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New Kim on the block

Aashish Gadhvi introduces Kim Do-Heon, the new Korean star in the Premier League. After an impressive season, West Bromich Albion were great contenders to be beamed up Star Trek style to the Premiership, and by the end of the year they were crowned champions of a very tight, highly competitive Coca-Cola Football League. Whatever can … [Read More]

Im Sang Soo: Uncut

As part of the Tiger Asian film festival Im Sang Soo, director of socio-political films ‘The President’s Last Bang’, ‘A Good Lawyer’s Wife’ and ‘The Old Garden’, held a Q&A session on 30th May 2008 at the Korean Cultural Centre in London. There was a small but select feel to the gathering that took place … [Read More]

Dr Hyun-key Kim Hogarth: how to be an anthropologist of your own culture

Known to her neighbours in Kent as Kim Hogarth, Hyun-key left Korea in 1968 before she’d even learned to cook Korean food. Her CV says ‘Nationality: British’. But it’s her academic work on Korean shamanism that keeps her busy giving papers and publishing books. Jennifer Barclay met the social anthropologist in London to find out … [Read More]

A diplomatic career in Korea

Jennifer Barclay reports from the AKS Evening with Warwick Morris at the KCC Wednesday 7 May, 2008 Warwick Morris retired from the British Diplomatic Service in February 2008 after 38 years, 13 of which he and his wife spent in South Korea in three very different postings. Members and guests of the Anglo-Korean Society had … [Read More]

A meeting with The Invisible Fish

Anna Lindgren continues her series of interviews with interesting musicians When only a few days remained of 2006, Korea’s most distinguished indie folk duo said “goodbye” with the release of their second full album. We were many that didn’t quite want to believe it – of course there were other prominent folk acts, but nothing … [Read More]

The Return of the King

Aashish Gadhvi deconstructs the return of Park Ji-sung In case you don’t know, my birthday’s coming up, and what I want is a Man United shirt, with printed number 13, ‘J.S. Park’ on the back. The reason I ask is because the damn shirt doesn’t even exist in Manchester United’s Megastore in Old Trafford. Upon … [Read More]

Who’s who in the Korean blogosphere

LKL is now providing articles for The East, the monthly English-language East Asian business & culture newspaper published in London. LKL’s remit for The East is, for the moment, pretty much undefined, which means I can write whatever I like. And Editor Lee can reject it if he doesn’t like it. It’s an interesting discipline … [Read More]

Radio Pyongyang

Anna Lindgren explores some music from north of the DMZ Two years ago, I found myself browsing the homepage of Seattle-based label Sublime Frequencies. They offer some really interesting CDs and DVDs, but with my interest in most things related Korea the CD called “Radio Pyongyang: Commie Funk and Agit Pop from the Hermit Kingdom” … [Read More]

We are not Chinese! But do not miss JUMP!

JUMP! Yegam Theatre at Sadler’s Wells Peacock Theatre, till 10 May 2008 Winner ‘Comedy Award’ at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2006 Korean National Assembly ‘Grand Prize for Drama & Musical,’ 2006 BBC TV ‘The Royal Variety Performance,’ December 2006 Review by Grace Kim To start with what everyone already knows, it’s pretty much impossible not to … [Read More]

A meeting with Zitten

By Anna Lindgren In January, Korea’s premier indie label, Pastel Music, released a 5CD compilation to commemorate its 5th birthday. On those five CDs there are 71 songs in total. Needless to say there is plenty of good music on those CDs – I had expected as much when I pre-ordered it. What I did … [Read More]

Art for the People, Art by the People

Beccy Kennedy muses on an unnoticed exhibition at the Korean Cultural Centre: Korean Folk Painting on White Porcelain : Kim So Sun (30 January – 28 March 2008) There is another exhibition on at the new Korean Cultural Centre at the moment and it doesn’t involve vociferous video installations by trans-cultural 20th century big wigs. … [Read More]

Ruby Salon and the digital singles phenomenom

Anna Lindgren meets the people behind Ruby Salon I know I’m not alone in feeling frustration over the digital singles concept; artists releasing music only available through paid downloads – a not too uncommon way for Korean artists to get a few songs out before the next CD. Sure, in this day and age most … [Read More]

We Love Kim Soo Hee (she said)

Two of your regular LKL writers were so taken with Kim Soo Hee’s concert on 26 January that we both felt moved to write about it. Here’s Jennifer‘s take. Kim Soo Hee, we love you! Especially when you make that heart shape with your arms above your head and blow a kiss. Please come back … [Read More]

We Love Kim Soo Hee (he said)

Two of your regular LKL writers were so taken with Kim Soo Hee’s concert on 26 January that we both felt moved to write about it. Here’s Philip‘s take. “They turned up this afternoon and asked us where our sound system and lighting was,” confided the House Manager at St John’s Smith Square as I … [Read More]

LKL 2007 Quiz of the Year – the answers

Question 1: Corporate crooks and corruption Match the alleged quote with the appropriate chaebol The conglomorate had run a vast network that bribed government officials, prosecutors, tax collectors, journalists and scholars I don’t want to take a gamble on causing a crisis in the country’s economy The sentence of one year and six months is … [Read More]

Korean football in crisis?

Aashish Gadhvi has some issues to get off his chest about the state of Korean football. Its time to face facts, people. The golden generation is finished. The players are all overpaid, high-ego celebrities with more money than talent. The fans don’t get behind the team and no manager in their right mind would take … [Read More]