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Indeterminate Inflorescence [forthcoming]

Joining the lineup for 2023, we are thrilled to announce our first project with translator Anton Hur. INDETERMINATE INFLORESCENCE is a collection of aphorisms on poetry-writing by the South Korean poet Lee Seong-bok, assembled by his students from his lectures. The aphorisms are small poems in their own right, and their cumulative force is to … [Read More]

Cold Candies

Cold Candies encapsulate the saccharine strangeness of a woman’s life. Fragments of narratives about girls, dolls, sisters, mothers, men, lizards, the moon, and pillows are brought together into otherworldly images that are devastating, yet familiar. Lee Young-ju is one of South Korea’s most original minds, and this collection, curated and translated by National Endowment of … [Read More]

Cave Boys (K-Poet 22)

K-Poet series that meets both Korean and English at the same time. Poet Lee Seol-ya’s 『Cave Boys』 was published as the 22nd collection of poems. From his first collection of poems, We Decided to Get Darker, the poet’s poetry clock, who dictated the voices of the marginalized and the suffering, and never neglected to listen … [Read More]

Beginning the End (K-Poet 21)

Poet Kim Keun’s 『Beginning the End』 was published as the 21st collection of K-poet poems in Korean and English. Poet Kim Keun’s new poetry collection, who debuted in 1998 and published poems such as 『Bam Boy’s Outing』, 『See you at the Cloud Theater』 and 『When you wash your face in the dark』, is divided into … [Read More]

On Translating Modern Korean Poetry

From the publisher’s website: On Translating Modern Korean Poetry is a research monograph exploring the intricacies and complexities of translating modern Korean poetry. This monograph highlights the difficulties entailed in translating Korean poetry, due to the lexical, structural, social, expressive and attitudinal levels with which the translator must be engaged. Featuring all-new translations, this book explores … [Read More]

The World’s Lightest Motorcycle

Yi Won confronts a wired, technological world, often in the mirror, in these inventive, daring and subversive poems. A successor to Korean feminist poets like Kim Hyesoon, Yi Won frequently writes about the perilousness of maintaining one’s human identity in a high-tech, digital environment. In this debut book in English, her poems range from avant-garde prose … [Read More]

Pillar of Books

This debut collection in English from Korean poet Moon Bo Young insists that you, as a reader, put down your expectations of what should be important or serious. While these poems are about god, death, love, and literature, they are also just as much about a hat with a herd of cows on it, science … [Read More]

Tiger Swallowtail (K-Poet 20)

It is a collection of poems in the domain of Tiger Swallowtail by Hwang Gyu-gwan, the 20th collection of poems by K-Poet. In 1993, he began his work by winning the Jeon Tae-il Literature Award and published poetry books such as Cheolsan-dong Post Office, Water Goes its Way, defeat is My Power, Waiting for the … [Read More]


From the publisher’s website: Lee Soho’s debut collection of poems is an experimental lyric bildungsroman that confronts dynamics of abuse as it challenges poetic form. Catcalling exposes and ridicules the violences that the speaker-protagonist Kyungjin encounters as she navigates a patriarchal world. Divided in to five formally distinct sections – ranging from lyric to prose … [Read More]

Suicide Parasite (K-Poet 19)

This is a new collection of poems by poet Kim Seong-gyu, who made his debut in 2004 and persistently looked into the other side of his life by publishing poetry books such as 『You flew by mistake』 and 『When will Heaven collect the broken ones』. As can be seen in the title song “Suicide Parasite”, … [Read More]

Homo Maskus (K-Poet 18)

From the listing at Interpark: The year that started with masks is ending with masks. How often have I left my mask behind and had to go back for it? Looking back, it’s all my fault. The past days of heedless living are observing my behavior closely today. (Poet’s Note) The poems of things that … [Read More]

A Boy Is Looking at the White Moon from a Classroom Under the Sea (K-Poet 17)

From the Interpark website: I feel that that I am writing poems seriously. For that, I am indebted to the late Seoung Chan-gyeong (1930-2013), who wrote poems more seriously than I. He was a disciple of beauty and also never stopped searching for the truth. I feel that I belong to a different world than … [Read More]

Hope is Lonely

From the publisher’s website: Kim Seung-Hee is regarded in her native Korea as being radically different from any other Korean poet, male or female, in her choice of themes and poetic expression as this selection from two of her recent collections demonstrates. Her poetry is strongly female and feminist, deeply personal, at times surreal, always … [Read More]

Beautiful and Useless

From the publisher’s website: In Beautiful and Useless, Kim Min Jeong exposes the often funny and contradictory rifts that appear in the language of everyday circumstance. She uses slang, puns, cultural referents, and ‘naughty, unwomanly” language in order to challenge readers to expand their ideas of not only what a poem is, but also how … [Read More]

Feeling Never Stops (K-Poet 16)

Text from the listing on the Interpark website, fed through the Microsoft translation engine where necessary: ‘Informal Sadness’ That Doesn’t Make the Edge of Tears Joo-Chul Ahn’s New Poem Collection Feeling Never Stops The ‘K-Poet’ series introduces the essence of Korean poetry that you always want to read at your bedside. Korean poetry, which will … [Read More]

HappyLand (K-Poet 15)

This title is listed only on the LTI Korea website. It is available from Kyobo bookstore, but probably nowhere outside of Korea. The following description is from the Korean on the Kyobo website, fed through Papago I met the sky alive, so I accomplished everything. Kim Hae-ja’s new collection of poems, “Happy Land”. “K-Poet” series … [Read More]