56 Jongmyo Jerye (종묘제례 – Royal Ancestral Ritual at Jongmyo Shrine)

Sunday 2 May 2010. As we file out from the shrine after the first ceremony of the day, we mingle with the butlers who are off to have a quick breather and cigarette before the next ceremony. Already the queues are forming to get into the main shrine for the headline event at 1pm. No […]


2010 Travel Diary #7: The Jongmyo Rituals, part 1

by Philip Gowman 2 June 2010
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Sunday 2 May 2010. I found it really quite hard to find accessible information online in respect of the Jongmyo rituals. Often, on the UNESCO site, there is documentation which sets out why the submitting country thinks that this particular intangible cultural property is worthy of inscription on the international list. But no such information […]

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