Francesca Cho in Hommage à Whanki

If I ever win the Euromillions lotto, LKL Towers will be adorned with a Kim Whanki or two. But as that will never happen, I have to content myself with an occasional visit to the Whanki Museum in Buam-dong. This May, there is a special group show in the museum, which includes work by London […]

A visit to the Whanki Museum (환기 미술관)

The Korea Tourist Office website advises us that Kim Hwan-gi (1913-1974) (known internationally as Kim Whanki — and he signs his paintings just plain “Whanki”) “was Korea’s top artist of modernism”. It is therefore frustrating that when you go into the Tourist Information Offices in Insadong no-one has heard of him, still less of the […]