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Corbyn and LXX play the Lower Third

We at Seoul Therapy said the K RnB takeover would be something this winter so we got Corbyn and LXX just for you. From Corbyn’s pop-infused RnB, to LXX’s honest lyrics paired with lo-fi beats, the 28Laboratory artists will be tailoring their setlists to create an unforgettable evening with Seoul Therapy this February. Save the … [Read More]

K-music 2023: HAEPAARY

HAEPAARY is an alt-electronic duo that infuses a unique twist into traditional Korean ritual music, resulting in a distinct sound characterized as alternative techno, ambient, and dream pop. The band is composed of Hyewon as the instrumentalist and Minhee as the vocalist. With their artistic vision, they embark on a reinterpretation journey, breathing new life into … [Read More]