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If you wish to contact us, fill out the form below after reading the guidance lower down the page. See our privacy policy – we won’t email you except on the matter you raise in the contact form. You might want to check the FAQs below the form. If I haven’t responded to you after you’ve tried a few times it’s probably because you haven’t read 4 to 7 below.

If you’re looking for advice or information, you might find that posting a question in the London Korean Links Facebook Group will get you a quicker answer, because my own email inbox gets very cluttered.

1. Will I respond to you?

I do try to respond to every message. But please bear in mind that this website is a non-profit-making, evening-only hobby and I won’t always have time to get back to you. And see 4 to 7 below.

If you are contacting me from Korea, I sometimes find that and other Korean domains refuse to accept email from me. Similarly with leave an alternative email address, not an one.

2. Is this site a way to contact Koreans in London?

While this site has many readers in London who happen to be Korean, bear in mind that the main remit of this site is Korean culture. It does not pretend to be a route in to, or a forum frequented by, the various different Korean communities in London. So while I might happen to know someone who can provide you with a Korean-speaking babysitting service, or whatever it might be you want a Korean speaker for, that’s not what this site is here for. And therefore I’m more likely to respond to an email that is about Korean art, culture, history, and Korea-related events in the UK, than I am to a request for advice as to which Korean newspaper you should be advertising your need for Korean-speaking casual workers.

As far as I know, there is no English-language forum frequented by the itinerant Korean student and business communities or the more permanent resident communities in the New Malden / Kingston area.

3. Is there a mailing list?

No. I used to run a mailing list to tell you about upcoming events. But maintaining the list became too cumbersome and time-consuming. Members of the British Association for Korean Studies get a monthly email from me setting out the events for the coming month, but otherwise I do not sent out mailings.

You can follow the blog via its RSS feed, by joining the blog’s Facebook Group or by subscribing to posts and comments in the normal way.

4. Does this blog accept guest posts?

Absolutely yes, from the right people and on the right subject. But if you write to me suggesting a random guest post which contains lots of links to an external site unrelated to the remit of LKL, the answer is no, and I won’t respond to your email.

5. Does this blog accept ads?

If I know you, and the thing you want to advertise is non-commercial and relevant to this site, sure: I’ll probably accept a time-limited ad for free. Anything else: you can’t afford my rates. (Google ads are different – they don’t require any admin from me.)

6. Can I help you find Korean actors in London

Regrettably I get too many enquiries along these lines and I am unable to assist. Try posting in our Facebook Group instead.

7. Am I interested in SEO services?

No. Don’t waste my time by sending me spam on this subject.