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Stop piercing my Seoul!

An alternative travel experience summary by Aashish Gadhvi My first trip to Korea was something I had been looking forward to and preparing for with great enthusiasm. Since my initial interest in Korean cinema/sports, I had become a fully-fledged Korean fanatic and digested all sorts of Korean goodies at every opportunity. So going to Korea … [Read More]

A meeting with My Hair Ball

By Anna Lindgren There’s this Korean music site,, where little known musicians share their work with the public in the form of free downloads. While browsing this site, every now and then one comes across a real gem – someone that makes music so fantastic it’s impossible to understand that no record company has … [Read More]

A North Korean coup, years in the planning

Prologue The North Korean flag stirred gently in the breeze in Pall Mall, the heart of London’s clubland, a few hundred yards from Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square. An elderly gentleman pottered up the steps to the Athenaeum. The blue and red flag caught his eye, but its significance did not register. A young woman … [Read More]

A meeting with MOT

The summer of 2004, MOT’s debut album, “non-linear”, was my soundtrack of choice. Three years later, MOT have finally released their second album, “Strange season”, and it’s hard to think of a better suited companion for this rainy summer. Amidst the band’s activities following this recent release, the two members took the time to answer … [Read More]

A meeting with Swimmin’ Fish

By Anna Lindgren There are few things I take a liking to as easily as catchy guitar driven music with female vocals, thus I took a liking to Swimmin’ Fish as soon as I heard them. Despite being busy in the studio, recording their first full length album, the band’s manager made sure that I … [Read More]

A meeting with Tearliner

By Anna Lindgren There’s a consensus among Korean indie music lovers that Pastel Music offers high quality music. One of the main reasons why this consensus arose is Tearliner. Thanks to orienkorean and his cousin I was able to make contact with Liner, who kindly agreed to answer my numerous questions on Tearliner and his … [Read More]

A meeting with Omega 3

By Anna Lindgren It’s been almost two years since they released their debut album and Omega 3 are now back, holding concerts again. As Alpha Beat has become one of my all time favourite albums, I was curious to learn what was going on. The band’s drummer, Choi Jae Hyuk, was kind enough to take … [Read More]

A meeting with itta

By Anna Lindgren While I’ve come across some more or less experimental Korean music over the years, nothing had prepared me for itta (있다). I was swept away by the 11th track on her first official album, “11”, and asked her to do an interview with me. Fortunately, she accepted. At 4 years of age, … [Read More]

A meeting with Bloody Cookie

By Anna Lindgren In 2005 I came across a band making music unlike anything I had previously heard coming out of South Korea: Bloody Cookie. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get an interview with Bloody Cookie’s lead vocalist, Binna (right). Some years ago, Binna decided she wanted to launch a girl … [Read More]

Korea’s cute and funky cultural exports

Chatham House Korea Discussion Group China’s ‘Korea Wave’: National Branding, Piracy, Idols and Fans Speaker: Dr Rowan Pease, 6 December 2006, 1:15pm If ever you get the chance to hear Rowan Pease talk on her chosen subject of the hallyu in China, drop everything and go to it. Even if you’ve heard some of her … [Read More]

Uncovering Wonderland

Review of the Asia House exhibition by Beccy Kennedy The multi-storey, multi-story exhibition of contemporary Korean art at Asia House, Through the Looking Glass, provides a multi-faceted Korean art experience, in terms of the media used and the themes approached by the artists. Independent curator, Jiyoon Lee, uses the looking glass as an audience-friendly metaphor … [Read More]

The magic straight perm

After receiving two requests from readers about Korean hairdressers in London who do hair straightening, I thought I’d do a bit of research. My first problem was this: why on earth would Koreans (and Japanese for that matter) want to develop complex mechanisms for straightening hair when their hair is straight anyway? The Chosun Ilbo … [Read More]