Event Archive 2020

Below is a listing of 2020 events, with links to the original event notice. Where LKL has reviewed the event, an additional link is provided. Where an event lasts for several days or weeks, it appears in the list sorted on its start date.

In the Absence screens at ICA, with Q+ASat 25 Jan 2020
Celebrate the lunar new year at Whitehall Historic HouseSat 25 Jan 2020
SOAS seminar: The Zainichi Korean QuestionFri 24 Jan 2020
Y Dance: Hyper Hygienic, at Resolution 2020Thu 23 Jan 2020
Park Jieun solo exhibition at Pontone Gallery23 Jan - 23 Feb 2020
BKS Diners celebrate SeollalMon 20 Jan 2020
SOAS seminar: Geospatial Mapping in DPRK Human Rights MonitoringFri 17 Jan 2020
Korean Human Rights seminar, at City University of LondonThu 16 Jan 2020
Connect, BTS art projects in London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul, New York14 Jan - 27 Mar 2020
Building Relationships and Trust across the Korean PeninsulaMon 13 Jan 2020
Day6 “Gravity” World Tour at the Brixton AcademySun 12 Jan 2020
송 SONG solo exhibition at 640EAST The Arches10 Jan - 14 Jan 2020LKL
Media showcase at the KCC: Lady Hyegyong’s 60th anniversary Uigwe09 Jan - 22 Jan 2020
BTS: Fandom Culture in the age of New MediaMon 06 Jan 2020LKL
BTS: A Global Interdisciplinary Conference Project at Kingston University04 Jan - 05 Jan 2020LKL
Lee Jungwoong: Brush and Blue Abstraction, at Pontone Gallery12 Dec - 19 Jan 2020
Kang Jungsuck: KCC’s 2019 Artist of the Year exhibition10 Dec - 15 Feb 2020LKL
Joo Yeon Park’s Library of the Unword, at the National Poetry Library05 Dec - 29 Mar 2020
Shinuk Suh: Man(u)fractured, at Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop29 Nov - 18 Jan 2020LKL
Nam June Paik: The Future is Now, at Tate Modern17 Oct - 09 Feb 2020
Adidas Originals by Ji Won Choi in Designs of the Year exhibition11 Sep - 31 Mar 2020
Sculpture in the City: Suh Do-ho -- Bridging Home, London24 Sep - 31 Mar 2020LKL