To me, 2006 was a pretty weak year, music-wise, and it wasn’t really till the very end of November that it began to shape up. That’s when – after a two month delay – adultchild finally released their debut album, B TL B TL. Filled with soft slow paced mellow music, cosy guitar play and […]


LKL Critics’ Choice 2007: Jenny Wu

by Jenny Wu 5 December 2007
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2007 was not an outstanding year for Korean music to be brutally honest. I found myself liking this song here and that song there, but only a few albums as a whole have commanded my attention this past year. The following are my top 5 picks for best Korean albums of 2007. My criteria for […]

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Donawhale debut album

by Jenny Wu 31 October 2007
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Review by Jenny Wu (CJ Music, May 2007) When I first laid my ears on this album, all I could think was, “what loveliness!” Indie bands often fall into the trap of blandness when they take themselves too seriously. I have little patience when it comes to dull tunes. Thankfully, I found no such problem […]

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