Shedding of the Petals

From the description in Amazon This is a bilingual (Korean-English) poetry collection by Cho Jihoon, translated and introduced by Sung-Il Lee with two poems translated by Insoo Lee. Edited by Stanley H. Barken. This volume will timely commemorate the centennial of the birth of a twentieth-century Korean poet, Cho Jihoon (1920-1968). The poet’s perceptions of […]

For Nirvana: 108 Zen Sijo Poems

From the publisher’s website: For Nirvana features exceptional examples of the poet Cho Oh-Hyun’s award-winning work. Cho Oh-Hyun was born in Miryang, South Gyeongsang Province, Korea, and has lived in retreat in the mountains since becoming a novice monk at the age of seven. Writing under the Buddhist name Musan, he has composed hundreds of poems […]

Early Korean Literature: Selections and Introductions

From the publisher’s website: Preeminent scholar and translator David R. McCann presents an anthology of his own translations of works ranging across the major genres and authors of Korean writing—stories, legends, poems, historical vignettes, and other works—and a set of critical essays on major themes. A brief history of traditional Korean literature orients the reader […]

Fugitive Dreams – Poems by Sowol Kim

From the publisher’s website: With the appearance of this English translation, Western readers will for the first time be able to appreciate the poetry of Korea’s most revered and popular modern poet. Born at the beginning of the twentieth century, Sowol Kim was the first poet to introduce the Korean vernacular into poetry. His verse […]

On Translating Modern Korean Poetry

From the publisher’s website: On Translating Modern Korean Poetry is a research monograph exploring the intricacies and complexities of translating modern Korean poetry. This monograph highlights the difficulties entailed in translating Korean poetry, due to the lexical, structural, social, expressive and attitudinal levels with which the translator must be engaged. Featuring all-new translations, this book explores […]

Seeking Order in a Tumultuous Age: The Writings of Chŏng Tojŏn, a Korean Neo-Confucian

From the publisher’s website: Chŏng Tojŏn, one of the most influential thinkers in Korean history, played a leading role in the establishment of the Chosŏn dynasty (1392–1910). Long recognized for his contributions to the development of Neo-Confucianism in Korea, Chŏng was both a prodigious writer and an influential statesman before being murdered in a political […]

Re-evolution: Selected Poems by Kim Chi-ha

From the publisher’s website: Kim Chi-ha is widely regarded as one of the greatest poets and thinkers in modern Korean history. Throughout the 1970s, as a symbol of the ‘resistance’ movement against the Park Chung-hee dictatorship, he was forced to live a life of fleeing, wandering, imprisonment and torture, leading up to a death sentence. […]

Prayer: Poems of Kim Je-hyun

From the publisher’s website: Kim Jehyun, a sijo poet, was born in 1939 in the city of Jangheung in Korea’s Southern Cholla Province. After graduating from Hongik University, he has devoted himself to poetry with an emphasis in the sijo. He first received notice at Chosun Ilbo’s 1960 Spring Literary Contest. Kim’s first collection of […]

Far-Off Saint: poems of Cho O-hyun

From the publisher’s website: Cho O-hyun, a Buddhist monk and poet, was born in 1932. He became a Buddhist monk in 1958, and started his literacy career in 1966. He has become one of the prominent figures in the literary world and has been awarded several prestigious prizes in Korea. Currently, he is the director […]

Literature from the “Axis of Evil”

From the publisher’s website: “The governments might be considered quote unquote the enemy, but definitely not the people. These stories and poems offer an alternate view, which is very different from the politicized and polarized view of these nations.” —Azar Nafisi, author of Reading Lolita in Tehran Subject of a full-length segment on Morning Edition […]

Zainichi Literature

From the publisher’s website: This collection of translated works highlights a selection of writings in translation by Zainichi (diasporic Koreans in Japan). The introduction provides an historical overview of Zainichi diasporic identity; the concluding appendix considers the figure of Kin Kakuei and the flourishing Zainichi literature in the 1960s. Authors whose works are translated and […]

Homo Maskus (K-Poet 18)

From the listing at Interpark: The year that started with masks is ending with masks. How often have I left my mask behind and had to go back for it? Looking back, it’s all my fault. The past days of heedless living are observing my behavior closely today. (Poet’s Note) The poems of things that […]

A Boy Is Looking at the White Moon from a Classroom Under the Sea (K-Poet 17)

From the Interpark website: I feel that that I am writing poems seriously. For that, I am indebted to the late Seoung Chan-gyeong (1930-2013), who wrote poems more seriously than I. He was a disciple of beauty and also never stopped searching for the truth. I feel that I belong to a different world than […]

Selected Poems of Kim So Wol

Available from LTI Korea. No further information available

Before Love Fades Away

No further information available. But I am surprised to find that, according to WorldCat, there is a copy in a public library within a mile or two of LKL Towers.