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ARTMS Moonshot world tour in London

“We rise together, back to the moon and beyond.” ARTMS is a project group under MODHAUS, consisting of HeeJin, HaSeul, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry. On May 31, 2024, the first full-length album DALL was released, and it surprised the global K-POP fans with its uniqueness and high level of musicality. Now ARTMS members are … [Read More]

Wonho: FAÇADE tour at the indigo2

Wonho, a true talent who needs no introduction. His powerful dance moves, sensational vocals and charisma that’s off the charts are witnessed by fans around the world. To date, his music as a solo artist has racked up well over 80 million views across multiple streaming platforms. Following his debut as an independent artist, Wonho … [Read More]