Super Junior

It seems that following Big Bang’s performances in Wembley Arena last year the K-pop promoters have gained confidence that there is a market in London for the big groups. So here comes one of the most established ones, on 9 November. Super Junior – Super Show 5 World Tour 9 November, Wembley Arena, 8pm £56 […]


Saharial’s Entertainment Weekly: it’s going to be one of those years…

by Saharial 17 March 2013
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It’s going to be one of those years. If you hadn’t already guessed from the propofol and Park Shi Hoo case, the rather dirty side of K-pop and celebrity has started to show itself. The propofol investigation has almost reached its conclusion. Still limited to four celebrities, Hyun Young, who had it administered 42 times, […]

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A last look back at 2010

by Philip Gowman 23 January 2011
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We’ve digested the albums, films, sporting events and books of the year, and reviewed some of the memorable stories of 2010 in our Quiz of the Year. Here are some of the other things we noted in 2010 which didn’t quite make it into any of those articles. 2010: a year of anniversaries It was […]

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Deadly Elves and other recent tabloid stories

by Philip Gowman 28 August 2007
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It’s a while since I did a round-up of celebrity news, which means that I’ve almost forgotten all the things I was going to mention, and lost most of the links that I was going to use. So before things get completely out of hand, here’s one of my not-so-regular posts shamelessly plundering the celebrity […]

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Cute videos featuring brotherly love

by Philip Gowman 13 August 2007

I couldn’t resist posting these videos. Read the Party Pooper’s commentary on them here, with links to more SuJu vids. First, Super Junior – stranded on the road to Busan, only 21 dollars between them, and having to share a room for the night. Sweet. And now TVXQ / DBSK Read Rowan Pease’s commentary on […]

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July statistics and site updates

by Philip Gowman 9 August 2007

Traffic Not much changes month on month now. Whatever set of statistics you look at, my growth period seems to have come to an end. Just as well given the problem reported last month regarding my using too much CPU. The site isn’t taken offline quite so frequently any more, but maybe that’s just because […]

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Super Junior T: Rokkuko

by Philip Gowman 30 April 2007
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(Released February 2007) Every now and then in my somewhat random purchases of Korean pop music I hit upon a gem. By the law of averages, every now and then I have to come across a dud. This is one of them. I’ve started investigating Trot, and perversely thought I’d start with its latest reincarnation […]

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Trot makes a comeback

by Philip Gowman 21 February 2007

To be perfectly accurate, I don’t think Trot ever really went away. Rather, like many trends in popular culture, its fanbase was getting older and there would come a point when no-one was listening to it any more. But when Trot compilations are selling millions through street vendors (see chapter 7 of Keith Howard’s book), […]

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Korea’s cute and funky cultural exports

by Philip Gowman 22 December 2006
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Chatham House Korea Discussion Group China’s ‘Korea Wave’: National Branding, Piracy, Idols and Fans Speaker: Dr Rowan Pease, 6 December 2006, 1:15pm If ever you get the chance to hear Rowan Pease talk on her chosen subject of the hallyu in China, drop everything and go to it. Even if you’ve heard some of her […]

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