Event Archive 2014

Below is a listing of 2014 events, with links to the original event notice. Where LKL has reviewed the event, an additional link is provided.

The 41st London Open Baduk Congress28 Dec - 31 Dec 2014
Bada Song: This Way & That, at Asia House16 Dec - 19 Dec 2014
Hongjung Park: Voice of Spring & Autumn, at Mokspace14 Dec - 10 Jan 2015
North Korea Freedom Week – programme of events08 Dec - 14 Dec 2014
Ham Jin: Somewhere Underneath, at HADA Contemporary04 Dec - 31 Jan 2015Here
Suh Do-ho in Gazelli Art House group show28 Nov - 17 Jan 2015
Contemporary Korean Silversmithing and Jewellery at the KCC25 Nov - 10 Jan 2015Here
Kyung Wha Chung returns with UK recitals and 20-disk retrospective22 Nov - 02 Dec 2014
BAKS Conference 2014 – full programme announced21 Nov - 23 Nov 2014
The British Korean Society annual House of Lords event20 Nov 2014
Icons of Rhetoric – a different approach to documenting North Korea, at Doomed Gallery20 Nov - 23 Nov 2014
Discover Korea: How much do you know about Korea?17 Nov - 08 Dec 2014
Jenna Sung piano recital at the Wigmore16 Nov 2014
Exhibition news: Lee Kang-hyo at Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham15 Nov - 14 Dec 2014
Mother Green Tree Frog and Her Children, at Gresham College13 Nov 2014
Bada Song: Noon Shadows, at the new Tea Museum Art Space and Cafe, opening on 10 Nov10 Nov 2014
London Korean Film Festival 2014: the schedule in detail06 Nov - 21 Nov 2014Here
Controversy in Korean Literature: Hailji on Road to the Racetrack05 Nov 2014
Come celebrate the launch of the next 5 Dalkey K-Lit titles04 Nov 2014
North Korean Memoirs with Yeonmi Park and Jihyun Park03 Nov 2014
DPR Korea Fine Art Exhibition, at the DPRK embassy03 Nov - 07 Nov 2014Here
Hong Sang-soo season on Film 402 Nov - 07 Nov 2014
Ambassador Lim on security challenges in NE Asia31 Oct 2014
Jump returns to the Peacock28 Oct - 15 Nov 2014
A workshop on Korean cuisine in central London27 Oct - 30 Oct 2014
The London Mansudae exhibition – the Kickstarter project22 Oct 2014
South Korea: An Economic Powerhouse in Transition, at Asia House21 Oct 2014Here
Lee Bul curator talk – 20 October20 Oct 2014
Minjung Baek in recitals at St Mary’s Perivale and LSE19 Oct 2014
Andrew Killick on Hwang Byungki, at SOAS17 Oct 2014
Forum on North Korean Human Rights and Engagement17 Oct 2014
Ryu Seonghie is the last of the KCC’s film professionals16 Oct - 11 Dec 2014
Two simultaneous talks on North Korea in Oxford and London, 14 October14 Oct 2014
Sulki Yu: Keys & Coffee at The Forge, Camden, 12 October12 Oct 2014
John Stark: Witchcraft & Warfare, at Charlie Smith Gallery10 Oct - 15 Nov 2014
Korean films at the 2014 BFI London Film Festival08 Oct - 19 Oct 2014Here
SOAS Book Launch event: Assorted Chatter about Mr.Y’s Literature03 Oct 2014
Chun Kyungwoo: Portraits, at HADA Contemporary02 Oct - 30 Nov 2014
Sungfeel Yun solo show at Hanmi Gallery29 Sep - 10 Oct 2014Here
Film music concert in memory of the Sewol victims27 Sep 2014
A special Oldboy screening with live music and Q&A25 Sep 2014Here
Details of the K-Drama Week screenings, 25 – 28 Sept25 Sep - 28 Sep 2014
Cho Young-wuk to conduct the Philharmonia Orchestra in his “Oldboy Suite”25 Sep 2014Here
UKISS at the Kentish Town Forum24 Sep 2014Here
IRIS – the movie – screens as part of K-Drama week on 24 Sept24 Sep 2014Here
Cho Yong Min in “Catch the Flowers” at Camden Arts Centre24 Sep 2014
K-Drama Week: Global Korean Wave Seminar, 23 September at SOAS23 Sep 2014
Korean Drama week: seminars, screenings and more23 Sep - 28 Sep 2014
Autumn 2014 series of evening seminars at SOAS19 Sep - 30 Oct 2014
Constancy & Change in Korean Traditional Craft: KCDF at Tent London18 Sep - 21 Sep 2014Here
Sunae Kim in Elements of Craft, at Mint18 Sep - 30 Sep 2014
Korean designers at Tent London 201418 Sep - 21 Sep 2014Here
Lee Young-bin: Solo show at Purdy Hicks17 Sep - 06 Oct 2014
Anna Jung Seo: Her 81 Paces, at A&D Gallery16 Sep - 20 Sep 2014
Shin Dong-hyuk comes to St Anne’s Church, Dean St16 Sep 2014Here
The 2014 Korean Prayer Mission to the UK15 Sep - 18 Sep 2014
Lee Bul: a special installation at the KCC13 Sep - 01 Nov 2014Here
Lee Bul’s first UK solo show, at Ikon Gallery10 Sep - 09 Nov 2014Here
Eemyun Kang at Timothy Taylor Gallery08 Sep - 04 Oct 2014
Jewyo Rhii: solo show at Wilkinson Gallery07 Sep - 26 Oct 2014Here
Young Korean Painters at Albemarle Gallery from 5 September05 Sep - 27 Sep 2014
K-pop world festival 201430 Aug 2014
The Seoul Philharmonic at the BBC Proms – with a Proms Plus intro27 Aug 2014Here
Jee-Hyun Kwun: Cut Out Details, at Southfields Gallery19 Aug - 22 Aug 2014
Je Baak: Ritual – Media – Karma, at HADA Contemporary14 Aug - 26 Sep 2014
Kim Jieun: Talk to me Darling, at Mokspace14 Aug - 06 Sep 2014Here
Korea Chronicles: the 2014 KAA Summer Residency at the KCC12 Aug - 30 Aug 2014Here
The Bristol Old Vic graduates come to London31 Jul 2014
Artist Talk: THINK !N ART: What is Artistic Research?31 Jul 2014
Korean performers at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe30 Jul - 25 Aug 2014Here
Leodo: Paradise Lost — Norian Maro returns to the Fringe30 Jul - 24 Aug 2014
Jaeho Park: Obsession, at Mokspace29 Jul - 09 Aug 2014
The life of North Koreans in New Malden26 Jul 2014Here
Meekyoung Shin’s Cabinet of Curiosities in Lincolnshire26 Jul - 02 Nov 2014
Bongsu Park – Keita Miyazaki: Sound & Vision, at Rosenfeld Porcini25 Jul - 30 Sep 2014
Brush, a show from the Edinburgh Fringe, comes to the KCC25 Jul 2014
Jasmine Choi premieres Songbird’s Journey – a flute concerto composed for her23 Jul 2014
Jeehee Park: Elephant in the Room, at Hanmi Gallery18 Jul - 03 Aug 2014Here
Film Screenings and an artist talk linked to the current KCC exhibition17 Jul - 31 Jul 2014
Artist Talk – Re-interpreting Shakespeare’s Hamlet14 Jul 2014
The 2014 Korean Food Festival at the Fountain12 Jul 2014
The Korean Hamlet: special seminar + performance ticket deal12 Jul 2014
Exhibition: Lee Seung-taek at Mot International12 Jul - 23 Aug 2014Here
The Contact – the first of the films featuring composer Cho Young-wuk10 Jul 2014Here
Cho Young-wuk is the third of the KCC’s film professionals10 Jul - 25 Sep 2014
Goldsmiths MFA degree show 201410 Jul - 14 Jul 2014
Ensemble Sinawi in Artist Talk: Think in Performance09 Jul 2014
A special offer on Ensemble Sinawi for LKL readers08 Jul - 09 Jul 2014
Ensemble Sinawi at LSO St Luke’s – don’t miss one of the highlights of COLF08 Jul 2014
Soon Hak Kwon: Truth is in the Detail, at Union Gallery05 Jul - 13 Sep 2014Here
Shin Meekyoung’s Toilet Project comes to sketch London01 Jul - 31 Oct 2014
Andersen’s Gazes – a dance collaboration as part of Seoul in the City28 Jun 2014Here
New works by Minho Kwon – at Anise Gallery27 Jun - 20 Jul 2014
Inventing Temperature – the KCC’s summer exhibition25 Jun - 02 Aug 2014
Hyunjoo Son: The Island is a Buoy, at Mokspace25 Jun - 05 Jul 2014
Korean performances at the City of London Festival25 Jun - 17 Jul 2014Here
Royal College of Art 2014 Graduate Show20 Jun - 29 Jun 2014Here
Kim Hayoung's UEL degree show18 Jun - 22 Jun 2014Here
Watch the Red Devils in the 2014 World Cup in Central London17 Jun - 26 Jun 2014
Dansaekhwa comes to France17 Jun - 02 Nov 2014
Non-Fiction Diary to screen at East End Film Fest15 Jun 2014
Bridging Colours – White: Yong Min Cho performs at Asia House13 Jun 2014
Korean Screen Culture Conference 2014: draft programme13 Jun - 14 Jun 2014
An evening with Bae Suah at SOAS11 Jun 2014
Anna Paik in Medici Gallery Still Life exhibition10 Jun - 08 Jul 2014
The Sounds of Korea: Old and New, East and West – at SOAS09 Jun 2014
Catherine Lee and Minjung Baek at Blackheath Halls09 Jun 2014
Ahn Jinkyun: Three Faces, Two Places, One Device, at HADA Contemporary05 Jun - 31 Jul 2014
A Korean Friday Late at the V+A30 May 2014Here
Hanmi Gallery presents Junebum Park at the V&A30 May 2014
Korean Film at the 2014 Terracotta Festival30 May - 31 May 2014
Paul French discusses North Korea: State of Paranoia29 May 2014
Yun-Kyung Jeong in Copperfield opening: Obsessive Compulsive Order24 May - 15 Jun 2014
Gong Ji-young in conversation with Grace Koh23 May 2014Here
East Asian Screen Studies Symposium at Kings College London16 May 2014
Nick Danziger: “Above the Line” at the British Council14 May - 25 Jul 2014Here
Woo Bock Lee: The Message — at Mokspace12 May - 24 May 2014Here
Three Korean underground bands come to Kensington09 May - 12 May 2014
Korean crafts and design at Collect 201409 May - 12 May 2014Here
Bongsu Park: Before Lines, After Lines — at Hanmi Gallery09 May - 01 Jun 2014
North Korea: Threat or Bluster? — at Asia House07 May 2014
Hugh Keice and Peterpan Complex in Artist Talk Party at the KCCUK06 May 2014
Francesca Cho in Hommage à Whanki04 May - 25 May 2014
Korean food at Urban Food Fest03 May 2014
Lee Jaehyo: Grass Flower — at HADA Contemporary01 May - 01 Jun 2014Here
10th Gwangju Biennale to be introduced at the ICA01 May 2014
Myungji Ye: ‘Glowing Lines’, in the Burlington Arcade01 May - 02 May 2014
Event news: B.A.P at the O2 Academy Brixton27 Apr 2014
Fitzrovia Lates: artist talk and tour at Hanmi Gallery24 Apr 2014
Yoshiko 1945 – at Tristan Bates Theatre19 Apr 2014
Hyun Jeung: Jardins Croisés, at Mokspace from 17 April17 Apr - 07 May 2014Here
Dancer / Choreographer Cho Yong-min is Performer in Residence at Asia House15 Apr - 05 Jun 2014
Shin Kiwoun & Wang Ziwon at sketch London14 Apr - 29 Jun 2014
LBF event (Aberystwyth) 11 Apr: Reading Korea, Translating Wales11 Apr 2014
LBF event, 11 Apr 7pm: In conversation with Kim Young-ha11 Apr 2014Here
LBF event (Edinburgh) 10 Apr: Edinburgh Reads10 Apr 2014
LBF event, 10 Apr 6:45pm: Separations, at Asia House10 Apr 2014Here
LBF Event, 10 Apr 8pm: Reading and Discussion with Kim Hyesoon10 Apr 2014Here
LBF Cultural Programme events, 10 Apr during the day at Earls Court10 Apr 2014Here
Cinematographer Chung Chung-hoon is the second of the KCC’s film professionals10 Apr - 26 Jun 2014Here
LBF Cultural Programme events, 9 Apr during the day at Earls Court09 Apr 2014Here
LBF Events at Earls Court, 9 April – Professional programme09 Apr 2014
LBF events 9 April in the Korean pavilion09 Apr 2014
LBF event, 8 Apr 7pm: Toon Talk with Yoon Tae-ho08 Apr 2014
LBF event, 8 Apr 6:30pm: Korean Literature Past and Present, with Yi Mun-yol08 Apr 2014Here
LBF Cultural Programme events, 8 Apr during the day at Earls Court08 Apr 2014Here
LBF Events at Earls Court, 8 April – Professional programme08 Apr 2014
LBF events 8 April in the Korean pavilion08 Apr 2014
LBF event, 7 Apr 7pm: Tales from Korea, with Hwang Sok-yong07 Apr 2014Here
The Art of Printing: Korea’s Evolving Printing Types07 Apr - 14 Jun 2014
LBF event, 6 Apr: Hwang Sun-mi at Cambridge Literary Festival06 Apr 2014
Park Seungmo – solo show at HADA Contemporary03 Apr - 27 Apr 2014Here
LBF event 1 Apr: Books on Screen — Moss01 Apr 2014Here
Between the lines — Work by Jihee Kim, at cueB Gallery28 Mar - 27 Apr 2014Here
Leonard Johansson: Confessions of an Opium Eater — at Hanmi Gallery27 Mar - 27 Apr 2014Here
Ki Hyoung Tak: Loyalty, at Mokspace27 Mar - 12 Apr 2014Here
LBF event 25 Mar: Books on Screen — Leafie, a Hen into the Wild25 Mar 2014Here
The Hairy Bikers come to Korea20 Mar 2014
CORD – CELL – CUBE: Bongsu Park at rosenfeld porcini20 Mar 2014
LBF event 18 Mar: Books on Screen — the Scarlet Letter18 Mar 2014
K-Fashion Odyssey: Artist Talk Party — Think in Fashion14 Mar 2014
Chun Kwang-young: Exhibition, Monograph and 70th Birthday, at Bernard Jacobson Gallery12 Mar - 17 Apr 2014Here
LBF event 11 Mar: Books on Screen — Portrait of the Days of Youth11 Mar 2014
DJ Masa Live in London07 Mar 2014
Love, Korean Style! Drama and the Korean Wave07 Mar 2014
Bae Joonsung: The Costume of the Painter – at Albemarle Gallery06 Mar - 02 Apr 2014Here
Hwang Seon-tae: Sunlight — for Shine Artists at Albemarle Gallery06 Mar - 02 Apr 2014Here
Sun Ae Kim: Quotidian, at Mokspace06 Mar - 22 Mar 2014Here
Chung Heeseung: Inadequate Metaphors, at HADA Contemporary06 Mar - 30 Mar 2014Here
LBF event 4 Mar: Books on Screen — The Road to Sampo04 Mar 2014Here
The Korean Novels on Screen Programme at the KCC04 Mar - 01 Apr 2014
Han Kim plays the Mozart Clarinet Concerto01 Mar 2014
Gangnam Style? Plastic Surgery and Biopolitics in South Korea28 Feb 2014
Korean artists and galleries at Art1428 Feb - 02 Mar 2014Here
Hanmi Gallery at Art1427 Feb - 02 Mar 2014
Symposium: A Banquet of Korean Contemporary Art — The 6th Exhibition by 4482 (Sasapari)27 Feb - 02 Mar 2014
KCC launches its Korean Literature Night series26 Feb 2014
Minjung Baek plays Scriabin, Beethoven, Chopin and Ravel26 Feb 2014
Chaos, Cosmos And Circulation: Sungfeel Yun at Hanmi Gallery26 Feb - 09 Mar 2014
Korean Literature Nights: the programme for the year26 Feb - 26 Nov 2014
“Korean” film at the Asia House Pan-Asia Film Festival26 Feb - 01 Mar 2014
Free gayageum and minhwa classes at the KCC26 Feb - 01 May 2014
2014 Korean Literature Nights26 Feb - 26 Nov 2014Here
Dari Bae in Hanmi Gallery group exhibition: ARE YOU OK?24 Feb - 09 Mar 2014
A reason to watch the Sochi closing ceremony23 Feb 2014
Kim Ha-young: Modern Soup, at 43 Inverness Street20 Feb - 22 Mar 2014Here
Korean Designers at London Fashion Week 201414 Feb - 18 Feb 2014Here
K-Fashion talk at the KCC, Friday 14 Feb14 Feb 2014
Heeseon Byun: Shorthand, At Mokspace13 Feb - 01 Mar 2014
Screen writer Park Hoon-jung the first focus of the KCC’s 2014 film programme13 Feb - 13 Mar 2014
Private: CANCELLED: SOAS East Asia Festival07 Feb 2014
Je Baak & Ahn Jinkyun at HADA Contemporary06 Feb - 23 Feb 2014
Escape from North Korea – Panel discussion at LSE05 Feb 2014
K-Fashion Odyssey at the KCC starts on 4 Feb04 Feb - 15 Mar 2014Here
BBC Panorama on Pyongyang University of Science & Technology03 Feb 2014
Attention: 1 – Yumi Chung, at Hanmi Gallery25 Jan - 02 Feb 2014Here
Bada Song: Ta-iL, at the Agency Gallery25 Jan - 01 Mar 2014
SOAS evening seminars: Spring 2014 series17 Jan - 14 Mar 2014
Korean art at the 2014 London Art Fair15 Jan - 19 Jan 2014Here
Limits of a Function: Hanmi Gallery at London Art Fair15 Jan - 19 Jan 2014Here
DRAWINGS by Paul Lee – Rachel Pearcey – Hanna ten Doornkaat in Shepherds Market13 Jan - 19 Jan 2014Here
Sungfeel Yun Showcase at Sketch11 Jan - 12 Apr 2014
Korean Studies seminars at EHESS, Paris10 Jan - 13 Jun 2014
When nothing is sure, everything is possible: Hanmi Gallery’s 29th interim exhibition09 Jan - 19 Jan 2014
Jukhee Kwon at October Gallery05 Dec - 01 Feb 2014Here
HADA’s seasonal group show: Homo Utopicus05 Dec - 31 Jan 2014
Unfixed: A Solo Exhibition by Meekyoung Shin12 Nov - 18 Jan 2014Here
Shan Hur’s installation at Berkeley Square House01 Aug - 31 Jan 2014Here