Event Archive 2013

Below is a listing of 2014 events, with links to the original event notice. Where LKL has reviewed the event, an additional link is provided.

Radio 4 to feature Ko Un29 Dec 2013
Grace Yeo at the Wigmore Hall27 Dec 2013
Local Foreigners’ Story: Souvenirs from Seoul Exhibition12 Dec - 15 Dec 2013
Jihoon Kim Lunchtime recital at the Royal Opera House09 Dec 2013
Slice – group show at Hanmi Gallery from 7 December07 Dec - 14 Dec 2013
Artist talk by Jukhee Kwon, 7 December07 Dec 2013
Jukhee Kwon at October Gallery05 Dec - 01 Feb 2014Here
HADA’s seasonal group show: Homo Utopicus05 Dec - 31 Jan 2014
Inside North Korea – Life, Love, and The Leader03 Dec 2013
LSESU Korea Political and Economic Forum 201330 Nov 2013
Event news: Infinite to perform at Hammersmith Apollo27 Nov 2013
The Flavours of Korea at the Intercontinental22 Nov - 30 Nov 2013
Hyelim Kim with Byron Wallen at the London Jazz Festival21 Nov 2013Here
The Anglo-Korean Society annual dinner21 Nov 2013
Mee Hyun Oh / Sooyin Kim lunchtime recital at St Sepulchre’s20 Nov 2013
Korea-UK Forum on The Peaceful Unification of Korea19 Nov 2013Here
Shinwook Kim and Taedong Kim in Night Break, at Mokspace14 Nov - 15 Dec 2013Here
Sungfeel Yun and Shinwook Kim in The Others, at Hanmi Gallery13 Nov - 30 Nov 2013Here
North Korea – Life Inside the Secret State12 Nov 2013
Unfixed: A Solo Exhibition by Meekyoung Shin12 Nov - 18 Jan 2014Here
Joo Yeon Sir at the Wigmore, 11 November11 Nov 2013
Event news: Super Junior’s Super Show 509 Nov 2013
The 2013 London Korean Film Festival07 Nov - 22 Nov 2013Here
Crystallize: New Media Art Lab Korea & UK04 Nov - 06 Nov 2013Here
2013 Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo celebrates the best of contemporary Korea04 Nov - 06 Nov 2013Here
Han Ki-chang to show at KBEE London04 Nov - 06 Nov 2013Here
More details on Crystallize – at KBEE London04 Nov 2013Here
New Glasgow-Busan mini film festival: 29-30 October29 Oct - 30 Oct 2013
Theresa Hak Kyung Cha screens at the ICA26 Oct 2013Here
The Great North Korean Picture Show – screening in Bermondsey26 Oct 2013
UN Commission on Human Rights in North Korea to hold public meeting in London23 Oct 2013
Dok Hi Kim: Reflections, at Mokspace22 Oct - 12 Nov 2013
19th Century piano masters in Hammersmith19 Oct 2013
Kim Minae: Thoughts on Habit — at Hada Contemporary17 Oct - 30 Nov 2013Here
The autumn season of evening seminars at SOAS17 Oct - 06 Dec 2013
Inside Kim’s Kingdom: John Everard talks to the Anglo-Korean Society16 Oct 2013
K-Lit in the Korean wave: a forum at the KCC15 Oct 2013Here
The Gangjeong campaign continues: the mayor speaks at SOAS15 Oct 2013
DVD Bang launches in London11 Oct - 13 Oct 2013
Luna Jungeun Lee: Mindscape, at The Muse Gallery10 Oct - 27 Oct 2013
Korean films at the 57th BFI London Film Festival09 Oct - 20 Oct 2013
Eunsook Choi: The Space in Between, at Mokspace08 Oct - 20 Oct 2013
Yodok Stories – Documentary screening and Q&A08 Oct 2013
Red Carpet Spirit trilogy screens at the KCC06 Oct 2013
The Ghosts of Jeju to screen at SOAS04 Oct 2013
Serendipity: Jieun Kim solo show at Mokspace04 Oct - 15 Oct 2013Here
Bongsu Park and Jae-Bum Myoung: Lineage, at Blackhorse Lane Studios04 Oct - 06 Oct 2013
Jungho Oak at 43 Inverness Street04 Oct - 09 Nov 2013Here
Exhibition news: Meekyoung Shin in Heritage Reinvented at new Tryon St gallery03 Oct - 22 Nov 2013
Current Developments in North Korea – Aidan Foster Carter at the Japan Society02 Oct 2013
Moon Jin-wook in Bearspace group show: Come Dine with Me27 Sep - 26 Oct 2013
Crime and Punishment in Chosŏn Korea27 Sep 2013
Meekyoung Shin: Archetype, at Sumarria Lunn26 Sep - 08 Nov 2013
Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (1951-82): a portrait in fragments24 Sep - 26 Oct 2013Here
Korean jewellers at the 2013 Goldsmiths Fair23 Sep - 06 Oct 2013Here
Jay Park, supported by Victor, at the Hammersmith Apollo21 Sep 2013
BKWS monthly meeting: a tour of the V&A20 Sep 2013
John Stark’s shamanistic “Field Work” on show in Milan20 Sep - 29 Oct 2013
Kang Eemyun at Tina Kim Gallery: Fungalland and the Stranded Mother Whale20 Sep - 19 Oct 2013
Korean designers at 100% Design London 201318 Sep - 21 Sep 2013
Obsession: Jaeho Park solo show at Mokspace18 Sep - 05 Oct 2013
Beyond Taegŭm: an evening with Hyelim Kim at Asia House17 Sep 2013Here
Kiejo’s cookery classes in September14 Sep - 28 Sep 2013
Pianist Joo Hyung-ki plays it straight12 Sep 2013
Hur Shan and Won Jiho awarded bursaries by Royal British Society of Sculptors12 Sep - 18 Oct 2013
Performance by The Korea National High school of Traditional music Teenager Art Group09 Sep 2013
Lim Hyun-jeong in Silence and I, at Hanmi Gallery06 Sep - 15 Sep 2013
Design a flag for the joint Olympic team for the two Koreas06 Sep - 03 Nov 2013
East Asian Societies in Transition: Challenges and Connections — Joint East Asian Studies Conference at Nottingham05 Sep - 07 Sep 2013
2013 Korean Collective at Albemarle Gallery05 Sep - 05 Oct 2013
Hong Sungchul and Park Seungmo at HADA Contemporary05 Sep - 04 Oct 2013
KAA’s 합, 合, Collaboration programme: the Conference and Workshop04 Sep 2013
Human Rights forum: rethinking our approach to North Korea03 Sep 2013
Modl Theatre Company brings A Romance from Edinburgh to London30 Aug 2013
Lady Vengeance continues the Choi Min-sik season at the KCC29 Aug 2013
Reality Check at 43 Inverness Street28 Aug 2013
The KAA’s 2013 summer programme at the KCC: 합, 合, Collaboration28 Aug - 07 Sep 2013Here
KAA’s 합, 合, Collaboration programme: the opening performance28 Aug 2013Here
Happy End – the last of the KCC’s Women on Screen season22 Aug 2013
August meeting of the British Korean Women’s Society20 Aug 2013
Madame Freedom: “Analogue Body dances with digital video”20 Aug - 21 Aug 2013
Kingston Korean Festival: 17 August 201317 Aug 2013
MinJung Baek plays Beethoven and Liszt at St Martin-in-the-Fields13 Aug 2013
Sung Rim Park solo show at A&D Gallery12 Aug - 17 Aug 2013
A Creative Writing Workshop taking the Moon Jar as inspiration12 Aug 2013
Korea-related events at the 2013 Edinburgh International Festival09 Aug - 19 Oct 2013Here
Nam June Paik to be showcased at Edinburgh International Festival09 Aug - 19 Oct 2013
Chihwaseon at the KCC08 Aug 2013
Yong Man Kwon: Momentum at Rest — at Mokspace08 Aug - 01 Sep 2013
Dhayoung Yoon piano recital at St Sepulchre’s Holborn07 Aug 2013
Five Korean artists at the Embassy Tea Gallery06 Aug - 11 Aug 2013
Daytime Sleepwalking: an artist talk at the KCC02 Aug 2013
Gilsotteum to screen at the KCC01 Aug 2013
Jihee Kim: Daytime Sleepwalking — at the Crypt Gallery01 Aug - 04 Aug 2013Here
Lee Jinhan & Kim Jiseon: Group exhibition at HADA Contemporary01 Aug - 01 Sep 2013
Shan Hur’s installation at Berkeley Square House01 Aug - 31 Jan 2014Here
The 2013 Annual Korean Literature English Essay Contest01 Aug - 30 Sep 2013
Korean performers at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe31 Jul - 26 Aug 2013Here
Joint Security Area screens at the Terracotta Film Club31 Jul 2013
Recommended: Folktales about the moon — storytelling sessions at the KCC29 Jul 2013
Oldboy screens at the KCC25 Jul 2013
Meekyoung Shin shortlisted for Korea Artist Prize 201323 Jul - 20 Oct 2013
Symposium: Joining Hemispheres, at the KCC22 Jul 2013
If you cook Korean food, you could win $10,000!20 Jul 2013
Suddenly in the Dark of Night – the latest in the Women on Screen series18 Jul 2013
July meeting of the British Korean Women’s Society16 Jul 2013
Tenor Yun Jung-soo’s Wigmore Hall debut15 Jul 2013
Treasures of Korean Ceramics from the National Museum of Korea15 Jul 2013Here
Ahn Sook-sun’s Pansori Night on Radio 314 Jul 2013
Children’s Clay Workshop: ‘The Jar of Stories’ at the KCC13 Jul 2013
The 2013 Korean Food Festival at the Fountain Pub13 Jul 2013
Korea Startup Showcase at the Bakery11 Jul 2013
Failan opens the Choi Min-sik season at the KCC11 Jul 2013
The Veterans’ last parade?11 Jul 2013Here
Kye Sook Park: Pathways to the Heart, at Mokspace10 Jul - 04 Aug 2013
A Soldier’s Tale at Asia House08 Jul - 20 Jul 2013Here
A quick look at South Korean TV shows – coming up on Channel 408 Jul 2013
Win the UK Quiz on Korea and fly to Seoul to appear on KBS06 Jul 2013Here
Yun-Kyung Jeong: The Arcadian State, at Sumarria Lunn04 Jul - 02 Aug 2013
Global Korea Lecture celebrates UK-Korea diplomatic relations03 Jul 2013
The Kimchi Project at The Greenwich Series01 Jul 2013
Here’s where you can wash your hands with a Meekyoung Shin soap sculpture01 Jul - 31 Oct 2013
The Pots that gave me Joy – the first of several talks related to the KCC’s Moon Jar exhibition01 Jul 2013
Broomhill National Sculpture Prize - Sungfeel Yun01 Jul - 30 Sep 2013Here
Jong-Gyung Park plays Mozart’s 25th Piano Concerto29 Jun 2013
Talk, Tea & Books: KCC launches a new book club28 Jun 2013
The first Korea-UK Dream Film Festival28 Jun - 01 Jul 2013
Yu Jinyoung: I’m OK — at Choi and Lager21 Jun - 07 Sep 2013
K-music: Pansori night with Ahn Sook-sun at the Cadogan Hall, 21 June21 Jun 2013
K-music: Yi Sung Yol and Jang Kiha & the Faces at Scala, 20 June20 Jun 2013Here
No Blood No Tears to screen at SOAS20 Jun 2013
Lee Man-hee’s Homebound at the KCC20 Jun 2013
K-Music: Geomungo Factory at the Cadogan Hall, 19 June19 Jun 2013Here
Amadéus Leopold at Yoko Ono’s Meltdown18 Jun 2013Here
Moon Jar – Contemporary Translations in Britain18 Jun - 17 Aug 2013Here
Joohee Chun in Orchestrated Harmony at HF Contemporary Art18 Jun - 30 Jun 2013
“Rising Stars” lunchtime classical recitals at the KCC17 Jun - 21 Jun 2013
K-Music: Uhuhboo Project + Pere Ubu at Scala, 16 June16 Jun 2013
Jieun Jung plays work for gayageum and orchestra15 Jun 2013
K-Music: The National Orchestra of Korea at the Barbican, 14 June14 Jun 2013Here
Only One: a jewellery group exhibition at Mokspace12 Jun - 07 Jul 2013Here
Chung Heeseung and Je Baak at HADA Contemporary06 Jun - 28 Jul 2013
Pochagi – A Tapestry of Korean Sounds06 Jun 2013
The 2013 Terracotta Far East Film Festival line-up06 Jun - 15 Jun 2013Here
Shin Sang-ok’s Bound By Chastity: this weeks Women on Screen film at the KCC06 Jun 2013
Slade 2013 MA/MFA degree show06 Jun - 12 Jun 2013Here
New Songdo City and South Korea’s Green Economy: An Uncertain Future05 Jun 2013
Memories through Line and Colour: Anna Jung Seo at Vyner Street Gallery04 Jun - 09 Jun 2013
LSE IDEAS conference marking 60 years after the end of the Korean War03 Jun 2013
The Cool Beat of Korea – a concert by the SOAS Korean Drumming Society03 Jun 2013Here
Who is Alice? – MMCA’s Biennale Collateral event01 Jun - 24 Nov 2013Here
Biennale news: Kimsooja | To Breathe: Bottari, at Venice 201301 Jun - 24 Nov 2013Here
Years of Radical Change: Korean Screen Culture – a 2-day conference at SOAS, 31 May-1 June31 May - 01 Jun 2013Here
K-music focus forum at the KCC21 May 2013
Miscellaneous Writings by Autumn Lamplight – John Frankl on Yi Sang at SOAS20 May 2013
Wisdom & Compassion – an exhibition of Buddhist art at Mokspace14 May - 09 Jun 2013
Kim Sung Ok: A Literature of and for the Self – Steve Capener at SOAS14 May 2013
The Hidden Cost of Prosperity – a winning curatorial project at the KCC10 May - 06 Jun 2013Here
Korea Craft Design Foundation at Collect 201310 May - 13 May 2013Here
The Korean War in Colour screens at SOAS10 May 2013
View 2NE1’s New Evolution tour on the big screen in Wimbledon06 May 2013
Engage Korea conference at Oxford: How can the international community effectively engage North Korea?04 May 2013Here
Project Soul at Breakin’ Convention04 May 2013
Imaginative Space: duo exhibition at Mokspace30 Apr - 12 May 2013
Jeong Yun-kyung in Facing Surfaces at Bosse & Baum25 Apr - 17 May 2013
Four top Korean rock bands come to the UK24 Apr - 04 May 2013Here
The Woman, The Gaze, The World: Hanmi Gallery’s 22nd interim exhibition23 Apr - 05 May 2013
Jeong Woojae and Ko Am: Shine Artists at Albemarle Gallery19 Apr - 11 May 2013
Free Minhwa classes at the KCC18 Apr - 20 Jun 2013
Free Gayageum classes at the KCC17 Apr - 26 Jun 2013
Translation flows in Asia: panel session at the London Book Fair 201316 Apr 2013Here
Overview of the Korean Publishing Market at the London Book Fair 201315 Apr 2013Here
Meet the Authors – Korean Literature event at the KCC15 Apr 2013Here
Print exhibition news: Breeze, at Mokspace09 Apr - 28 Apr 2013
Captain Kang screens at CinemAsia07 Apr 2013
Couleur de peau: Miel, aka Approved for Adoption, screens at Leeds Young Film Fest04 Apr 2013
Gwon Osang: Postmodern Times — at HADA Contemporary04 Apr - 31 May 2013Here
Hong Sang-soo’s Hahaha to screen at BAFTA, with Moon So-ri Q&A04 Apr 2013Here
Choi & Lager’s third Paris exhibition: Secret Garden04 Apr - 30 Jun 2013
Shin Meekyoung at Couriers of Taste, Danson House01 Apr - 31 Oct 2013
The Tainted: new work by Shan Hur and Aron Demetz at Gazelli Art House28 Mar - 05 Jun 2013Here
Hyungkoo Lee at Bexley Heritage Trust: BEASTLY HALL – A place where artists and creatures collide28 Mar - 01 Sep 2013
No Space Like Home: Hanmi Gallery’s 20th interim exhibition27 Mar - 05 Apr 2013
Baroness Perry to address March meeting of British Korean Women’s Society21 Mar 2013
Four Rooms – a musical collaborative art project at Hanmi Gallery21 Mar 2013
Opposing the War Base on ‘The Island of Peace’21 Mar 2013
Extreme School? Teenage education exchange on the TV21 Mar 2013
Hyojun Hyun and Kyunghee Noh in Elements at ArtEco Gallery20 Mar - 13 Apr 2013
Camp 14 – Total Control Zone at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival18 Mar - 20 Mar 2013
Lee Song Hee-il trilogy to screen at the BFI16 Mar - 24 Mar 2013Here
Invitation to gallery tour of the current cosmetics exhibition at the KCC14 Mar 2013
Lee Chang-dong’s Oasis screens at the KCC14 Mar 2013
New Visions New Voices at MMCA12 Mar - 23 Jun 2013
Sun, Moon and Tree — Ceramics Exhibition at Mokspace08 Mar - 07 Apr 2013Here
Min Jungyeon solo show at Hada Contemporary07 Mar - 31 Mar 2013
Yun Posun Memorial Symposium in Edinburgh04 Mar - 06 Mar 2013
Park Chan-wook's Stoker - theatrical release01 Mar - 15 Mar 2013Here
Art13: New international art fair at Olympia28 Feb - 03 Mar 2013Here
Memories of the Gaze – Rhee Jae Yong at Gallery EM at Art 1328 Feb - 03 Mar 2013Here
Bae Chan-hyo: Punishment Project — at Purdy Hicks27 Feb - 23 Mar 2013Here
SOAS Seminar: The body, territory and national identity in “stories about Kubo”22 Feb 2013
Inspired by Nature – The Traditional Cosmetics of Korea19 Feb - 06 Apr 2013Here
Teen Top in London gig08 Feb 2013
SOAS Seminar: Neo-Liberalism and the Strengthening of the Korean State08 Feb 2013
HADA Contemporary Group exhibition: Kim Hyunjun, Kim Younghun and Han Jisoc07 Feb - 03 Mar 2013
AKS Diners at Kalbi Restaurant, Rosebery Avenue07 Feb 2013
South Korea play Croatia at Craven Cottage06 Feb 2013Here
Joyce Yang UK debut piano recital in Cambridge30 Jan 2013
Korean Culture Forum: A Bridge to the Future30 Jan 2013Here
_Complete: a collaborative arts project at The Forge, Camden27 Jan 2013
Event news: the KCC’s fifth anniversary concert at the Cadogan Hall26 Jan 2013Here
Event news: Sunwook Kim at the Frant Festival of Music 201325 Jan 2013
SOAS Seminar: The Korean Police Prepare for War, 1946-195025 Jan 2013
John Everard launches Only Beautiful Please at Asia House24 Jan 2013
The Global Archive – a group exhibition at Hanmi Gallery24 Jan - 09 Feb 2013
Soon Yul Kang solo show: Spiritual Journey, at Mokspace23 Jan - 18 Feb 2013Here
Promenade performances of Hansel & Gretel opera feature Korean student designer22 Jan - 27 Jan 2013
Sunae Kim and Hyukgue Kwon in Disruption – the RCA Research Biennial exhibition21 Jan - 27 Jan 2013Here
Wonji Seol and Bongsu Park – In the Void19 Jan - 27 Jan 2013
SOAS Seminar: Korean Cannibalism18 Jan 2013
Moon So-ri is the first of 2013’s four actors. First up, The President’s Barber.17 Jan 2013
2013 KCC Screenings: Year of the Four Actors17 Jan - 18 Dec 2013Here
Korean Art at the 2013 London Art Fair16 Jan - 20 Jan 2013Here
High Resolutions: group show at Atlas Gallery includes large format photos of the Mass Games16 Jan - 16 Feb 2013
Hanmi Gallery at the London Art Fair16 Jan - 20 Jan 2013Here
Kung Fu Grandma: documentary by a London-based Korean director screens at LSFF12 Jan 2013
Kimchi Cult in Camden residency11 Jan - 16 Feb 2013
Bridging Europe and Asia in Marketing and Management Theory and Practice04 Jan 2013
Bongsu Park: Emanate — at Mokspace04 Jan - 21 Jan 2013
Now X Here: the KCC’s 5th call-for-artists exhibition12 Dec - 23 Jan 2013Here
Lee Jinhan: I eat I vomit — at HADA Contemporary06 Dec - 31 Jan 2013
Haegue Yang inaugural artist for Der Öffentlichkeit in Munich09 Nov - 22 Sep 2013
Meekyung Shin: Written In Soap — A Plinth Project23 Jul - 30 Jun 2013Here