Hyelim Kim reviewed in Songlines magazine

Congratulations to Hyelim Kim for receiving a four-star review from Songlines magazine (Jan / Feb 2014 edition) for her debut CD, Nim: Taegum Collection. The disk, released in 2013 at a concert at the Royal Asiatic Society, contains many of the pieces she has been performing in London over the past year or two, from […]

The London Korean Links Awards 2013

Now in its eighth year, here are the LKL Awards 2013. The year has been both good and bad from LKL’s perspective. Good because there seem to have been more events, more books, more films and more music than ever before as Korean culture gets more and more public attention. And bad because our day […]

Jihoon Kim Lunchtime recital at the Royal Opera House

Coming up on Monday 9 December, a programme of classical Korean works selected by Korean Jette Parker Principal Jihoon Kim, to be performed with piano, traditional Korean instruments and a Samulnori percussion group. Check out the Classical Iconoclast for a detailed preview of what to expect. At the Paul Hamlyn Hall, Royal Opera House Covent […]

Pochagi – A Tapestry of Korean Sounds

June is turning in to quite a month for Korean music. To warm us up for the big K-music festival later in the month, Hyelim Kim (SOAS) performs with the Yin Yang Collective and launches her CD at the Royal Asiatic Society on 6 June: Pochagi – A Tapestry of Korean Sounds Yin Yang Collective […]

Concert notes: Scattered Rhythms

I’m not quite sure what I was expecting from the Jazz / Gugak collaboration involving Australian jazz drummer Simon Barker on 11 April 2011, but I certainly wasn’t expecting a long drum solo. Companions was probably the virtuoso highlight of the evening, a drum solo in which Simon Barker managed to convey the sounds of […]