Upcoming events

Here is a list of current and upcoming events that have been posted to LKL, sorted by start date. Note that there may be a few events which haven’t made it onto the below list (I can’t keep up with all the language meetups, dance workshops and K-pop parties). Most of the latter events are listed on Facebook, and you can find an aggregation of all UK Facebook-listed Korea-related events that we know about here. So a combination of the two lists should give you the complete picture. I try to post everything into our Google Calendar as well.

Where no hyperlink is provided for the event below, that’s because we’re still assembling the detailed information for it. A link will follow once we’ve completed and published the relevant events post. Updates to the list (which might be new events, or edits to events already posted) made in the last five days are flagged as *Recent*.

Current ongoing / recurring events
Round and Around: an Audio-Visual Project by Jang Minseung and Jung Jaeil27 Sep - 22 Oct 2021
Korea Day Festival and group exhibition in Coventry01 Oct - 31 Oct 2021
*Recent* Anicka Yi: In Love With The World, at Tate Modern12 Oct - 16 Jan 2022
New and upcoming events
London East Asia Film Festival (updated with screening times and ticket links)21 Oct - 31 Oct 2021
*Recent* KCC October House Concert (online): Rachel Hayoung Woo (violin), Jisu Song (viola), Heeyeon Chloe Cho (cello)Thu 21 Oct 2021
K-Music 2021: Sinnoi + Dongyang Gozupa22 Oct - 23 Oct 2021
*Recent* Translating “Squid Game” – online seminar series23 Oct - 13 Nov 2021
Seong-jin Cho returns to the WigmoreMon 25 Oct 2021
Lemon: Janet Hong in conversation with Phillip KimTue 26 Oct 2021
K-Music 2021: Black String & Nguyên LêThu 28 Oct 2021
*Recent* London Korean Film Festival 202104 Nov - 19 Nov 2021
*Recent* KCCUK End of Year Live ConcertFri 05 Nov 2021
K-Music 2021: Dal:um06 Nov - 08 Nov 2021
Young Jean Lee’s Straight White Men at the Southwark Playhouse10 Nov - 04 Dec 2021
K-Music 2021: Soojin Suh Coloris Trio & Camilla GeorgeWed 17 Nov 2021
Hallyu! The Korean Wave – at the V+A (opens Autumn 2022) (External link)24 Sep - 31 Dec 2022

Let me know of any omissions via the contact form below.