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Film review: Sona, the other myself

The third Asia House Pan-Asian Film Festival offered the opportunity to see an unusual documentary. Yang Yonghi’s Sona, the other myself is a simple portrait of three generations of a family – an elderly ethnic Korean couple living with their daughter (Yang herself) in Osaka, and Yang’s three elder brothers and their children who live … [Read More]

Independent reviews The Tiger in Asian Art

Michael Glover in the Independent reviews the excellent Asia House exhibition: The Tiger in Asian Art, What intrigues most about this wonderful exhibition – and how sad that it has no catalogue, because its story is so rich and so much worth the telling – is that the tiger seldom looks really fearsome, even … [Read More]

Korean War: Memory and Legacy – at Asia House

The event originally scheduled for back in September is now taking place tomorrow, 1 December at Asia House. Korean War: Memory and Legacy, North and South Panellists include Daniel Levitsky and Michael Shin, chaired by Jim Hoare Wednesday 01 Dec, 2010 6:45 PM – 7:45 PM Location: Asia House Doors 18.30 The Korean war of … [Read More]

An evening with Changrae Lee

LKL reports from the evening with Korean American author Changrae Lee, chaired by Erica Wagner, as part of the Asia House Festival of Asian Literature, 24 May 2010. The Asia House Festival of Asian Literature, now in its fifth year, for the first time included Korean representation this year. With such a title, you might … [Read More]

Changrae Lee at Asia House

Some authors read their books aloud well. Others don’t. Unfortunately Changrae Lee reading a passage from The Surrendered didn’t make me want to rush out and buy it. # But it was nice to see Margaret Drabble turn up to listen to him at Asia House tonight. Quite a good turnout. # [Read More]

Brief review: Transreal at Asia House

The recent exhibition at Asia House, Transreal, presented two very different Korean artists side by side. There was a convenient area of overlap – both artists have produced mountain landscapes in red and white. But while one artist well-represented on these pages – Sea-hyun Lee – pursues his red landscapes with an almost obsessive single-mindedness, … [Read More]

Transreal: My Home Town at Asia House

A notice of the current show at Asia House, featuring two Korean painters. Exhibition Period: 29th September – 17th October 2009 Venue: Asia House, 63 New Cavendish, Street, London W1G 7LP [Map] Reception: 5th October, 6:30PM TransReal: My Home Town is a reaction, and an exploration of this reaction, towards the seemingly increasing acceptance of … [Read More]

Confucius from the Heart – Asia House

Yu Dan in conversation with Rosie Blau Thursday 23 Apr, 2009 6:45 PM – 7:45 PM Location: Asia House Doors 6.30pm Yu Dan, Professor of Media Studies at Beijing Normal University, is celebrated in China for a series of lectures on Confucius broadcast on China Central Television. Her highly personal interpretation of Confucian thought was … [Read More]

Celebrate Chuseok with the Anglo Korean Society

The Anglo-Korean Society celebrates Chuseok in an event at Asia House on Tuesday 16 September. Chuseok, or Harvest Moon Festival, is Korea’s main annual celebration and takes place on the 15th day of the Eighth Moon according to the lunar calendar. Usually described as a thanksgiving for a good harvest, its origins lie in ancient … [Read More]

Review: Korean traditional dance at Asia House

Peter Corbishley reports on last week’s dance event at Asia House Thanks to some unusual traffic your reviewer arrived late enough to get a front row seat for this unique performance of seven of eleven traditional Korean dances. ‘Exciting’, ‘beautiful’, ‘unexplored but most interesting’ were some of the words and phrases used to introduce this … [Read More]

Uncovering Wonderland

Review of the Asia House exhibition by Beccy Kennedy The multi-storey, multi-story exhibition of contemporary Korean art at Asia House, Through the Looking Glass, provides a multi-faceted Korean art experience, in terms of the media used and the themes approached by the artists. Independent curator, Jiyoon Lee, uses the looking glass as an audience-friendly metaphor … [Read More]