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K-pop UK National Competition 2023

The Kpop UK National Competition returns for its 5th year. Presented by KBCE and London KPop Dance Workshop (LoKo). Finalists from all over the UK will compete to win in our categories of Kpop Dance, Kpop Vocal, Freestyle Dance Battle and our newest category, Original Choreography. The winner of each category will receive £200 and … [Read More]

ESEA Culture Festival and Prelude for Harvest Festival 2023

The Korean British Cultural Exchange (KBCE) is celebrating the 7th Anniversary of the Kingston Korea Festival 2022 with the launch of the ESEA (East & Southeast Asian) culture festival. The ESEA community share the exact date for the Harvest Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, regardless of its name: Chuseok (Korea), Tsukimi (Japan), Tết … [Read More]

Korean Arts Festival at the Rose Theatre

Don’t miss this spectacular presentation of traditional Korean music and dance at the Rose Theatre Kingston on ㅣSaturday 4 September, 6pm. With one performance only, all proceeds are in support of Kingston Hospital. Diverse and rich, traditional Korean music and dance continues to evolve from the influence of ordinary people and takes the audience on an … [Read More]