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Here is a list of current and upcoming events that have been posted to LKL, sorted by start date. Note that there may be a few events which haven’t made it onto the below list (I can’t keep up with all the language meetups, dance workshops and K-pop parties). If I know about them, you’ll find them included in our Google Calendar along with all the events listed below.

Where no hyperlink is provided for the event, that’s because we’re still assembling the detailed information for it. A link will follow once we’ve completed and published the relevant events post.

Current ongoing / recurring events
Lee Ufan: Relatum – Stage, in Kensington Gardens06 Feb - 29 Jul 2018
[Durham] The Hills are High: photography exhibition at Oriental Museum09 Feb - 09 Sep 2018
[York] Jukhee Kwon in Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition (External link)18 May - 30 Sep 2018
Lee Bul: Crashing, at Hayward Gallery30 May - 19 Aug 2018
[Birmingham] Mixrice: Migrating Flavours at Eastside Projects01 Jun - 21 Jul 2018
Jheon Soocheon: Space of Contemplation, at the KCC07 Jun - 21 Jul 2018
[Edinburgh] Korean Crafts at the Scottish Gallery04 Jul - 28 Jul 2018
Haegue Yang + Suki Seokyeong Kang at Liverpool Biennial14 Jul - 28 Oct 2018
New and upcoming events
Gray, Loco, Woo Won Jae, DJ Pumkin in LondonSat 21 Jul 2018
LKFF 2018 Teaser Screening #4: Claire’s CameraMon 23 Jul 2018
KCC July House Concert: Resonanz DuoTue 24 Jul 2018
July Literature Night: Kim Young-ha’s I Hear Your VoiceWed 25 Jul 2018
KCC Screening: The Sea KnowsThu 26 Jul 2018
Edinburgh Fringe showcase at Sadlers WellsFri 27 Jul 2018
Lee Bul In Depth (External link)Sat 28 Jul 2018
Seong-jin Cho plays Chopin in OxfordSun 29 Jul 2018
KCC Screening: A Woman JudgeThu 02 Aug 2018
Korean performers at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe03 Aug - 27 Aug 2018
KCC Exhibition: Hyen Jungyoon — Walking on Tiptoes06 Aug - 01 Sep 2018
KCC Screening: Barefooted YoungThu 09 Aug 2018
Documentary fortnight day 1: A Slice Room, Sanggyedong Olympics + 6 Day Struggle at Myeongdong CathedralSat 11 Aug 2018
Documentary fortnight day 2: Repatriation, conversation + roundtableSun 12 Aug 2018
KCC Screening: Mandala (External link) (Scheduled for 22 Jul)Thu 16 Aug 2018
Documentary fortnight day 3: SoseongriSat 18 Aug 2018
Documentary fortnight day 4: Jung Il-woo, My FriendSun 19 Aug 2018
KCC Screening: Black Republic (External link) (Scheduled for 25 Jul)Thu 23 Aug 2018
August literature night: Eun Hee-kyung’s Beauty Looks Down On Me (Scheduled for 29 Jul)Wed 29 Aug 2018
Serpentine Park Nights feature YaejiFri 07 Sep 2018
START Art Fair 2018 (External link)13 Sep - 16 Sep 2018
BKS Chuseok celebrationMon 17 Sep 2018
A Chuseok evening of North Korean cuisine (External link)Wed 26 Sep 2018
BTS “Love Yourself” World Tour in London09 Oct - 10 Oct 2018
BKS Annual reception in Houses of ParliamentThu 18 Oct 2018
[Birmingham] Orange Polar Bear, at Birmingham Repertory Theatre (External link) (Scheduled for 05 Sep)01 Nov - 10 Nov 2018

Let me know of any omissions via the contact form or by leaving a comment below.

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