Tate talk: The Networks of Nam June Paik

A talk to go with the Tate’s big Nam June Paik exhibition: The Networks of Nam June Paik Tuesday 29 October 2019, 18.30–20.00 Starr Cinema | Tate Modern | Bankside | London SE1 9TG Tickets £12 | £8 | Book tickets Hear a panel discussion exploring the influence of Nam June Paik The life and […]

Review: Embeddedness — The past, present and future of Korean experimental film

The series of three screenings of short experimental films at the Tate in September 2015 was a fascinating insight into an artform that is hardly mainstream. To someone not used to sitting in darkened rooms watching 16mm creations the experience was sometimes confusing, sometimes rewarding, but never less than interesting. And what brought the whole […]

Im Heung-soon: Jeju Prayer, Symptom and Sign

The most substantial work in the final session of experimental film screenings at the Tate in September 2015 was Im Heung-soon’s Sung Si (숭 시 – Jeju Symptom and Sign. 2011, HD Video, colour, sound, 24mins), a work which obliquely addresses the 4:3 incident and the Gangjeong naval base. The piece has been made into […]

Hyundai Motor celebrates 10 years in UK with London photo mosaic

To celebrate its 10th anniversary in the UK, Hyundai are sending their latest hydrogen fuel cell car in a journey to map The Knowledge in partnership with Ordnance Survey. On the way they are taking photos which will be combined together into a time-lapse video and a giant mosaic. Today’s Evening Standard has more details. […]

Embeddedness: synopses of the films shown

The following is the text from the programme for the series of three screenings of Korean artists’ films which took place at Tate Modern’s Starr Auditorium, 18-19 September 2015. Embeddednes: Artist Films and Videos from Korea, 1960s to Now 18 — 19 September 2015 Tate Modern, Starr Auditorium £5 / £4 per screening The first […]

Hyundai to support Tate Modern commissions and acquisitions

When you think of Korean arts sponsorship in the UK perhaps you think of Samsung (you can normally bet that a Korean video art show has some Samsung assistance) and Asiana (who support a lot of the KCC’s activities, particularly when it comes to travel). But now, don’t forget Hyundai. They already have a 10-year […]

Exhibition news: Sung Hwan Kim in the Tate Modern Tanks

Tate Modern, one of London’s most popular visitor attractions, has expanded its exhibition space by opening up some giant underground tanks which used to store oil when the building was still Bankside Power Station. ‘These underground chambers are simply extraordinary spaces,’ says the Guardian newspaper. To celebrate their opening, the Tate commissioned a new work […]