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The LKL quiz of the year 2017

I’m currently going through my 2017 press cuttings and trying to make sense of them, in the hope that as in (some) previous years I’ll be able to pull together a series of posts summarising some of the most newsworthy stories of the year. In case I don’t manage to get that done (after all, … [Read More]

OB seem to be getting their money’s worth

Who knows how much Gordon Ramsay is getting paid to be brand ambassador for Oriental Brewery’s Cass lager. But he’s certainly getting their brand into the news, at least in the English language press, both in the UK and Korea. His current promotional tour to Korea, coinciding with his filming of an episode of Please Take … [Read More]

Alcohol advert ban for young celebrities?

The BBC picked up on a story in the Chosun Ilbo that celebs under 25 could be banned from leading teenagers astray by advertising booze. A bill proposing the clamp-down was passed by the National Assembly’s committee on health and welfare on 23 April. Reportedly prompted by Kim Yu-na’s Hite advertisements in 2012 (when she … [Read More]

PSY vs the generic K-pop girls

PSY has thrashed the lot of them when it comes to YouTube views. And now he’s up against KARA, SiSTAR and 4Minute in the Soju Wars. According to Koreabang, Jinro’s Chamiseul outsells Lotte’s Cheoeum Cheoreom by almost 3 to 1. PSY has now signed up to promote Jinro, while Hara, Hyolyn and HyunA have just … [Read More]

Arirang sells French Connection

“This is The Woman,” opens a new ad for French Connection. “The Woman of All Women.” The voiceover is rather reminiscent of British children’s TV programming from the 1960’s (Watch with Mother), albeit with a French accent. The footage is in black and white, adding to the slightly dated feel. And in the background, we … [Read More]

On glamorous advertising

Could you imagine hot Hollywood stars modeling for an air conditioner? Han Ye-seul & Song Seung-heon earn their fees. 11:35 PM Jan 9th from JamesTurnbull: @lklinks See what Londoner Bruce Haines says to understand why (is head of Korea’s largest ad agency, Cheil Worldwide) 11:47 PM Jan 9th from HootSuite in reply … [Read More]

Choi Jin-shil “failed to maintain dignity”

The late Choi Jin-shil, domestic violence and her advertising contract: The top court ruled that she caused damage to the [construction] company by “failing to keep her social and moral honor” and thus depreciating the brand image. Following Choi’s suicide last October, her two children ― one preschooler and the other primary schooler ― are … [Read More]

Grandpa as salesman

The Image of the Elderly in British and Korean Contemporary Advertising‏ Lecture by Dr. Hyunsun Yoon Korean Cultural Centre, 24th June 2008 Report by Saharial, with photo by Matthew Jackson This informative lecture by Dr. Hyunsun Yoon examined the way the elderly are represented in both British and Korean advertising. A growing demographic, the elderly … [Read More]