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London YG flashmob gets Korean media attention

Flashmobs don’t normally go on for an hour and a half, nor do they normally travel down to the London Eye and back filmed by most major Korean TV channels, nor do they dance, sing, wave banners and scream their enthusiasm for YG Family. This however is flash mobbing k-pop style and there are no … [Read More]

Official photos from the Dano festival

Justina Jang of the Korean Cultural Promotion Agency, the organisers of the Dano Festival in Trafalgar Square, has kindly sent me some of the official photos of the event, which I have now uploaded to Flickr. Some good photos of the very entertaining Noridan (above), some great crowd scenes which really convey the atmosphere of … [Read More]

Music at the 2008 Dano Festival in Trafalgar Square

Saharial wraps up on our coverage of the 2008 Dano Korea Summer Festival, and launches the LKL YouTube Channel with exclusive live video footage from her camera. Its now a week on from the Festival, but the memories still linger very happily. Of course, there was more going on than Noridan, with three musical sets … [Read More]

Imagination at play with Noridan

Saharial meets with the members of Noridan, the unexpected stars of the Dano Festival. Before going to the Dano festival in Trafalgar Square this year, the highlight for me was going to see the Yoon Band play again and feel thoroughly spoiled for having the opportunity twice. Much to my surprise, I actually found that … [Read More]

Sun, percussion, and yang energy

Jennifer Barclay celebrates her first anniversary with LKL with her report from the second Dano Korean Summer Festival The sound of percussion crept around Trafalgar Square as a strange vehicle circled the fountains and wheeled into view: a tall Mad Max-style contraption with coloured flags waving from poles, people dressed in black and orange hanging … [Read More]

The new ambassador’s first outing

Peter Corbishley adds to the appreciation of the day, and Noridan gets another vote Congratulations to Justina Jang on this year’s Dano festival, especially, especially the Noridan performance. The festival dropped a generation or two from last year. Tomi Kita was somewhat as his name suggests when pronounced – viz Tommy Guitar. Somewhat less of … [Read More]

Photos from Trafalgar Square

I seem to have mislaid my camera, and am therefore dependent on my phone for pictures at the moment. Hence the snaps I took in Trafalgar Square this afternoon are very poor. Please feel free to send in any photos you’re particularly proud of (my email address is philip at this website’s URL), or upload … [Read More]

Dano: the VIP messages

In all the excitement of the day, often the messages from the sponsors, both financial and political, can be overlooked. But it’s worth taking a look at the messages to put the day in context and consider it in the bigger picture of UK-Korea relations. “Opening” the Dano Festival was one of the first (if … [Read More]