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Booklist: Poetry in translation

A listing of poetry in translation. The listing should be pretty much complete for publications post 1980. Details of translator can be got by clicking through to the relevant title below.

First, a listing of single-author collections, sorted alphabetically by author (in their English transliteration). The multi-author anthologies are lower down the page.

If you prefer a browsing experience with images of the book covers, you can find a listing of volumes of translated poets, sorted by publication date (with single author and multi-author publications in the same listing), here.

Poems by Ahn Do-Hyun (K-Poet 02), Asia Publishers, 2017
Feeling Never Stops (K-Poet 16), Asia Publishers, 2020
Poems by Ahn Sang-hak (K-Poet 05), Asia Publishers, 2018
Deep Work (K-Poet 11), Asia Publishers, 2020
Poems by Baek Seok (K-Poet 03), Asia Publishers, 2017
Poems of the North, Exile Press, 2018
The Red Years: Forbidden Poems from Inside North Korea, Zed Books, 2019
Back to Heaven: Selected Poems of Ch’on Sang Pyong, Cornell East Asia Series, 2010
Before Love Fades Away, Chang Shin, 1957
Where Clouds Pass By: Selected Poems of Cho Byung-Hwa, Chung-ang University, 1974
Shedding of the Petals, Cross Cultural Communications, 2019
For Nirvana: 108 Zen Sijo Poems, Columbia University Press, 2016
Far-Off Saint: poems of Cho O-hyun, Jain Publishing, 2010
Instances: Selected Poems, Parlor Press, 2011
Am I Not Your Sin (K-Poet 31), Asia Publishers, 2023
Flowers in the Toilet Bowl, Homa + Sekey, 2004
Portrait of a Suburbanite, Cornell East Asia Series, 2016
Distant Valleys, Asian Humanities Press, 1994
Nostalgia, Cross Cultural Communications, 2017
A Shijo Poet at the Court of King Sonjo, Kegan Paul Intl, 2005
Day-Shine, Cornell East Asia Series, 2010
Whisper of Splendor, Homa + Sekey, 2018
The Dream of Things: Selected Poems of Hyonjong Chong, Homa + Sekey, 2008
Black Flower in the Sky: Poems of a Korean Bridegroom in Hiroshima, University of Hawai'i Press, 2000
Eyes of Dew, White Pine Press, 2006
Forty Two Greens, Codhill Press, 2020
Evening of the Whale (K-Poet 07), Asia Publishers, 2019
No Flower Blooms Without Wavering, Seoul Selection, 2017
Everything Yearned For, Wisdom Publications, 2005
Love’s Silence and Other Poems, Ronsdale Press, 1985
Vision of a Phoenix, Cornell East Asia Series, 2003
Poems by Huh Sukyung (K-Poet 04), Asia Publishers, 2017
Wind Burial, St Andrews Press, 1990
Strong Winds at Mishi Pass, White Pine Press, 2001
Tiger Swallowtail (K-Poet 20), Asia Publishers, 2021
You Have Reached the End of the Future (K-Poet 24), Asia Publishers, 2021
Even Birds Leave the World, White Pine Press, 2006
Mu-ga: The Ritual Songs of the Korean Mudangs, Jain Publishing, 2003
A Boy Is Looking at the White Moon from a Classroom Under the Sea (K-Poet 17), Asia Publishers, 2020
Parting After Parting (K- Poet 34), Asia Publishers, 2023
Though flowers fall I have never forgotten you, Seoul Selection, 2016
A Letter Not Sent, Seoul Selection, 2016
I’ll Give You All My Promenade (K-Poet 29), Asia Publishers, 2022
We, Day by Day, White Pine Press, 2018
Bari’s Love Song, Parlor Press, 2019
Love Songs Sung with the Body, Asia Publishers, 2023
Re-evolution: Selected Poems by Kim Chi-ha, Jain Publishing, 2020
Heart’s Agony, White Pine Press, 1998
Cry of the People and Other Poems, Autumn Press, 1974
Gold Crowned Jesus and Other Writings, Orbis Books, 1978
The Snow Falling on Chagall’s Village, Cornell East Asia Series, 1998
Have You Been Feeling Blue These Days?, Noemi Press, 2019
Gas Light, Codhill Press, 2007
HappyLand (K-Poet 15), Asia Publishers, 2020
A Warm Family, Codhill Press, 2014
Poor Love Machine, Action Books, 2016
I’m OK, I’m Pig!, Bloodaxe, 2014
Sorrowtoothpaste Mirrorcream, Action Books, 2014
Autobiography of Death, New Directions, 2018
A Drink of Red Mirror, Action Books, 2019
Phantom Pain Wings, New Directions, 2023
Glory Hole, Seagull Books, 2022
Poems by Kim Hyun (K-Poet 06), Asia Publishers, 2018
Prayer: Poems of Kim Je-hyun, Jain Publishing, 2010
A Black Kite, University of Hawai'i Press, 2018
A Ghost Poet (K-Poet 09), Asia Publishers, 2019
An embroidery sampler (K-Poet 08), Asia Publishers, 2019
Beginning the End (K-Poet 21), Asia Publishers, 2021
Faint Shadows of Love, Forest Books, 1991
One Day, Then Another, White Pine Press, 2014
The Depths of a Clam, White Pine Press, 2006
Journey to Seoul, DapGae, 2006
Our Encounter: Selected Poems of Kyu-Hwa Kim, Homa + Sekey, 2011
I Am a Season That Does Not Exist in the World, Black Ocean, 2016
Butterfly Sleep, Tupelo Press, 2019
Whale and Vapor, Black Ocean, 2020
Beautiful and Useless, Black Ocean, 2020
Somewhere Far Away: Poems of Moon Hee Kim, Homa + Sekey, 2011
Selected Poems of Kim Namjo, Cornell East Asia Series, 1993
Rain, Sky, Wind, Port, Codhill Press, 2014
Liking in Silence, White Pine Press, 2019
Poverty Must Persist (K-Poet 32), Asia Publishers, 2023
Suicide Parasite (K-Poet 19), Asia Publishers, 2021
I Want to Hijack an Airplane, Homa + Sekey, 2004
Walking on the Washing Line, Cornell East Asia Series, 2010
Hope is Lonely, Arc Publications, 2020
Beating on Iron, Green Integer, 2017
Homo Maskus (K-Poet 18), Asia Publishers, 2020
Fugitive Dreams – Poems by Sowol Kim, Ronsdale Press, 1998
Selected Poems of Kim So Wol, Sung Moon Gak, 1959
Azaleas: A Book of Poems, Columbia University Press, 2007
If my tongue refuses to remain in my mouth, Autumn Hill, 2018
Until Peonies Bloom, Merwin Asia, 2010
Cheer Up, Femme Fatale, Action Books, 2016
Hysteria, Action Books, 2019
Virtual Reality, DapGae, 2005
What the Spider Said, Homa + Sekey, 2005
Grasshoppers’ Eyes, Parlor Press, 2017
ChaRyong’s Kiss, Bawoosol, 2011
Songs for Tomorrow: A Collection of Poems 1960-2002, Green Integer, 2010
The Three Way Tavern, University of California Press, 2006
The Sound of My Waves, Cornell East Asia Series, 1996
Beyond Self: 108 Korean Zen Poems, Parallax, 1997
Abiding Places, Korea South & North, Tupelo Press, 2006
What?: 108 ZEN Poems, Parallax, 2008
Ten Thousand Lives, Green Integer, 2006
Flowers of a Moment, BOA Editions, 2006
Traveler Maps, Tamal Vista, 2004
Maninbo: Peace & War, Bloodaxe, 2015
Ten Thousand Lives: Maninbo, Volumes 21–25, Green Integer, 2021
Poems by Ko Un (K-Poet 01), Asia Publishers, 2017
Himalaya Poems, Green Integer, 2011
First Person Sorrowful, Bloodaxe, 2012
A Korean Century: River and Fields, Forest Books, 1991
Even the Knots on Quince Trees Tell Tales, DapGae, 2004
Wastelands of Fire, Forest Books, 1989
Infant Splendor, Samseong Publishing, 1990
Eternity Today, Seoul Selection, 2005
Love and the Beginning (K-Poet 33), Asia Publishers, 2023
In a Seed: Poems of Hyang-Ah Lee, Homa + Sekey, 2014
Unexpected Vanilla, Tilted Axis, 2020
Non-matter (K-Poet 23), Asia Publishers, 2021
Rock Is Thunder (K-Poet 35), Asia Publishers, 2023
Request Line at Noon, Codhill Press, 2016
A New Season Approaching Devour It, Hawks, 2011
Ah, Mouthless Things, Green Integer, 2017
I Heard Life Calling Me, Cornell East Asia Series, 2010
Indeterminate Inflorescence, Sublunary, 2023
Patterns, Green Integer, 2015
Catcalling, Open Letter, 2021
Nearly All Happiness (K-Poet 27), Asia Publishers, 2022
Cave Boys (K-Poet 22), Asia Publishers, 2021
The Worm Poet, Jain Publishing, 2017
Cold Candies, Black Ocean, 2022
You Arrived in the Season of Perennial Summer (K-Poet 13), Asia Publishers, 2020
I Gave the Sun a Long Look (K-Poet 10), Asia Publishers, 2019
Grotesque Weather and Good People, Black Ocean, 2022
Wren’s Elegy, Larchwood, 1980
Pillar of Books, Black Ocean, 2021
Windflower, Hawks, 2004
I Must Be the Wind, White Pine Press, 2014
Woman on the Terrace, White Pine Press, 2007
Drawing Lines: Selected Poems of Moon Dok-su, Homa + Sekey, 2004
Thinking Less about Sad Things (K-Poet 26), Asia Publishers, 2022
The Growth of a Shadow, Autumn Hill, 2012
A Lion at Three in the Morning, Homa + Sekey, 2017
Night-Sky Checkerboard, Deep Vellum, 2016
Flowers Long for Stars, Tamal Vista, 2005
Enough to Say It’s Far: Selected Poems of Pak Chaesam, Princeton University Press, 2006
Selected Poems of Pak Mogwol, Asian Humanities Press, 1990
River of Life, River of Hope, Eastbridge, 2005
Following Birds (K-Poet 25), Asia Publishers, 2022
Sunrise over the East Sea, Homa + Sekey, 2006
A Morning with only Writing Left (K-Poet 28), Asia Publishers, 2022
SF-Consensus, Homa + Sekey, 2017
Sending the Ship Out to the Stars, Cornell East Asia Series, 2010
Dawn of Labor, University of Hawai'i Press, 2024
Shadows of the Void, Seoul Selection, 2014
Scale and Stairs, White Pine Press, 2009
Wild Apple, White Pine Press, 2015
What is Darkening, Jain Publishing, 2007
Fifteen Seconds without Sorrow, Parlor Press, 2016
Someone Always in the Corner of My Eye, White Pine Press, 2016
Invisible Mountains, Universal Press, 1994
Paper, Codhill Press, 2018
Encore (K-Poet 30), Asia Publishers, 2022
Farmers’ Dance, Cornell East Asia Series, 1999
A Love Song for the Earnest, Homa + Sekey, 2006
Concealed Words, Black Ocean, 2023
Unforgettable Things, Si-sa-yong-o-sa, 1986
Poems of a Wanderer, Dedalus Press, 1995
The Early Lyrics, 1941–1960, Cornell East Asia Series, 2011
I’ll write again tomorrow, Asia Publishers, 2023
Translucency: Selected Poems of Chankyung Sung, Homa + Sekey, 2010
We, At the End of the World (K-Poet 12), Asia Publishers, 2020
Singing Like a Cricket, Hooting Like an Owl, Cornell East Asia Series, 1995
Yi Sang: Selected Works, Wave Books, 2020
The World’s Lightest Motorcycle, Zephyr Press, 2021
There Remain Words to Say, Ohio State University, 2011
As I Walk Alone, Merwin Asia, 2020
Blue Stallion: Poems of Yu Chi-whan, Homa + Sekey, 2011
The Society for Studies in Matryoshka and Basting Pins (K-Poet 14), Asia Publishers, 2020
The Book of Corrections: Reflections on the National Crisis During the Japanese Invasion of Korea, 1592-1598, Univ of California Berkeley Institute of East Asian Studies, 2002
Counting the Stars at Night: The Complete Works in Verse and Prose, Wipf and Stock, 2022
Sky, Wind and Stars, Jain Publishing, 2003

And now the Anthologies, most recent first:

Jieun Kiaer, Anna Yates-Lu, Mattho ManderslootOn Translating Modern Korean Poetry, Routledge, 2021
Peter H LeePoems from Korea: From the Earliest Era to the Present, Routledge, 2019
Emily Jungmin YoonAgainst Healing: Nine Korean Poets, Tilted Axis, 2019
John LieZainichi Literature, Univ of California Berkeley Institute of East Asian Studies, 2018
Richard MayerOn an Autumn Night: Classical Korean Poetry, Independently published, 2018
North Korean Writers in Exile PEN CenterNorth Korean Writers in Exile PEN Literature (VOLUME Book 4), PEN Center, 2017
Jiyoon Lee, Don Mee Choi, Jake Levine and Johannes GöranssonPoems of Kim Yideum, Kim Haengsook + Kim Min Jeong, Vagabond Press, 2017
Brother Anthony of Taizé and Chung Eun-GwiThe Colors of Dawn: Twentieth-Century Korean Poetry, University of Hawai'i Press, 2016
Kevin O'RourkeThe Book Of Korean Poetry: Choson Dynasty, Stallion Press, 2014
Sung-Il LeeThe Crane in the Clouds: Shijo: Korean Classical Poems in the Vernacular, Homa + Sekey, 2013
Sung-Il LeeThe Brush and the Sword: Kasa, Korean Classical Poems in Prose, Cross Cultural Communications, 2009
Don Mee ChoiAnxiety of Words: Contemporary Poetry by Korean Women, Zephyr Press, 2006
Kevin O'RourkeThe Book of Korean Poetry: Songs of Shilla and Koryo, University of Iowa Press, 2006
Words Without BordersLiterature from the “Axis of Evil”, The New Press, 2006
Won-Chung Kim and Christopher MerrillBecause of the Rain: A Selection of Korean Zen Poems, White Pine Press, 2006
Peter H LeeEchoing Song: Contemporary Korean Women Poets, White Pine Press, 2006
Won-Chung KimCracking the Shell: Three Korean Ecopoets, Homa + Sekey, 2005
Harold Hakwon SunooLife and Poems of Three Koreans: Kim Chi-Ha, Ko Un, Yang Song-Oo, XLibris, 2005
David McCannThe Columbia Anthology of Modern Korean Poetry, Columbia University Press, 2004
Kevin O'RourkeA Hundred Love Poems from Old Korea, Global Oriental, 2003
Peter H. LeeThe Columbia Anthology of Traditional Korean Poetry, Columbia University Press, 2002
Kim Jong-gilAmong the Flowering Reeds: An Anthology of Classic Korean Poetry Written in Chinese, White Pine Press, 2002
Jaihiun KimMeditative Poems by Korean Monks, Jain Publishing, 2002
Suh Ji-moonBrother Enemy: Poems of the Korean War, White Pine Press, 2002
James Kimbrell, Yu Jung-yulThree Poets of Modern Korea: Yi Sang, Hahm Dong-seon, and Choi Young-mi, Sarabande Books, 2002
Kevin O'RourkeThe Book of Korean Shijo, Harvard University Press, 2002
Ko WonVoices in Diversity: Poets from Postwar Korea, Cross Cultural Communications, 2001
Brother Anthony of Taizé, Kim Young-mooVariations: Three Korean Poets, Cornell East Asia Series, 2001
David R. McCannEarly Korean Literature: Selections and Introductions, Columbia University Press, 2000
Kevin O'RourkeLooking for the Cow: Modern Korean Poetry, Dedalus Press, 1999
Richard Rutt (Editor) David McCann (Foreword)The Bamboo Grove: An Introduction to Sijo, University of Michigan Press, 1998
Sung-il LeeThe Moonlit Pond: Korean Classical Poems in Chinese, Copper Canyon, 1998
Jaihiun Kim, Robert HatchModern Korean Verse in Sijo Form, Ronsdale Press, 1997
Wolhee Choe, Constantine ContogenisSongs of the Kisaeng, BOA Editions, 1997
Jaihiun KimClassical Korean Poetry, Jain Publishing, 1994
Jaihiun KimModern Korean Poetry, Jain Publishing, 1994
Jaihiun KimContemporary Korean Poetry, Mosaic, 1994
Kevin O'RourkeTilting the jar, spilling the moon: poems from Koryo, Choson and contemporary Korea, Dedalus Press, 1993
Peter H LeePine River and Lone Peak: An Anthology of Three Choson Dynasty Poets, University of Hawai'i Press, 1991
Lee Sung-IlThe Wind and the Waves: Four Modern Korean Poets, Asian Humanities Press, 1989
Chung Chong-whaKorean Classical Literature: An Anthology, Kegan Paul Intl, 1989
Centre for Research in the New Literatures in EnglishThe Green Prodigals: Contemporary Stories and Poems from Korea, Adelaide CRNLE, 1989
Kim Jong-gilSlow Chrysanthemums: Classical Korean Poems in Chinese, Anvil Press, 1987
Chung Chong-whaThe Anthology of modern Korean poetry, East West, 1986
Chung Chong-whaLove in mid-winter night: Korean sijo poetry, Kegan Paul Intl, 1985
Jaihiun Joyce KimThe contemporary Korean poets: Korean poetry since 1920, Larchwood, 1980
David R McCannBlack Crane: An Anthology of Korean Literature, Cornell East Asia Series, 1977
Peter H LeePoems from Korea: A historical anthology, University of Hawai'i Press, 1974
Peter H LeeAnthology of Korean Poetry from the Earliest Era to the Present, John Day, 1964
Peter HyunVoices of the Dawn, John Murray, 1960
Pyun Yung-taiSongs from Korea, Y.T. Pyun, 1936
Joan S GrigsbyThe Orchid Door, J L Thompson, 1935

If you are aware of major omissions in the above list, let me know via the contact form below.