Index of book reviews – non-fiction

Here are some of the non-fiction books we’ve read over the years, together with a highly subjective rating. The ratings system is explained here. Links are provided to the individual reviews, though sometimes, when we liked a book but haven’t yet had a chance to articulate why, we nevertheless provide a rating to encourage others to invest. (Keep visiting this page – there’s a backlog of earlier reviews that I haven’t yet had a chance to include in this list)

F = a more or less Full length review
S = a Short, mini-review – a one or two-liner

AuthorTitleGenre / keywordsF/SRating
Barclay, JenniferMeeting Mr Kim (2008)TravelFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Bartlett, Raymond + Lee, BrandonKorea Chic (2009)TravelFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Buswell, Robert E JrThe Zen Monastic Experience (1992)BuddhismFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Burgeson, J ScottKorea Bug (2005)Society, Contemporary Culture, Art, MusicFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Chang Ha-joonBad Samaritans (2007)EconomicsFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Chang Sea-jinSony vs Samsung (2008)BusinessFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Choi JinheeThe South Korean Film Renaissance (2010)FilmFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Chung Hye-seungKim Ki-duk (2012)FilmFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Chung, NicoleAll you can ever know (2018)Memoir, Diaspora, AdoptionSSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Chung, StevenSplit Screen Korea – Shin Sang-ok and Postwar Cinema (2014)Film, North Korea, Modern HistoryFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Coyner, Tom + Jang Song-hyonMastering business in Korea (2007)Business, SocietyFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Daehaeng Kun SunimNo River to Cross (2007)BuddhismSSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Demick, BarbaraNothing to Envy (2010)North KoreaFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Everard, JohnOnly Beautiful Please (2012)Memoir, Travel, North KoreaFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Fifield, AnnaThe Great Successor (2019)North KoreaSSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Fisher, PaulA Kim Jong-il Production (2015)Film, North Korea, Modern History, BiographyFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Ford, GlynNorth Korea on the Brink (2008)Modern history, North KoreaFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Gibb, MichaelA Slow Walk through Jeong-dong (2011)Travel, HistoryFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Gowans, StephenPatriots, Traitors and Empires (2018)North KoreaSSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Haemin SunimThe things you can see only when you slow downMindfulness, BuddhismSSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Halberstam, DavidThe Coldest Winter (2007)Korean War, Modern historyFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Harden, BlaineEscape from Camp 14 (2015)Memoir, Modern history, North KoreaSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Harden, BlaineKing of Spies (2018)Modern historyFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hastings, MaxThe Korean War (1987)Korean War, Modern historyFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hawley, SamuelThe Imjin War (2005)History, Joseon DynastyFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hong, Y EunyThe Birth of Korean Cool (2014)Contemporary cultureFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hong, Y EunyThe Power of Nunchi (2019)Contemporary cultureSSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Jang Jin-sungDear Leader (2014)Memoir, Modern History, North KoreaSSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Jenkins, CharlesThe Reluctant Communist (2008)Memoir, North Korea, Modern HistoryFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Jeppesen, TravisSee you again in Pyongyang (2018)Memoir, North Korea, TravelSSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kang Chol-hwanAquariums of Pyongyang (2001)North Korea, MemoirSSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kang Jae-eunLand of Scholars (2003)History, ConfucianismFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim, Kyung-hyunVirtual Hallyu (2011)FilmFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kym, MinGone (2017)Memoir, Diaspora, MusicFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim, SukiWithout You, There Is No Us (2015)Memoir, North Korea, Modern HistoryFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim Young-jinLee Chang-dong (2007)FilmFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kirk, DonaldKorean Crisis: Unraveling of the Miracle in the IMF Era (1999)Business, Economy, Modern historyFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Korea Historical Research AssociationA History of Korea (1992)History, PoliticsFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Lankov, AndreiThe Dawn of Modern Korea (2008)Reportage, Modern History, SocietyFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Lee, JulayneNot my White Savior (2018)Memoir, Diaspora, AdoptionSSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Lee Si-wooLife on the Edge of the DMZ (2008)Travel, North Korea, Modern historyFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Lee YilDynamics of Expansion and Reduction (2018)Art HistoryFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Leong, AnthonyKorean Cinema – the new Hong Kong (2002)FilmSSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Lewis, James BFrontier Contact Between Chosŏn Korea and Tokugawa JapanHistory, Joseon DynastyFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Michell, TonySamsung Electronics (2010)BusinessFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Pak ChiwonThe Jehol Diary (1780)Memoir, Travel, HistoryFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Paik Sun YupFrom Pusan to Panmunjom (1992)Memoir, Korean War, Modern historyFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Paik Sunoo, BrendaSeaweed and Shamans (2006)MemoirFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Paquet, DarcyNew Korean Cinema (2009)FilmFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Pettid, MichaelKorean Cuisine – an illustrated history (2008)Food, HistoryFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Russell, Mark JamesPop Goes Korea (2008)Hallyu, Entertainment IndustryFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Salmon, AndrewTo the Last Round (2009)Modern History, Korean WarFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Shepherd, Roger + Douch, AndrewWalking the Baekdu-Daegan trail (2010)TravelFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Shin, Chi-yun + Julian StringerNew Korean Cinema (2005)FilmFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Springer, ChrisNorth Korea Caught in Time (2010)North Korea, Modern History, Coffee TableFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Stubbs, RichardRethinking Asia’s Economic Miracle (2005)Economy, Modern HistoryFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Suh SungUnbroken Spirits: 19 Years in Prison (1994)Memoir, Modern HistoryFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Thomas, CullenBrother One Cell (2007)MemoirFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Thompson, ReginaldCry Korea (1951)Reportage, Korean War, Modern historyFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Yoon JunguSpirituality in Contemporary Art (2010)Visual Arts, Buddhism, SpiritualityFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne