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The LKL Korea Book DataBase

The LKL Korea Book Database is a list of books we have or would like to have on our bookshelves: books we’re looking forward to reading in the future; books we wish we’d read in the past; and yes, books we know we ought to read but probably won’t. Of course, it also contains books we have actually read, and many of them we have reviewed as well.

The database contains the following (the items lower down the list are work in progress: links will follow when the section has critical mass):

These lists can only contain the books we know about. So if you’re aware of an upcoming book that we should be tracking, whether fiction or non-fiction, let us know about it. If it’s literature in translation, we’ll definitely add it. If it’s non-fiction, we’ll probably add it, but reserve the right to politely decline because hours in the day, and database space, are finite resources.