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Brighten up your hangeul typeface

Bored with the default hangeul font on your PC? The Korea Blog has a brief article on hangeul as compared with other scripts, explaining some of the difficulties with hangeul typography. But best of all, they provide a couple of links where you can download hangeul fonts for free: Naver’s Nanum font collection (4 varieties) … [Read More]

Dr Yeon’s introduction to Korean

Not only am I lucky enough to be studying Korean for free at the Korean Cultural Centre in London, but I managed to obtain a ticket to a special lecture (again free) on the Korean Language by Dr Jaehoon Yeon, Senior Reader in Korean Language and Literature, SOAS, on Wednesday, 27th October 2010. The Centre … [Read More]

A scientific look at ancient Korean art

Jennifer Barclay reports on the Anglo-Korean Society evening at the Korean Cultural Centre, 16 June 2009 Short documentaries on some of Korea’s ancient cultural artefacts were shown at the Korean Cultural Centre on 16 June, presented by members of the non-profit Korean Spirit and Cultural Promotion Project. Matthew Jackson and Hang-Jin Chang, who graduated together … [Read More]

AKS event: Exploring Korea’s Cultural Legacy

Notice of an event at the Korean Cultural Centre, put on by the Anglo Korean Society EXPLORING KOREA’S CULTURAL LEGACY FROM PAST TO PRESENT THURSDAY 16th JUNE 2009 6.15 pm for 6.30 pm KOREAN CULTURAL CENTRE UK Grand Buildings, 1 Northumberland Avenue, London WC2N 5EJ We would like to invite you to a delightful evening … [Read More]

A hangul writing competition

In celebration of their current exhibition Hangul=Spirit: Inspired by Korean Characters, the Korean Cultural Centre is organising a Hangul writing competition. The competition involves the writing of two much loved Korean poems: entry forms including the Hangeul writing paper can be downloaded from the KCC website ( The rules: Two Korean poems are to be … [Read More]

Hangul=Spirit: Inspired by Korean Characters

Notice of the upcoming show at the KCC. An Exhibition of Hangul featuring four very different Korean Artists ranging from Fashion to Typography AHN Sang-Soo, CHUN Kyung-Woo, KIM Jong-Won and LIE Sang-Bong 30th March 2009 ~ 16th May 2009 Centred around and inspired by the Korean writing system Hangul, the Korean Cultural Centre is pleased … [Read More]

An introduction to Hangeul – part 2

By Matthew Jackson. Despite the technical merits of Hangeul, it is hard to get beyond the fact that it is, after all, just a phonetic alphabet, albeit a unique one. As with other treasures of Korea, the real value of Hangeul lies in the story behind it. Its creator, King Sejong the Great, worked very … [Read More]

An introduction to Hangeul – part 1

By Matthew Jackson. I heard a few years ago there was a plan to make Hangeul1 Korea’s National Treasure No.1. Given that there are a number of candidates for this position, I was puzzled, although aware that Hangeul’s technical merits are not disputed in the world of linguistics. John Man, for example, in his book … [Read More]

The Han Style campaign

Realising that the Hallyu may not last for ever, and recognising that the best marketers do not stake the financial health of the company on just one product, the Culture and Tourism ministry earlier this year decided to diversify their product portfolio. Recognising that some of the key differentiating features of Korean culture are designated … [Read More]