Event Archive 2015

Below is a listing of 2015 events, with links to the original event notice. Where LKL has reviewed the event, an additional link is provided.

Roger Law's Art and Seoul on Radio 421 Dec - 25 Dec 2015
Exhibition news: Heeseung Chung and Onejoon Che — Dialogues of Space15 Dec - 06 Feb 2016
Exhibition: Shin Kiwoun - Bate's Room15 Dec - 05 Jan 2016Here
Event news: APPG meeting and book introduction14 Dec 2015
Conference news: Engage Korea 2015 – Cambridge, 12 December12 Dec 2015
EBRD hosts a Korean traditional music concert08 Dec 2015
Exhibition news: Hyun Jeung — Beauté anonyme, at Mokspace04 Dec - 26 Dec 2015
Event news: You for Me for You – a new play about North Korean border-crossers03 Dec - 09 Jan 2016Here
Event news: TV Drama screening and Panel discussion03 Dec 2015
Event news: Han-earl Park Trio at Cafe Oto and elsewhere01 Dec - 03 Dec 2015
Event news: Prof Keith Howard lecture and book launch27 Nov 2015
Exhibition: Christine Sun Kim - Rustle Tustle27 Nov - 30 Jan 2016
Exhibition news: Kyung Hwa Shon in UK/RAINE24 Nov - 03 Jan 2016
Event news: Discover Korea lecture series23 Nov - 09 Dec 2015
Event news: Fashion Korea Pop-up Store20 Nov - 25 Nov 2015
Event news: Sora Kim 2, 3 panel discussion17 Nov 2015
Two masterclasses as part of LKFF 201514 Nov 2015
Conference news: Film and History — The Korean Example05 Nov - 06 Nov 2015Here
Exhibition news: Lee Jeongwoong — Laputa, at Shine Artists05 Nov - 28 Nov 2015
London Korean Film Festival 2015 – the detailed schedule02 Nov - 14 Nov 2015Here
Joo Yeon Sir’s November concert diary02 Nov - 29 Nov 2015
Book Launch: Cash or Smash by Bada Song (eeodo)31 Oct 2015
A special exhibition of film posters as part of LKFF31 Oct - 14 Nov 2015
Event news: Okkyung Lee residency at Cafe Oto29 Oct - 01 Nov 2015
Event news: Sumi Hwang Wigmore Hall recital28 Oct 2015
The British Korean Society annual House of Lords event28 Oct 2015
Yeonmi Park is Radio 4 book of the week26 Oct - 30 Oct 2015
Event news: Ryoo Seung-wan talking East Asian cinema with Chris Fujiwara24 Oct 2015
2015 London East Asia Film Festival - the programme23 Oct - 25 Oct 2015Here
Event news: Unsuk Chin’s Clarinet Concerto to receive UK premiere22 Oct 2015
Exhibition news: Iskai Art in ‘SILENT MOVIES’16 Oct - 18 Oct 2015Here
Joo Yeon Sir in broadcast premier and Albert Hall debut16 Oct - 30 Oct 2015
Yiyun Kang V+A residency studio visits14 Oct - 30 Mar 2016
Sora Kim is the KCC’s 2015 Artist of the Year12 Oct - 05 Dec 2015Here
Event news: Sarah Chang recital (and dinner) in aid of British Red Cross12 Oct 2015
Deconstructing Boundaries: is "East Asian Art History" possible?10 Oct - 11 Oct 2015Here
Event news: Infinite returns to London09 Oct 2015
Event news: a networking piano recital – 9 October09 Oct 2015
Conference news: Conceptions of ‘Life’ and ‘Nature’ in Classical Discourses09 Oct 2015
Ryu Seung-wan is October’s featured director at the KCC08 Oct - 22 Oct 2015
Exhibition news: Shine Artists Autumn Contemporary Collection08 Oct - 31 Oct 2015
Korean films at the 2015 BFI London Film Festival08 Oct - 16 Oct 2015Here
BKWS October meeting – “Korean women: on screen and between the covers”06 Oct 2015Here
Event news: North Korean defector movie I am Sun Mu at Raindance03 Oct 2015Here
October’s K-drama pilot screenings01 Oct 2015
Event news: Music and Ideas – Whose score is it anyway?01 Oct 2015
Event news: K-music 2015 — Korean National Gugak Centre, 30 Sept30 Sep 2015Here
Exhibition news: elsewhere, at the Royal College of Art30 Sep - 11 Oct 2015
Event news: Conference on Asian Cultural Flows30 Sep 2015
Event news: A DPRK Perspective on the Situation in the Korean Peninsula30 Sep 2015Here
Event news: Kim Soyoung Q+A after London premiere of Heart of Snow, Heart of Blood25 Sep 2015
Simple, Calm, Subtle -- KCDF at Tent London 201524 Sep - 27 Sep 2015Here
Exhibition news: The 10 Longevity – wishes and stories24 Sep - 26 Sep 2015
Korean craft and design at Tent London 201524 Sep - 27 Sep 2015Here
Event news: K-music 2015 — Pansori Night, 23 Sept23 Sep 2015Here
Event news: Korean design at 100% Design London 201523 Sep - 26 Sep 2015
Korean Music Festival - Brussels23 Sep - 14 Oct 2015
Event news: Korean designers at the 2015 Goldsmiths Fair22 Sep - 27 Sep 2015
Event news: K-Music – the workshops, 21+22 Sept21 Sep - 22 Sep 2015
Event news: K-music 2015 — Noreum Machi, 20 Sept20 Sep 2015
Embeddedness: Artist Films and Videos from Korea 1960s to Now18 Sep - 19 Sep 2015Here
Event news: The Voices of the Comfort Women and Their Journey for Peace18 Sep - 21 Sep 2015Here
Screening: A Girl at My Door + Bae Doo-na Q+A18 Sep 2015
Event news: K-music 2015 — Jambinai, 16 Sept16 Sep 2015Here
Event news: K-music rising stars14 Sep - 28 Sep 2015
Event news: Chuseok family day at the V+A, 13 Sept13 Sep 2015
The full programme for the V+A’s Chuseok family day on 13 September13 Sep 2015
Event news: K-music 2015 — No Brain, 11 Sept11 Sep 2015
Conference news: Writing North Korean social history, at SOAS, 11 Sept11 Sep 2015
Lee Chang-dong is September’s featured director at the KCC10 Sep - 24 Sep 2015
Event news: Highlights of the 8th New Malden Arts Festival07 Sep - 20 Sep 2015Here
Event news: K-music 2015 — The Barberettes, 4+5 Sept04 Sep - 05 Sep 2015Here
Event news: Topp Dogg appears at the Troxy, 4 Sept04 Sep 2015
September’s K-drama pilot screenings03 Sep 2015
Event news: K-music 2015 — SU:M + special guest, 1 Sept01 Sep 2015Here
Event notice: BKWS dinner with Anne Wightman01 Sep 2015
Private: Cancelled: Be-Being’s Buddhist Music Project at Totally Thames01 Sep 2015
Event news: The Promised Land screens at the ICA26 Aug 2015
Event notice: BKWS visit to Clarence House, 16 August16 Aug 2015
Book news: Han Kang at the Edinburgh Book Festival16 Aug 2015
Talk + See with Hwang Sun-mi16 Aug 2015
Shin Meekyoung's Translation Paintings at Asia House14 Aug - 11 Sep 2015
Jang Jin is August’s featured director at the KCC13 Aug - 27 Aug 2015
Exhibition news: The Korean Craft — Human, Place, History10 Aug - 19 Sep 2015
London Korean Festival 2015 (Trafalgar Square)09 Aug 2015Here
KWK exhibition: Korean traditional wedding and bridal room, 8-31 Aug08 Aug - 31 Aug 2015
Korean Traditional Ensemble SANI – additional concert date07 Aug 2015
KWK Performance: YMAP – Alice in Wonderland, 7-8 Aug07 Aug - 08 Aug 2015Here
KWK Talk: The Vengeful Ghost in Korean cinema, with Colette Balmain, 6 Aug06 Aug 2015
August’s K-drama pilot screenings06 Aug 2015
Korean performers at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe05 Aug - 31 Jul 2015
KWK exhibition: Rain Doesn’t Fall For Nothing, 4-14 Aug04 Aug - 14 Aug 2015
KWK Talk: A Korean Literary Evening with Deborah Smith, 4 Aug04 Aug 2015
KWK Performance: The Stem, the Bud, the Bloom and the Seed, 4-5 Aug04 Aug - 05 Aug 2015Here
KWK: Music at All Saints, 1- 8 Aug01 Aug - 08 Aug 2015
KWK Performance: Ongals in Babbling Comedy, 1-2 Aug01 Aug - 02 Aug 2015
KWK Performance: Brush, 1-2 Aug01 Aug - 02 Aug 2015
Exhibition news: Chun Kwang-young’s Aggregations in Edinburgh’s Dovecot Gallery31 Jul - 26 Sep 2015
KWK Performance: In Nam Soon, 30-31 July30 Jul - 31 Jul 2015Here
Kingston Welcomes Korea - programme overview30 Jul - 08 Aug 2015Here
KCC to host two previews of the Edinburgh Fringe27 Jul - 31 Jul 2015
The Korean Tea Ceremony – A Natural Approach16 Jul 2015
A Poetry Evening with Ko Un and Brother Anthony15 Jul 2015
침묵 Silence, A Day at the Temple — at Asia House13 Jul 2015
Ko Un and Brother Anthony at the Ledbury Poetry Festival12 Jul 2015
New Malden Korean Food Festival 201511 Jul 2015
Arirang: the 2015 KAA summer residency at the KCC07 Jul - 27 Jun 2015Here
An update on the UK–Korea relationship from our two ambassadors06 Jul 2015
Boys Republic + Choi Soo Min at O2 Academy Islington04 Jul 2015Here
Shan Hur in Sculpture in the City commission04 Jul - 30 Sep 2015
July’s K-drama pilot screenings02 Jul 2015
Minho Kwon: We Also Deserve to Live — at The Foundry Gallery01 Jul - 13 Aug 2015
Hyeonseo Lee: The Girl with Seven Names and three book launches01 Jul - 03 Jul 2015
Juck Juck Grunzie to play the Windmill Brixton30 Jun 2015
Have a Good Day, Mr Kim! – Choi and Lager’s summer exhibition in Cologne27 Jun - 21 Aug 2015
Lunchtime Piano Recital: Yoon Chung at St Martin-in-the-Fields26 Jun 2015
Press preview: Two Korean War documentaries25 Jun 2015Here
Private: Friend or Foe? Divided Korea on Screen – a talk at Asia House24 Jun 2015
Comfort Women: Listening To Their Voices — free screenings and discussion in Sheffield19 Jun - 20 Jun 2015Here
Refugee Week: North Koreans Living in the UK18 Jun 2015
Icons of Rhetoric moves to Nottingham18 Jun - 10 Jul 2015
The Appreciation of Art and Joy – a concerto for traditional Korean instruments with Western orchestra13 Jun 2015
Julpungnyu – a traditional music concert at the KCC12 Jun 2015Here
Kim Tae-yong is June’s featured director at the KCC11 Jun - 25 Jun 2015
Shinwook Kim in Sleepwalker, at the KCC08 Jun - 27 Jun 2015
말 MAL – The 2nd Korean Speech Contest06 Jun 2015
Ann Shin’s movie – The Defector – screens at the Frontline Club05 Jun 2015
June’s K-drama pilot screenings04 Jun 2015
May cookery demonstration: bibimbap and namul26 May 2015
A Taste of Korea – at Omer Tiroche Contemporary Art, from 22 May22 May - 19 Jun 2015
KCC’s Theatre on screen No 2: Madame Ong21 May 2015
Free Screening of “Reiterations of Dissent”21 May 2015
Korean-focused galleries at Art 1521 May - 23 May 2015Here
Hangjun Lee & Chulki Hong, Will Guthrie at Cafe Oto19 May 2015
Indie bands apear at KCCUK, the Windmill Brixton and Liverpool Sound City19 May - 24 May 2015
A Korean Cultural Festival at Durham’s Oriental Museum18 May - 31 May 2015
Festival Asia makes its debut in Tobacco Dock15 May - 17 May 2015
Joo Yeon Sir plays Bach/Mendelssohn, Beethoven and Waxman at the V+A15 May 2015
Hwang Seontae and Lee Jeonglok in Masters of Light, at Shine Artists14 May - 06 Jun 2015
Hur Jin-ho is May’s featured director at the KCC14 May - 28 May 2015
A Conversation with Hwang Sok-yong, at Asia House12 May 2015Here
Im Kwon Taek’s Festival to screen at RCA Battersea11 May 2015
Event news: Sunwook Kim performs at Mill Hill Music Club10 May 2015
The Ways of Folding Space and Flying: the 2015 Korean pavilion at Venice09 May - 22 Nov 2015
Sleepers in Venice: The Purgatory of Desires – Venice 8 May-7 June08 May - 07 Jun 2015
Korean crafts at Collect 201508 May - 11 May 2015Here
May’s K-drama pilot screenings07 May 2015
Dansaekhwa – a Biennale collateral event in Venice, 7 May – 15 Aug07 May - 15 Aug 2015
Hanmi Gallery to exhibit Leonard Johannson in Seoul30 Apr - 30 Jun 2015
Ghosts of Jeju to get another London screening27 Apr 2015
Korean Studies after the Sewol Ferry Disaster – a half-day conference at SOAS24 Apr 2015
Mooning Monday – Yva Jung’s exhibition at the KCCUK23 Apr - 23 May 2015
Ben Nathan: [K-reɪ-t] — at 43 Inverness Street23 Apr - 28 May 2015Here
A private tour of the British Library’s Korean manuscripts with the BKS23 Apr 2015
Kun Woo Paik plays Schubert, at the Wigmore Hall22 Apr 2015
This month’s KCC K-Culture lecture – the history and making of kimchi21 Apr 2015
Royal Asiatic Society lecture: Humour and Eighteenth-Century Korean Art21 Apr 2015
A week-long programme of films based on Korean novels at SOAS20 Apr - 24 Apr 2015
Minjung Baek and Marisol Lee in duo recital20 Apr - 21 Apr 2015
The KCC Spring Exhibition 2015: Open Call for Artists20 Apr - 09 May 2015
Korean ceramic artists at Ceramic Art London 201517 Apr - 19 Apr 2015
Shin Yoon-seok lunchtime recital at St George-the-Martyr16 Apr 2015
Screening: Diving Bell / The Truth Shall Not Sink with Sewol16 Apr 2015
Hong Sang-soo is April’s featured director at the KCC16 Apr - 30 Apr 2015
National Youth Orchestra premieres new Unsuk Chin commission09 Apr - 11 Apr 2015
The Human Condition and Theories of Unification in Korea – talk by Victor Cha at SOAS07 Apr 2015
Event news: Yiyun Kang in Transfiguring Night02 Apr 2015
Exhibition news: a new Suh Do-ho commission at Bristol’s Arnolfini28 Mar - 27 Sep 2015
Kim Chang-kyum joins group show at Hall Place & Gardens28 Mar - 06 Sep 2015
Is it Really Korea? a photographic exhibition at Connect27 Mar - 22 Apr 2015
Winds of Change – a programme of music for piano & wind in Notting Hill26 Mar 2015
K-Culture lecture #1: Where did K-Pop come from?26 Mar 2015
Lee Ufan returns to Lisson Gallery25 Mar - 09 May 2015
The KCC launches its series of cookery talks with Samgyetang24 Mar 2015
2015 K-Culture Workshops: application window now open24 Mar - 10 Jun 2015
“Icons of Rhetoric – Reading North Korea through its Images” returns for a second exhibition23 Mar - 04 Apr 2015
Lee Ufan – The Art of Encounter, in conversation at the KCC21 Mar 2015
Bada Song's CASH or SMASH Cornflake Sale14 Mar - 15 Mar 2015
Kim Ji-woon is March’s featured director12 Mar - 26 Mar 2015
Unsuk Chin: Alice in Wonderland — a UK premiere at the Barbican08 Mar 2015
Hangjun Lee: Nebula Rising, at Christine Park Gallery06 Mar - 11 Apr 2015
Hyunjeong Lim: The Figures by the Sea, at James Freeman Gallery06 Mar - 28 Mar 2015
TV Drama pilot episodes to screen at KCC05 Mar 2015
Sunwook Kim makes his debut in the International Piano Series03 Mar 2015Here
Joo Yeon Sir’s March concert diary03 Mar - 22 Mar 2015Here
Korean Film Nights Amplified – a monthly series of pre-screening talks26 Feb 2015
2015 Korean Literature Nights25 Feb - 25 Nov 2015Here
Korean Chamber Orchestra brings John Malkevitch to the South Bank23 Feb 2015Here
North Korean Policy on Disabled People – a talk with DPRK govt officials21 Feb 2015
DPRK Youth Para-Ensemble concerts in London, Oxford and Cambridge20 Feb - 02 Mar 2015
Theatre on video: a screening of Oh Tae-seok’s The Life Cord19 Feb 2015
The BKWS Seollal dinner19 Feb 2015
The BKS Diners celebrate Seollal18 Feb 2015
Life in the Dolphin Pool – an illustrated talk on North Korea at SOAS17 Feb 2015
Style Sharing – International Fashion Showcase at the KCC16 Feb - 04 Apr 2015Here
Hyojin Park in Skipwiths inaugural show12 Feb - 14 Mar 2015Here
Kang Woo-suk is February’s featured director12 Feb - 26 Feb 2015
Young In Hong: a new commission at the ICA for fig-209 Feb - 12 Feb 2015Here
A Korean Mini-Festival focusing on architecture07 Feb 2015
Out of the Ordinary – an exhibition of award winning architectural designs06 Feb - 28 Feb 2015Here
Hyelim Kim on actualising musical tradition – this week’s SOAS seminar06 Feb 2015
Shin Meekyoung: Painting Series — at HADA Contemporary05 Feb - 15 Apr 2015Here
Unsuk Chin’s Piano Etudes committed to disk04 Feb 2015
The Korean Information Centre is launched02 Feb 2015
LSE lecture: Is the multicultural state a doomed project in South Korea?31 Jan 2015
Hur Shan: The Door in the Wall — at Gazelli Art House30 Jan - 22 Mar 2015Here
Im Kwon Taek’s Festival is the next screening at the KCC29 Jan 2015
K-Arts Dance Company in Triple Bill at Laban Theatre28 Jan 2015
Dance Beyond Borders: a seminar to follow the performance at Trinity Laban28 Jan 2015
Han Kang and Deborah Levy in conversation with Deborah Smith22 Jan 2015Here
Skipwiths and CAIS to show at the London Art Fair21 Jan - 25 Jan 2015Here
Korean artists at the 2015 London Art Fair21 Jan - 25 Jan 2015Here
Spring + Summer 2015 seminars at SOAS16 Jan - 15 May 2015
The 2015 KCC film schedule launches with Im Kwon-taek’s Wangsimni15 Jan 2015
Meme – at Hanmi Gallery and the London Art Fair14 Jan - 31 Jan 2015Here
Park Chan-kyong: Pa-Gyong – Last Sutra Recitation, at Iniva14 Jan - 21 Mar 2015Here
Judy Joo’s Jinjuu opening, + new TV show13 Jan - 26 Jan 2015
Joo Yeon Sir January concerts09 Jan - 31 Jan 2015
Tengger’s European Tour – the London performance07 Jan 2015
Hongjung Park: Voice of Spring & Autumn, at Mokspace14 Dec - 10 Jan 2015
Ham Jin: Somewhere Underneath, at HADA Contemporary04 Dec - 31 Jan 2015Here
Suh Do-ho in Gazelli Art House group show28 Nov - 17 Jan 2015
Contemporary Korean Silversmithing and Jewellery at the KCC25 Nov - 10 Jan 2015Here