Index of book reviews – fiction

Here is some of the fiction we’ve read over the years, together with a highly subjective rating. The ratings system is explained here. Some of the titles below don’t have links to reviews. Those are the ones where we liked or disliked a book but have not yet found words to describe why. (Keep visiting this page – there’s a backlog of earlier reviews that I haven’t yet had a chance to include in this list)

F = a more or less Full length review
S = a Short, mini-review – a one or two-liner

AuthorTitleOriginal title / yearF/SRating
Korean literature in translation
Ahn Do-hyunThe Salmon Who Dared to Leap Higher연어, 1996FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Ahn JunghyoWhite Badge하얀전쟁, 1983FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Ahn JunghyoSilver Stallion1986FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Bae SuahA Higway with Green Apples푸른 사과가 있는 국도, 1995SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Bae SuahNowhere to be Found철수, 1998SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Bae SuahA Greater Music에세이스트의 책상, 2003SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne*
Bae SuahUntold Night and Day알려지지 않은 밤과 하루, 2013FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
BandiThe Accusation고발, 2014FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Chae Man-sikPeace under Heaven태평천하, 1938SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Cheon Myeong-kwanModern Family고령화 가족, 2010FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Cheon Un-yeongThe Catcher in the Loft생강, 2010FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Cho ChongnaeHow in Heaven’s Name오 하느님 / 사람의 탈FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Cho Nam-jooKim Jiyoung, Born 198282년생 김지영, 2016FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Choe YunThere a Petal Silently Falls저기 소리 없이 한 점 꽃잎이 지고, 1992FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Gong Ji-youngOur Happy Time우리들의 행복한 시간, 2005FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Ha Seong-nanFlowers of Mold곰팡이꽃, 1999SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
HaïljiThe Republic of Užupis우주피스 공화국, 2009FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Han KangThe Vegetarian 채식주의자, 2007FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Han KangHuman Acts소년이 온다, 2014FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Han KangThe White Book흰, 2016SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne*
Han YujooThe Impossible Fairy Tale불가능한 동화 , 2013FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hwang JungeunI’ll Go On계속해보겠습니다, 2014FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hwang JungeunOne Hundred Shadows百의 그림자, 2010FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hwang Sok-yongShadow of Arms무기의 그늘, 1985SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hwang Sok-yongThe Old Garden오래된 정원, 2000FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hwang Sok-yongThe Guest손님, 2001SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hwang Sok-yongPrincess Bari바리데기, 2007FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hwang Sok-yongFamiliar Things낯익은 세상, 2011SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hwang Sok-yongAt Dusk해질 무렵, 2015FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hwang Sun-miThe Hen who Dreamed she could Fly마당을 나온 암탉, 2000FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hwang Sun-wonThe Descendants of Cain카인의 후예, 1954FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hwang Sun-wonTrees on a Slope나무들 비탈에 서다, 1960FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hwang Sun-wonLost Souls1940 – 1957FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hyun Ki-youngSun-i Samch’on순이삼촌, 1978FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hyun Kil-unDead Silence and other stories of the Jeju Massacre1980sFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Jang Eun-jinNo One Writes Back아무도 편지하지 않다, 2009FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Jang Jung-ilWhen Adam Opens His Eyes아담이 눈뜰 때, 1990FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Jeon SungtaeWolves늑대, 2009FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Jeong You-jeongSeven Years of Darkness7년의 밤, 2011FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Jeong You-jeongThe Good Son종의 기원, 2016FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Jo Kyung-ranTongue혀, 2007SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Jung Young-moonA Chain of Dark Tales검은 이야기 사슬, 1998FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kang Kyong-aeFrom Wonso Pond인간문제, 1934FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kang Sok-kyongThe Valley Nearby가까운 골짜기, 1989FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim In-sukThe Long Road먼 길, 1995FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim Joo-youngStingray홍어, 1998FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim NamcheonScenes from the Enlightenment대하, 1939FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne*
Kim SagwaMina미나, 2008FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim Sagwab, Book, and Me나b책, 2011FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim Sung-dongMandala만다라, 1978FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim Un-suThe Plotters설계자들, 2010FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim Young-ha I have the right to destroy myself나는 나를 파괴할 권리가 있다, 1996SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim Young-haBlack Flower검은 꽃, 2003FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim Young-haYour Republic is Calling You빛의 제국, 2006FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim Young-haI hear your voice너의 목소리가 들려, 2012SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim Young-haDiary of a Murderer살인자의 기억법, 2013FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Lee Ji-minMarilyn and Me나와마릴린, 2009FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Lee Jung-myungThe InvestigationFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Lee Jung-myungThe Boy who Escaped Paradise천국의 소년, 2013FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Lee Ki-hoAt Least we can Apologize사과는 잘해요, 2009FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Lee Seung-uThe Reverse Side of Life생의 이면, 1992SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Oh Jung-heeThe Bird새, 2003SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Paek Nam NyongFriend1988FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Park Kyung-niCurse of Kim’s Daughters김약국의 딸들, 1962SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne*
Park Kyung-niLand토지, 1969 – 1994SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne*
Park Min-gyuPavane for a Dead Princess죽은 왕녀를 위한 파반느, 2009FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Park Wan-suhWho Ate Up All The Shinga?그 많던 싱아는 누가 다 먹었을까?, 1992FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Park Wan-suhLonesome You너무도 쓸쓸한 당신, 1998FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Pyun Hye-youngThe Hole홀, 2016FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Pyun Hye-youngEvening Proposal저녁의 구애, 2011FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Shin Kyung-sookThe Girl who Wrote Loneliness외딴방, 1995FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Shin Kyung-sookPlease Look After Mother엄마를 부탁해, 2008FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Shin Kyung-sookI’ll be right there어디선가 나를 찾는 전화벨이 울리고, 2010FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Song SokzeThe Amusing Life재미나는 인생, 1997FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Yi Chong-junYour Paradise당신들의 천국, 1976SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Yi Chong-junThe Abject | The Wounded벌레 이야기, 1985 | 병신과 머저리, 1966SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Yi Chong-junSeopyeonje, the Southerners’ Songs1976SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Yi Chong-junThe Prophet and other stories1968 – 1985SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Yi Kwang-suThe Soil흙, 1932-3FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Yi Kwang-suThe Heartless / Mujeong무정 / 無情, 1917-SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Yi Mun-yolOur Twisted Hero우리들의 일그러진 영웅, 1987FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Yi Mun-yolThe Poet시인, 1992SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Yun Ko-eunThe Disaster Tourist밤의 여행자들, 2013FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Short story anthologies
Fulton (tr)Waxen Wings (2011)1936 – 2006FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Fulton (tr)The Future of Silence (2016)1974 – 2013FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Chung Chong-wha (ed)Modern Korean Literature — An Anthology (1995)1908 – 1965FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Pre-modern fiction
Heo Kyun (attr)The Story of Hong Gildong (2018)FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Virtuous Women – three classic Korean novels (1974) (Chunhyang, Queen Inyhon, Nine Cloud Dream)SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
The Tale of Cho UngSSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Literature in English
Bracht, Mary LynnWhite Chrysanthemum2018FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Buck, PearlLiving Reed1963FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Cha, Theresa Hak KyungDictée1982FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Chang, LeonardFruit ‘n’ Food1996FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Chang, LeonardFade to Clear2004FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Church, JamesInspector O series2006 – 2016FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Hong, Y EunyKept2006FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Johnson, AdamThe Orphan Master’s Son2012FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kaiser, Robert AProject Yellow Sky2006FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim, Crystal HanaIf You Leave Me2018SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim, EugeniaKinship of Secrets2018SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim, EugeniaThe Calligrapher’s Daughter2010FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim, HyejinJia – a novel of North Korea2007SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim, Richard EThe Martyred1964FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kwon, R.O.The Incendiaries2018SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne*
Lee, JulayneNot My White Savior2018SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Lee, KrysDrifting House2012SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Lee, KrysHow I Became a North Korean2016SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Lee, Min JinPachinko2017SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Lee, Min JinFree Food for Millionaires2007FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Lee, Young-imForgotten Reflections2017SSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Limón, MartinSergeants Sueño & Bascom series1992 – presentFSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
McMillan, RonYin Yang Tattoo2010FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Michell, HannahThe Defections2014FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Phillips, Jayne AnneLark and Termite2009FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Watkins, Yoko KawashimaSo Far from the Bamboo Grove1986FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Literature in other languages
Yu MiriTokyo Ueno StationJR上野駅公園口, 2014SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Kim Sok-pomThe Curious Tale of Mandogi’s Ghost万徳幽霊奇譚, 1970FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Yuasa KatsueiTwo Japanese Colonial Novels1934-5FSterneSterneSterneSterneSterne
Le Clezio, JMGBitnaBitna, sous le ciel de Séoul, 2017SterneSterneSterneSterneSterne

* Indicates that I gave up on this book. Maybe if I had got to the end I would rate it higher, but life’s too short to battle through when you’re not enjoying what you’re reading.