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A fantastic source for Korean rock & indie music

If you’re just starting with Korean rock, indie, alternative and punk music, you could do a lot worse than visit Orienkorean’s YouTube channel (linked below). He’s got wide-ranging tastes and (for how long he’s going to keep this up, I don’t know) he’s trying to upload one music video per day. Orienkorean was kind enough … [Read More]

The London Korean Links Awards 2006

In the year-end spirit of reviewing the highlights and lowlights of 2006, here are the winners of the first LKL Awards – a personal and unscientific selection. The awards are in the following categories: Man of the Year Woman of the Year Best cultural promotion: Briton in Korea Best cultural promotion: Korean in Britain Best … [Read More]

Humming Urban Stereo: Purple Drop

Humming Urban Stereo combine acid jazz and lounge music, with some Latin / bossa nova rhythms. The sound is largely electronic – rhythms are programmed, and there are lots of fun synthesized effects. The music is written, arranged and programmed by the band’s leader, Lee Jeereen. It’s slick, polished and in the end a little … [Read More]