Mark James Russell: K-POP Now! – The Korean music revolution Tuttle Publishing, 2014, 128pp If the only thing you know about K-pop is Gangnam Style, this book is for you. And even for someone who knows a bit about the subject, this is a handy book to browse. For me, as an occasional lurker and […]

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TVXQ’s “slave contract”

by Philip Gowman 4 November 2009
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“K-pop fandom going batshit crazy today,” says @suzyinseoul. “Will someone tell me what's going on with TVXQ and SM?” Source: AllKPop and, for background, Korea Times # Keywords: Musicians: TVXQ Other tags: Entertainment industry

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According to Gallup, my favourite singer should be Jang Yoon Jeong

by Philip Gowman 8 January 2009
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A summary of a recent poll about Korea’s favourite musicians. Youngsters prefer the Wonder Girls, oldsters like the Trot singers.

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Album review: Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ) #4 — Mirotic

by Jo Wakely 30 October 2008
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(SM Entertainment, September 2008) Review by Jo Wakely After one year and seven months TVXQ’s eagerly awaited 4th Korean album is finally here. The release date was put back by two days because of pre-sales in the region of 330,000. How SME failed to realise that there would be a rush on this long-awaited album […]

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Cute videos featuring brotherly love

by Philip Gowman 13 August 2007

I couldn’t resist posting these videos. Read the Party Pooper’s commentary on them here, with links to more SuJu vids. First, Super Junior – stranded on the road to Busan, only 21 dollars between them, and having to share a room for the night. Sweet. And now TVXQ / DBSK Read Rowan Pease’s commentary on […]

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