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December events 2022

As expected, December is a quiet month. When you’re not preparing for the holiday season, you can catch up with all those TV dramas you’ve been meaning to watch for ages (I’m currently bingeing on 100 Days My Prince). Or you can sample Alexander Armstrong’s Channel 5 Korean Travelogue, or (with a more tenuous Korean … [Read More]

November events 2022

One last busy month before the year-end slow-down. The London Korean Film Festival and the second half of the K-music Festival dominate the calendar, and there are some major K-pop names including BlackPink coming to town. But along with Park Jiha’s meditative music the thing I’m most looking forward to this month is an intimate … [Read More]

October events 2022

There’s no let-up in the schedule this month after last month’s hectic pace. This month sees the BFI London Film Festival, the London East Asia Film Festival – both of which have strong Korean showings – and the start of the K-music festival. Music and performance The 2022 K-music Festival opens with: Dal:um & ReMidas … [Read More]

September events

The diary usually starts filling up around Chuseok time, but this month is exceptional. No question about it: the focus this month is on the Coronet Theatre and their stunning array of performances at their Tiger is Coming festival. Each one of the performances is a must-see, and Choi Jeong-hwa’s installations are self-recommending. Keep an … [Read More]

August events

It’s a pretty good month this month, with plenty of variety, and a backlog of Kpop performances beginning to be unleashed on the calendar. Special events: Edinburgh The Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe is back. There are nine different Korea-linked productions in the Fringe; and in the main Festival you might just be able to … [Read More]

July events

After a flurry of activity in June, things are a bit quieter for July. But make sure you start planning your diary for later in the year, particularly the Tiger is Coming festival at the Coronet Theatre in September. And of course the Fringe is back in Edinburgh for August. For me the highlights for … [Read More]

June events

Things are getting busy again. The KCC’s in-house film screenings now seem to have got into their stride with five great movies this month; there are Platinum Jubilee and Dano Festival celebrations in New Malden on two consecutive weekends (including participation from the North Korean community); the Festival of Korean Dance returns to The Place, … [Read More]

May events 2022

I’m beginning to feel that the volume of events is returning to pre-pandemic norms. Nevertheless, I’m sure there are things I’ve managed inadvertently to omit. Exhibitions The KCC’s group show Drifting Terrain continues until 21 May There’s a group show – 엄마, Mother – by UK-based Korean artsts, at Han Collection 20 – 28 May … [Read More]

April events 2022

It’s looking like a relatively quiet month this month… Film The KCC is screening a documentary double bill on 7 April. Hopefully a second double bill will follow later in the month. You might find Umma featuring Sandra Oh in a cinema somewhere, though screening times in the West and Southwest London area at least … [Read More]

March events 2022

This month’s highlight in London is undoubtedly Park Jiha’s residency at Cafe OTO, timed to coincide with the release of her new album, The Gleam. Outside of the capital there’s a play at Bristol Old Vic focusing on Korean divided families; and in Sheffield look out for the return of the annual Korea Day. The … [Read More]

February events 2022

Best wishes for the Year of the Tiger. Things are taking a while to get started this year, but there’s beginning to be more signs of life on the Korean cultural front. Exhibitions Last chance: Union Gallery’s London Art Fair group show, including two Korean artists, is open until 5 February Last chance: Anicka Yi’s … [Read More]

January events 2022

As far as I can see, it’s going to be a pretty dry January. Maybe some events will pop up and surprise us: perhaps, for example, SOAS or Edinburgh will come up with some seminars that haven’t been announced yet. Other than that, it looks like there’s going to be plenty of time to catch … [Read More]

December events 2021

A quiet month to end the year, in which the highlight has got to be a performance by some talking Korean rice cookers just outside Coventry Exhibitions Bongsu Park’s In Dreams we Gather continues at Gallery Rosenfeld all month The KCC’s group show Nothing is – everything just has been or will be also continues … [Read More]

November events 2021

The Korean cultural diary is now back to its customary autumnal chaos: too much packed in with too many events clashing with each other. We’ve got used to the Korean Film Festival scheduling its films so you can’t go to all of them. K-music has now joined the party by scheduling gigs that clash with … [Read More]

October events 2021

The Festival of Korean Dance was a nice warm-up for the Autumn season of events. Now for the music and film. Exhibitions Start Art Fair runs from 13 to 17 October Round and Around: the KCC’s early Autumn Audio-Visual Project with Jang Minseung and Jung Jaeil, lasts until 22 October. London Craft Week runs from … [Read More]

September events 2021

Things are starting to get busier again… Special events The KCC’s online Hallyu Con 2021 is on 4 September KBCE’s Korean Harvest Fest (part of the Kingston Korean Festival) is in New Malden on 18 September Exhibitions Han Collection’s special Moon Jar group show continues all month TOUCH – a group project by ISKAI Art … [Read More]