A review of the London Korean Year 2010

LKL tries to sum up the London Korean cultural year. Live music Possibly the most disappointing thing about 2010 has been the number of top-flight Korean musicians who have been passing through London but not stopping to do a sensible gig there. Biuret played at a private industry showcase before heading off to Southampton – […]

LKL Critics’ Choice 2010: Philip

This is the year that Korean music has really started to appear on iTunes, making it a lot more accessible. It’s also a year which has seen a continued emphasis on girl bands, with the Wonder Girls keeping a foothold in the US and Girls Generation and Kara slugging it out in Japan. Some of […]

CD review: Nah Youn Sun – Same Girl

Nah Youn Sun: Same Girl ACT, September 2010 Nah Youn Sun returns with her second Western album. Her first, Voyage, was LKL’s editor’s choice for album of the year 2008 and so this follow-up release comes hotly anticipated. It does not disappoint. The opening track of the album, My Favourite Things, is often one of […]

A meeting with Nah Youn Sun

It’s always nice when a singer you’ve been following for ages gets some well-deserved recognition. It’s even better, if you get the chance to interview her, when you find out that as well has having oodles of talent she’s a really nice person as well. Nah Youn Sun comes across as self-effacing on stage – […]

Nah Youn Sun wins new supporters in London

Nah Youn Sun was such a pleasure to interview – and the gig was rather good as well #. Deservedly, she gets rave review in the Financial Times http://bit.ly/aJYQoD #. LKL’s first review for LondonJazz is now posted. We’re now branching out into Swedish jazz (Dan Berglund’s Tonbruket), thanks to Nah Youn Sun, who opened […]

Event news: Nah Youn Sun returns to London

For me, 2009’s live performance of the year was Nah Youn Sun’s spell-binding gig in the Vortex with Swedish guitarist Ulf Wakenius. It drew a rave review from one of London’s top 10 blogs, London Jazz (“sheer magic” said its blogmeister, now jazz blogger for the Daily Telegraph, Sebastian Scotney) For those who didn’t manage […]

Youn Sun Nan [sic] on BBC World Service

While in London at the beginning of the week for the UK leg of her world tour, Youn Sun Nah found time to pop into the BBC World Service studio to meet Mark Coles of the Arts programme The Strand. Coles’s researcher had done some of the background work, having read the relevant press materials […]

Time Out previews Youn Sun Nah

Time Out provides the following encouragement to come along to The Vortex this Sunday evening: Korean jazz singer YSN may be a new name on these shores, but she’s already clocked up six albums; her latest, “Voyage” released on prestigious German label, ACT. Here with leading Swedish guitarist Wakenius, she lets the full range of […]

Recent music award winners

March was a month in which a couple of music awards were announced. The awards which appeared from nowhere were AVIMA, the Asian Voice Independent Music Awards. And recognising the impact of Indieful ROK, its mastermind Anna Lindgren was one of the international judges of the awards. Anna was nice enough to mention her LKL […]

My May is Made: Nah Youn Sun comes to London

The event that I’d been hoping would happen for a very long time is actually going to happen. Nah Youn Sun, the Korean-born Jazz singer who’s based in France, is going to be performing in London. And she has promised LKL an interview. Regular readers will know that LKL rates Nah highly – her 5th […]