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Dulsori in Evelyn Glennie’s Songlines playlist

I’ve just belatedly been going through my recent purchases of Songlines magazine, the world music publication which gave Hyelim Kim a 4-star review this time last year. I spotted that their October 2014 edition featured a playlist recommended by Evelyn Glennie – of which the first track was by the Korean percussion group Dulsori: Drum … [Read More]

Needles and a mouth organ at Team Korea House

Yes, there have been K-pop flashmobs, dancing robots, traditional music performances and comedy magic shows at Team Korea House. There has even been a live radio show broadcast from there, with presenters dressed in royal hanbok. Last Saturday (4 August) was the final performance by Dulsori before they head off to Germany. They opened with … [Read More]

New Year Beats

Bella Frey bangs the drum for some exciting classes. Since the first time I went back to Korea and was treated to a performance of a Samulnori percussion group performance, I have wanted to try to play one or all of the four instruments, particularly the drums. I was blown away by the energy, fun … [Read More]

Samulnori workshop: Wild Beats and Mesmerising Rhythms

Jeung-hyun Choi, KAA member and managing director of the UK arm of Dulsori, will be holding an entertaining and very reasonably priced percussion workshop on 6 November: Come & Play Korean Drums & Percussion Wild Beats and Mesmerising Rhythms with Jeung-hyun Choi Saturday 6th November, 4:30-6:00pm St Mark’s Church, Myddleton Square, London EC1R 1XX. Feel … [Read More]

Dulsori at the Tower Festival

If last weekend’s Thames Festival has whetted your appetite for al fresco Korean culture, there’s more on offer this weekend on the north side of the river. The fantastic samulnori percussion group Dulsori are playing at the Tower Festival on 19 September as part of a programme of performances put together by Womad. Dulsori has … [Read More]

Learn Samulnori with Dulsori

Don’t miss a rare chance to learn and experience the fun you can have playing samulnori percussion. Over the past few years Korean percussion group Dulsori have had a regular slot in the SOAS music summer school teaching percussion for a week. This year they’ve gone independent, and will be giving weekly classes over an … [Read More]

Dulsori gets Chichester jumping to the beat

Jennifer Barclay meets Dulsori at their performance in Chichester’s Festival Theatre, 24 January 2009. I’m not sure the theatre staff were quite prepared when the drummer troupe led the audience dancing into the foyer, bashing gongs and drums in a frenzied finale to an energetic evening. Young and old, the Chichester crowd jumped, laughed and … [Read More]

Chuseok at the BM — part sprint, part marathon

It is a commonplace observation that Korea is caught between two larger neighbours. Similarly, in marketing terms, the Korean events at the British Museum last Saturday were dwarfed by the blitzkrieg advertising for the Chinese “First Emperor” and the Japanese modern design exhibitions, both also at the British Museum at the same time. But although … [Read More]

British Museum and AKS celebrate Chuseok

Two events to celebrate Chuseok, Korea’s harvest festival. Firstly, the Anglo-Korean Society will be having a buffet dinner at Young Bean Kwan on the Barbican highwalks in the City on 20 September. Guest of honour will be Ambassador Cho. There will be a short pre-dinner talk on Korean customs and food, and guests will be … [Read More]

Independent Korean performances at Edinburgh Fringe

My recent post on Korean events at the Edinburgh Fringe seriously undersold the Korean involvement there. I was simply reproducing the publicity of one particular organisation – Korea@fringe. But that organisation is only responsible for the six acts I mentioned in my previous post. Thanks to Colin Bartlett for pointing this out. So here is, … [Read More]

Kore@Fringe performers at Edinburgh Fringe 2007

Korean artists feature in no fewer than six productions at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. Something for everyone. Full details below: Dulsori Binari — The Spirit of the Beat @ The Old College Quad 3 – 27 August Don’t miss this passionate and colourful performance showcasing the unique heritage and spirited origins of traditional Korean … [Read More]

Samulnori Summer School at SOAS

The Samulnori Summer School at SOAS is next week. If you can spare five evenings you’ll have a great time. I can’t promise you’ll end up being able to drum like the fellow on the right, but you’ll be able to do a convincing imitation of being able to hit a changgo. And by the … [Read More]

Dulsori celebrates New Year in New Malden

The lunar new year came to a girls school in New Malden yesterday with more than a few bangs. Samulnori percussion group Dulsori visited Coombe Girls School in Clarence Avenue for a spectacular one hour concert in front of an enthusiastic audience of pupils and visitors — including the mayor of Kingston. The audience didn’t … [Read More]