Saharial meets with the members of Noridan, the unexpected stars of the Dano Festival. Before going to the Dano festival in Trafalgar Square this year, the highlight for me was going to see the Yoon Band play again and feel thoroughly spoiled for having the opportunity twice. Much to my surprise, I actually found that […]


Sun, percussion, and yang energy

by Jennifer Barclay 11 June 2008
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Jennifer Barclay celebrates her first anniversary with LKL with her report from the second Dano Korean Summer Festival The sound of percussion crept around Trafalgar Square as a strange vehicle circled the fountains and wheeled into view: a tall Mad Max-style contraption with coloured flags waving from poles, people dressed in black and orange hanging […]

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More photos from the Square

by Jennifer Barclay 9 June 2008
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Here’s a selection of Jennifer Barclay’s pics. Jennifer’s article will be up soon. Keywords: Event tags: Dano 2008 Musicians: Noridan

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Photos from Trafalgar Square

by Philip Gowman 8 June 2008
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I seem to have mislaid my camera, and am therefore dependent on my phone for pictures at the moment. Hence the snaps I took in Trafalgar Square this afternoon are very poor. Please feel free to send in any photos you’re particularly proud of (my email address is philip at this website’s URL), or upload […]

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