Interesting podcast by British conservationist Nial Moores, director of Birds Korea, about conservation in and around the DMZ (HT Michael Rank). On Talking Naturally. #. Nial goes birding on the islands near the Northern Limit Line and near the DMZ. Keywords: General post tags: Birds Korea | DMZ | Saemangeum


Exhibition Visit: Earth Alert – Environmental protest goes mainstream

by Philip Gowman 17 October 2009
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Over the past few years, environmentalists have been protesting about the massive land reclamation project at Saemangeum on the west coast of Korea. As well as being an environmental tragedy, it has also been a minor irritation in UK-ROK relations: prominent among the campaigners have been British naturalists protesting about the scheme’s impact on the […]

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Why are the Brits such pains?

by Philip Gowman 16 March 2009
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The Korean press thinks the FT and other British newspapers are negative about Korea.

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The London Korean Links Awards 2007

by Philip Gowman 31 December 2007
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Following the success of last year’s equivalent post here are the winners and losers of the second annual LKL Awards. Again, a personal and unscientific selection. Man of the Year Last year there was a clear winner: a man who had been in the press all year with little but positive coverage. This year started […]

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Saemangeum update

by Philip Gowman 14 May 2007

Birds Korea and the Australasian Wader Studies Group have just completed part of their monitoring programme of migrating birds at Saemangeum. A key conclusion: many Great Knot have been displaced by the Saemangeum reclamation, and have subsequently failed to stage through the remainder of the spring at either Gomso Bay or the Geum Estuary — […]

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British birdman fights for Korean environment

by Philip Gowman 13 October 2006

A recent article in the Hankyoreh, forwarded by Tom Coyner, highlighted another Korean environmental issue which I hadn’t come across before: the destruction of an important mudflat area at Saemangeum on the Byeonsan peninsula on the West of Korea in order to build – well, they’re not quite sure what. But reclaiming 99,000 acres of […]

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