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Musical: Marie Curie

Marie Curie. Physicist. Pioneer. Parent. Marie Curie is certain that she can make a name for herself and change the course of science in the progress as she arrives from her native Poland to study at Sorbonne University in Paris. When she discovers Radium, a new chemical element, she’s lauded with the Nobel Prize but … [Read More]

Jaha Koo’s Haribo Kimchi at the Purcell Room

In a South Korean snack bar, four lost souls take us on a journey through the history of South Korea through the familiar, startling and sacred language of food. Floating aromas of a steamy simmering soup, the sharp sound of a knife quickly slicing spring onions, the hissing and sizzling of mushrooms on a scorching … [Read More]

K-Dance 2024: Cheok, by Ae-soon Ahn

Cheok is the traditional Asian standard of measurement, meaning ‘span of the hand.’ Resisting the uniform standardisation of society, this personal and individual measurement is the guiding principle of renowned Korean Choreographer Ae-soon Ahn’s visually enticing reflection of the nature of precision. Mysterious and virtuosic solos and groups connect and communicate in a rich and sensuous landscape of … [Read More]

K-Dance 2024: Burnt Offering, by 99 Art Company

A sublime evocation of life; a danced ritual for our times. Most dances from all over the world originated from ‘religious rites’. Burnt Offering, winner of the Best Production award at the 2nd Seoul Arts Awards at the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, invites us to consider what new rituals we need, what we might … [Read More]

K-Dance 2024: Kontemporary Korea – a double bill of K-Dance

Kontemporary Korea is a double bill of contrasting works, introducing one of Korea’s leading choreographers Cheol-in Jeong who creates virtuosic and emotive works as Melancholy Dance Company, and audience favourite Sung Im Her, offering her high energy and engaging personality to another edition of A Festival of Korean Dance. TomorrowIsNowTodayIsYesterday (TinTiY) Sung Im Her’sTiNTiY looks at the impact of (social) media on … [Read More]

Jiwon Oh in Resolution triple bill

Korean movement artist Jiwon Oh appears in a triple bill of contemporary dance as part of Resolution 2024: Devil Fish, by Silver-Tongue Studios Picture us Now, by Jiwon Oh Forward To Nowhere by Twofold Dance Theatre Devil Fish, by Silver-Tongue Studios Lithe limbs curling free as a creeper. That writhes in this deep, soundless space. … [Read More]

Kim’s Convenience: a great family night out

On a cold January night, if you’re looking for some warm and cozy entertainment, Kim’s Convenience fits the bill admirably. The Park Theatre’s intimate stage has a homely feel. The scene, needless to say, is a convenience store, provisioned, as it happens, courtesy of New Malden’s Korea Foods. Audience members in the front row of … [Read More]

Soritgonggam: Sharing Korean Folk Music, at the KCC

The performance Soritgonggam in London, brought jointly by the Korea Cultural Heritage Administration, Korean Cultural Centre UK, and Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation, will be held here in London to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the UK and the Republic of Korea. Held on a special stage prepared in the Cultural Heritage … [Read More]

Korean Arts Festival at St Johns Smith Square

2023 is a special year for Korea and the UK. It is the 140th Anniversary of Korean-British Diplomacy and the 70th anniversary of armistice at the end of the Korean War. We welcome you to come and enjoy our performance of the Arts and Culture of Korea. Programme The first half of the concert will … [Read More]

Untitled f*ck m*ss s**gon play

Kim is having one of those days. A terrible, very bad, no-good kind of day, and the worst part is…it all feels so familiar. Caught up in a never-ending cycle of events, she looks for the exit but the harder she tries, the worse it gets and she begins to wonder: who’s writing this story? … [Read More]