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KCC launches its Korean Literature Night series

You’ve all read Please Look After Mother by now. What did you think of what is probably the most successful piece of translated Korean fiction ever? If you haven’t read it already, the KCC is granting an amnesty, giving you the opportunity to read it and then discuss it with like-minded people afterwards. It’s part … [Read More]

Shin Kyung-sook on MAN shortlist

Congratulations to Shin Kyung-sook, whose Please Look After Mother (translated by Kim Chi-young) is shortlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize, announced yesterday: (Photo: Korea Herald) Update 8 March 2012: the title has also been included in the longlist for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2012 – an award established by the Independent newspaper … [Read More]

The unstoppable “Please Look After Mother”

Not so long ago people were complaining that the Korean literature available in English translation wasn’t reaching out to a modern audience. Yes, there was a fair amount available, the argument went, but much of it lamented Korea’s travails during the colonial period, or explored the han-laden traumas of national division. Not something of much … [Read More]

More buzz about Please Look After Mom / Mother

Please Look After Mom seems to be the latest hot translation. Amazon are already telling me I would like it. # I know which edition I’d buy Guess which translated Korean novel will be BBC Radio 4’s Book at Bedtime in early June. You only get one guess. @KTLit # KTLit: lol “mom?” lklinks: … [Read More]