In the second of four round-ups of links to news which caught our eye in 2012, we focus on hallyu-related stories from around the world, some of the local entertainment industry stories plus a quick look at the film industry. UK. The Guardian put together an entertaining photoshop when London Mayor Boris Johnson claimed he […]


LKL 2012 Quiz of the Year — the answers

by Philip Gowman 7 January 2013
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The answers to LKL’s 2012 Quiz of the Year. How many did you get? 1 The Watermelon Economy It was Lee Seung-han, the boss of Tesco in Korea, who accused Lee Myung-bak of running a watermelon economy: on the outside, lots of rhetoric about “green” growth, but actually red on the inside. “Not even communist […]

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PSY vs the generic K-pop girls

by Philip Gowman 21 November 2012
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PSY has thrashed the lot of them when it comes to YouTube views. And now he’s up against KARA, SiSTAR and 4Minute in the Soju Wars. According to Koreabang, Jinro’s Chamiseul outsells Lotte’s Cheoeum Cheoreom by almost 3 to 1. PSY has now signed up to promote Jinro, while Hara, Hyolyn and HyunA have just […]

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A look back at 2011 – part 2

by Philip Gowman 29 December 2011
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In the second of our articles we look at stories relating to Sports, Tourism, and national branding and marketing. And K-pop and celebrities are never far away when talking of Brand Korea. Sports and Tourism Jeju was provisionally listed as one of the worlds New 7 Wonders, after a multi-month international marketing campaign. Celebrities ranging […]

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How Korean Pop Conquered Japan

by Philip Gowman 1 October 2011
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How Korean Pop Conquered Japan: K-Pop groups look and act like real adults, whereas J-Pop outfits often emphasize adolescent cuteness, says Patrick St. Michel in The Atlantic. Keywords: Musicians: Girls Generation | KARA Other tags: Entertainment industry | Japan

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Chuseok Greetings

by Philip Gowman 12 September 2011
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Chuseok (추석), also known as Hangawi (한가위), is the Korean harvest festival, falling on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. A public holiday in Korea, it usually falls quite close to London’s Thames Festival. This year, it’s today, 12th September. It’s a time when the roads out of Seoul turn into car parks, […]

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Kara in Hanbok

by Philip Gowman 18 August 2011
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I hate to say it, but I think Kara look better in the dangling-braces outfits they wore for their “Mister” routine than in these strange hanbok creations http://t.co/zGD38d8 # Keywords: Musicians: KARA Other tags: Hanbok

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Kara’s Mister – infuriatingly catchy

by Philip Gowman 7 January 2011
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Good news, bad news. First the bad: I can’t get Kara’s “Mister” out of my head. And the good: I can’t get the dance out of my head either. # Keywords: Musicians: KARA

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The London Korean Links Awards 2010

by Philip Gowman 31 December 2010
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LKL’s fifth unscientific selection of people and events who have made 2010. Personality of the Year No question about this: Kim Yu-na. Olympic champion, 5th-highest earning female sportsperson globally, ambassador for everything from the G20 to the Catholic Church. I’m sure if she ran for president she’d get elected. Albums of the Year Four LKL […]

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Lampard lampooned in Kara video

by Philip Gowman 9 January 2010
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Frank Lampard scores chart-topping single in South Korea, says the Daily Star http://bit.ly/6nmuPb. Can anyone find it? 12:03 AM Jan 9th from bit.ly JamesTurnbull: @lklinks Try here http://ow.ly/Updr 12:07 AM Jan 9th from HootSuite in reply to lklinks @JamesTurnbull Thanks for the link James – but they’ve already taken the video down 🙁 12:12 AM […]

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