HADA’s seasonal group show: Homo Utopicus

HADA Contemporary takes us into the festive season with a celebratory group show featuring works by Min Jungyeon, Jeong Yunkyung, Kim Younghun, Han Jisoc, Park Seungmo and Kim Jiseon. Homo Utopicus Group Exhibition 5 December 2013 – 31 January 2014 www.hadacontemporary.com, 21 VYNER STREET | LONDON | E2 9DG Wednesday – Friday: 11am – 6pm, […]

Kim Minae’s playful disruptions, at HADA Contemporary

Kim Minae is best known for her puzzling structures: painstakingly constructed, they are concrete, purposeful-looking objects. But on second glance the objects clearly have no useful function. Thus, the strange skeletal telescope that was displayed at Futures Futures Future reflected your own eyeball back at you. In her group show at the National Museum of […]

Chung Heeseung and Je Baak at HADA Contemporary

New of HADA Contemporary’s exhibition for June and July: Chung Heeseung, Je Baak: Group exhibition 6 JUNE – 28 JULY 2013 HADA Contemporary | 21 Vyner Street | London | E2 9DG Wednesday – Friday: 11am – 6pm | Saturday – Sunday: 11am – 4pm www.hadacontemporary.com HADA Contemporary is please to showcase photographs and video […]

Keane’s 3rd Album: the Korean connection

A bit of trivia which I picked up when visiting HADA Contemporary’s current mini retrospective of Gwon Osang’s work. Gwon’s Deodorant Type series consists of 3-D sculptures made up of 2-D photographs of his models pasted on to a basic human form and then finished with high-gloss resin. It is the series of work for […]

Min Jungyeon solo show at Hada Contemporary

News of Hada Contemporary’s March exhibition: Min Jungyeon – Solo exhibition Hada Contemporary | 21 Vyner Street | London | E2 9DG info@hadacontemporary.com | www.hadacontemporary.com 7 – 31 MARCH 2013 HADA Contemporary is pleased to announce the first UK solo exhibition of Min Jungyeon. This exhibition showcases Min’s most recent paintings and drawings of her […]

Je Baak: Petitio Principii at HADA Vyner Street

News of HADA Contemporary’s latest exhibition: Je Baak : Petitio Principii HADA Contemporary 2 AUGUST – 28 SEPTEMBER 2012 HADA Contemporary is proud to present the first UK solo exhibition by South Korean multi-media artist, Je Baak. The focal point of Baak’s artistic endeavour is an engagement with the viewer and the spiritual practices of […]

Lee Kangwook: Invisible Space, at Asia House

HADA Contemporary has another collaboration with Asia House, finishing 11 August. Lee Kangwook: Invisible Space ASIA HOUSE 26 JULY – 11 AUGUST 2012 Asia House and Hada Contemporary are proud to present the first UK solo exhibition of Lee Kangwook, a South Korean artist well-known for his beautifully depicted infinite but finite ‘Invisible Spaces’. Lee […]