KSCPP Global Ambassador at the KCC

Next Wednesday, there will be an inaugural presentation by Trevor Krueger of ‘Global Ambassador‘ entitled “Promoting Cultures on a Global Scale”. After the presentation, there will be a talk by KSCPP introducing Korean culture, covering both the past and the present, and showing the link between the two in the minds of Koreans today. Traditional […]

The Life and Teachings of Master Wonhyo

The life of Master Wonhyo (617-686 A.D.) is a typical Korean paradox. He was a scholar who composed over 100 works on Buddhist philosophy, whose influence in scholarship and teaching was felt in China and other surrounding countries. He is acknowledged today as the foremost figure in the history of Korean Buddhism. And yet, many […]

Dynamic Korea event at the KCC

The Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project invite you to a special evening at the KCC on 23 February. Registration is required via their website here. Dynamic Korea In this hour long talk, followed by traditional Korean drinks and refreshments, we present a side of Korea that may well be unfamiliar to you. Alongside the […]

Innovative Korea – from past to present

The Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project present an evening introducing Korea’s long-standing innovation: Date: 18th November 2009 Time: 6.15 for 6.30 pm Location: Korean Cultural Centre UK Grand Buildings, Northumberland Avenue, London, WC2N 5BW Programme A short talk will precede three documentary films, covering three representative pieces of Korean culture, and a detailed overview […]

An oriental experience in Lancaster Gate

Not an organisation I’ve heard of before, because it’s new. The World Culture Association will be holding its inaugural event on 22 August. The association’s aims are To connect  individuals, groups and associations interested in sharing their cultures and networking with others To show  the best of  the World’s culture through performance, speech and film […]

The Shining Fortress part 1: its construction

by Matthew Jackson The official report by the advisors to UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee concluded that the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress “represents the pinnacle of 18th century military architecture, incorporating the best of that from Europe and from the Far East. As such it has a unique historical importance”. What makes Hwaseong special? Following the editor’s […]

A scientific look at ancient Korean art

Jennifer Barclay reports on the Anglo-Korean Society evening at the Korean Cultural Centre, 16 June 2009 Short documentaries on some of Korea’s ancient cultural artefacts were shown at the Korean Cultural Centre on 16 June, presented by members of the non-profit Korean Spirit and Cultural Promotion Project. Matthew Jackson and Hang-Jin Chang, who graduated together […]

AKS event: Exploring Korea’s Cultural Legacy

Notice of an event at the Korean Cultural Centre, put on by the Anglo Korean Society EXPLORING KOREA’S CULTURAL LEGACY FROM PAST TO PRESENT THURSDAY 16th JUNE 2009 6.15 pm for 6.30 pm KOREAN CULTURAL CENTRE UK Grand Buildings, 1 Northumberland Avenue, London WC2N 5EJ We would like to invite you to a delightful evening […]

Chongganbo – Sejong’s Musical Alphabet

By Matthew Jackson King Sejong is most famous for his invention of the Korean alphabet. His other achievements, in social and legal reform, science and art, are less well known. The Chongganbo (정간보), which could be regarded as a musical alphabet, is one such achievement. The five-line staff notation that we use in modern music […]

Making History Part 3 – Uigwe

By Matthew Jackson It occasioned the UNESCO inspectors no little surprise when they came to inspect the restoration of the Hwaseong fortress, in order to verify its resemblance to the original complex. They were shown an exhaustive eight volume report documenting its original construction, prepared at the time it was built around two hundred years […]

Making History: Part 1 – The Sillok

In the first of three articles, Matthew Jackson looks at the ways that the official history of the Joseon dynasty was written. At most Korean events I have been to, there has generally been a Korean studiously taking photographs throughout, for reasons that were not immediately obvious to me. I once asked, and was told […]