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Tomi Kita – In Dreamz

in-dreamzReview by Saharial

Tomi Kita: In Dreamz
Pony Canyon Records, 2008

Having seen them perform at ‘The Peel’ and the Dano festival last year I succumbed to the temptation of buying the one album available at ‘In Dreamz’, released in February 2008, is Tomi Kita’s third album and consists of 14 tracks all composed and written by Tomi Kita, four of which are in English.

The first track to catch my attention was track 2: ‘Pyeol’ – Star. A really glorious rock ballad, its sung with a lot of feeling and is, if I remember rightly, the one sung at the Dano festival he mentioned was specifically from this album. Its definitely my favourite track! Of the other tracks – ‘Saranghamnida’ (I love you), is a low key, melancholy ballad included which doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the album style, but is nice nevertheless. Track 5 is also a ballad and features Yoon Do Hyun. With the English songs, (Lollipop, Circus, Awaken, Superstar), I found the style varied from growling menace in ‘superstar’ to light and catchy ‘Lollipop’ (below):

‘In Dreamz’ has an almost old style rock feel to it, with a touch of trip-hop and electronica, making it stand out a little from the multitude of pop acts. His style is perhaps explained by some of the musicians he rates: he claims to be a fan of Portishead as well as Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and Dido. Curious as to his original style, I tracked down ‘Life In Disguise’ – his first 5 track release and found the sound more rock guitar based and that ‘In Dreamz’ shows a good progression into a unique style.

Enjoy Pyeol below:


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