Teen Top performed in London on Friday as part of their European Tour. Due to release a full length album at the end of February, the concert sounds like it was a success and is sure to herald more acts coming to the UK in the future. They continue to Paris (a sell out date) […]


Saharial’s Entertainment Weekly: Carry on up the charts

by Saharial 4 February 2013
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Sorry for the late news this weekend – technical issues with my machine and work related exhaustion. On that note though – if there is anything you would like me to focus on more – please do let me know in the comments. Se7en is holding a series of concerts this month in Japan before […]

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Horan to model corsets

by Philip Gowman 27 May 2010
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"Horan's mysterious moods and modern looks match well with our brand," says a suit from M Corset, a female underwear manufacturer in Sinsa-dong. Clazziquai's vocalist is to model for them. # Keywords: Musicians: Clazziquai

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Alex: My Vintage Romance

by Philip Gowman 2 August 2008
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Fluxus Music, June 2008 As a fan of Clazziquai, I wish I could be more enthusiastic about the first solo outing of one of its members, the male vocalist Alex. On the plus side, he has a mellow, well-controlled voice, very pleasant to listen to. And he has a reasonably distinguished line-up of guest stars. […]

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Clazziquai #3: Love child of the century

by Philip Gowman 3 November 2007
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(Fluxus Music, June 2007) Clazziquai’s third album revisits much of the material from their previous efforts, but somehow fails to repeat the freshness. In an attempt to do something new, they have come up with a bigger, poppier sound, with the emphasis on a wall of synthesised support for their previously more transparent style. Take […]

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Clazziquai #2: Color your Soul

by Philip Gowman 18 October 2007
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(Fluxus / Seoul Records, October 2005) Clazziquai’s second main album has some of the same formulae as their first, the blend of lounge, electronica and Latin, but includes an additional influence: a slight funk element. There’s a slightly greater emphasis on the bass, and the horns in the background of some of the tracks – […]

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Clazziquai Project #1: Instant Pig

by Philip Gowman 3 November 2006
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(May 2004) A combination of Acid Jazz, electronica and chill-out lounge, with sometimes a flavour of Latin (the fifth track, novabossa, could almost come from an Astrud Gilberto album). The instrumental emphasis is very much on electronic sounds, though some tracks benefit from acoustic guitar. The vocals are always pleasant and relaxed. There’s nothing terribly […]

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