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Gig Review: Korea Rocks at the Barfly

It was a cold a windy day in Camden on Sunday, something easily forgotten at Barfly thanks to the energy that filled the venue during the four hours of Korea Rocks. I like the Barfly venue – just the right size space for a gig to feel busy but intimate, and the whole place as … [Read More]

Tour review: Korea Rocks UK Tour

With explosive noise and thudding bass line, Apollo 18 launched the headline Korea Rocks gig in the South East. The whole room shook, and you wondered whether the beams supporting the floor were able to take the vibration. As energy levels increased further the long hair of the lead guitarist flew back and forth – … [Read More]

Korea Rocks profile #1: Apollo 18

Four top bands are coming to the UK this month as part of the Korea Rocks tour presented by Hyundai Card Music. Here’s a profile of Apollo 18, who have featured in LKL’s Critics’ Choice two years running, 2009–2010, selected by Anna Lindgren and Mark Russell. Award-winning South Korean post-hardcore/post-rock act Apollo 18 formed in … [Read More]

Four top Korean rock bands come to the UK

Thanks to Anna over at for telling us the good news. Hyundai Cards have been promoting Korean indie music with videos and live performances at their Hongdae popup store, and now are bringing for top bands to the UK. The bands are Galaxy Express, Apollo 18, Goonamguayeoridingstella and Gate Flowers, and gives us … [Read More]

LKL Critics’ Choice 2010: Mark Russell

Mark Russell returns with his pick of 2010’s releases First of all, 2010 was a very good year for Korean indie music. I had not even noticed until I started putting together this list, when I kept rediscovering one solid album after another. Not just great in one genre or another, the Korean music scene … [Read More]

LKL Critics’ Choice 2010: Anna Lindgren

Another year is coming to an end, and in what has become an unfortunate trend I’ve found that I’ve listened to much less music than the year before. However judging from the limited number of releases that did reach my ears, I’d like to think that 2010 (and the three months preceding it) was a … [Read More]