Making and Sharing Kimchi Project: the 2019 Kimjang Festival

The culmination of many months’ preparation is here. Kimjang: Making and Sharing Kimchi is a project made possible by money raised by National Lottery players. It involves recording, archiving and distributing 20 authentic kimchi recipes and personal Kimjang experiences from North, South and Chinese-Korean residents, and hosting an annual Kimjang Festival on New Malden High […]

The Kimjang Project is officially launched

The Kimjang Project launched yesterday in New Malden with congratulatory messages from the Mayor of Kingston Thay Thayalan and the local MP Sir Ed Davey among others. The project celebrates the various aspects of kimjang, for example the communal character of kimchi-making and its health-giving properties. New Malden, sometimes known as New Mal-dong (뉴몰동), as […]

Kimjang gets a UNESCO listing

Kimjang, the making and sharing of kimchi in the Republic of Korea, was admitted to the UNESCO register of intangible cultural heritage on 5 December 2013. Note that, like the listing of Arirang, this pan-Korean cultural item has been registered by South Korea. Links: Kimjang page at UNESCO Update 13 December: The South China Morning […]

FLOTUS makes her own simple kimchi

You can hardly get a higher profile endorser of kimchi than Michelle Obama, who has tweeted a recipe made from napa cabbage in the White House garden. The full recipe is given below: Needless to say, the Korean press are loving it: Chosun Ilbo | Korea Times and many Korean-language sites besides.

Chinese upset in kimchi cabbage row

“The Koreans stole Dano from us, and now they’re stealing our cabbages,” say Chinese netizens, according to the Korea Times, following a report that the UN’s Codex Alimentarius Commission will decide to adopt the name “kimchi cabbage” as an international standard for the cabbage formerly known as “Chinese”.

Kie-jo Sarsfield’s kimchi recipe

Cabbage Kimchi (Baechoo Kimchi) Ingredients: 2 Korean (Chinese) Cabbage Korean Mooli (White Radish) or Mooli Korean Watercress (not English watercress) Spring Onions Korean Chili Powder (100g) Salted Anchovy Sauce (half cup) Salted Baby Shrimps (2 tbs) Sugar (1 tsp) Finely Chopped or Crushed Garlic (5 tbs) Finely Chopped Ginger (3 tbs) Sea Salt (100g) Water […]

Korean boffins develop space kimchi

What would we do without the Chosun Ilbo? In preparation for the journey into space of the first Korean astronaut in 2008, scientists are working on a way to make kimchi without having the little friendly bacteria turn into space aliens. The solution is gamma radiation, plus special packaging to ensure the red juice doesn’t […]