Shine” at the Pan Asian Film Festival17 Mar 2012Here
Lines in Drawing at 43 Inverness Street16 Mar - 20 Apr 2012
Hur Shan in Bodhi, at Gazelli Art House15 Mar - 19 Apr 2012
Park Kwangsu at the KCC #2: The Uprising15 Mar 2012
DPRK's Unhasu Orchestra performs in Paris14 Mar 2012Here
A Single Spark at the KCC12 Mar 2012
Igudesman and Joo in A Little Nightmare Music at the Cadogan Hall09 Mar 2012Here
Park Kwang-su month kicks off with Chilsu and Mansu, 8 March08 Mar 2012
Kwon Soonhak and Won Seoyeoung in HADA Contemporary group show02 Mar - 24 Mar 2012
Nostalgia of Korea, Korean: Kang Bong-kyu solo show at Mokspace02 Mar - 31 Mar 2012
Yoon-hee Kim at the Cadogan Hall28 Feb 2012
E J-yong month concludes with Actresses + Q&A23 Feb 2012Here
Sarah Chang plays Shostakovich at the Barbican23 Feb 2012
Sasapari at the Bargehouse: its 5th year, now with 64 artists22 Feb - 26 Feb 2012Here
Lomography store celebrates Seoul20 Feb - 25 Feb 2012
Varsity Baduk tournament19 Feb 2012
Rebellion in Pre-Modern Korea16 Feb 2012
Dr James Kim of PUST – talks in London, Oxford and Cambridge16 Feb - 18 Feb 2012Here
Introducing the P’yongyang project at SOAS16 Feb 2012Here
February meeting of the British Korean Women’s Society13 Feb 2012
Treeless Mountain on BBC4 TV12 Feb 2012
2012 K-Pop Academy: The Application Window is now open12 Feb 2012
Archaeology study day in Cambridge04 Feb 2012
E J Yong: February's director of the month at the KCC02 Feb - 23 Feb 2012Here
A New Space around the Body – contemporary fashion at the KCC01 Feb - 28 Feb 2012Here
Joohee Chun at HF Contemporary Art31 Jan - 12 Feb 2012
MinJung Baek at St Martin-in-the-Fields27 Jan 2012
SOAS seminar: The Vacillation of Culture in Neoliberal South Korea26 Jan 2012
Duellist + Lee Myung-se Q&A26 Jan 2012
Sulki Yu with MinJung Baek at the LSE26 Jan 2012
Between Tiers: Heo Wook at Mokspace25 Jan - 07 Feb 2012
Pulgasari screens at the Roxy Borough High St16 Jan 2012Here
Korean artists and designers at Canary Wharf14 Jan - 14 Feb 2012Here
‘M’ is the second of Lee Myung-se’s films at the KCC this month12 Jan 2012
David Heather’s North Korean art collection returns to La Galleria09 Jan - 03 Feb 2012
London Information Centre: Hyemin Park at Mokspace08 Jan - 10 Jan 2012
An Myung-nam at the Mall Galleries06 Jan - 15 Jan 2012
January is Lee Myung-se month at the KCC05 Jan - 26 Jan 2012
One year, 12 directors, 59 films, 12 Q&As. What could be better?05 Jan - 27 Dec 2012Here
Muse London: media art focus at the KCC16 Dec - 21 Jan 2012
Boundaries at C99 Art Project01 Dec - 31 Jan 2012
Autumn term seminars at SOAS11 Oct - 09 Mar 2012
Korean artists at Asia Triennial Manchester 201102 Sep - 15 Jan 2012